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Every interaction counts

At Appinventiv, we value every micro-interaction. With each digital product, we strive to provide our users a pleasant journey.

Our experienced team of UX Designers take data, insights, and business requirements into account to assess the quality of user experience. With a defined process, we counter any UX challenges- big or small, and provide a realistic roadmap for future developments.

UX Review can radically improve a digital product and expand its market reach. It is affordable, takes less time and provides guaranteed results. Over the past few years, we have identified a vast range of usability issues, discussed UX improvements, substantiated design changes and scaled businesses to new heights.

What we do

We conduct UX Reviews with an aim to increase overall business value. Our holistic approach helps us identify new opportunities along the way.

Interpret Data
Interpret Data

Data is the cornerstone of UX Review. We analyse business metrics, analytics, conduct SUS surveys to measure what works for you and what doesn’t.

Gather Insights
Gather Insights

We study user patterns and behaviour flows to determine the scope of future development.


Usability is a key factor in determining the user experience. We recommend solutions that make the UX highly usable and efficient.

Appinventiv UX Review Team's Client Meeting

Our UX Review Framework

Over the past few years, we have identified a number of design flaws, broken or confusing components and responsive issues. This framework has made our outcomes tangible and measurable.

Set Objectives
Set objectives

Defining the objectives provides a clear picture of the stakeholder’s expectation from the UX
Review. We highlight business objectives to steer the project in the right direction and witness
tangible results.

Study Behaviour Flows
Study behaviour flows

We study user journey and behavioural patterns to ascertain the reason behind huge user
dropouts. This helps us identify what doesn’t work for your end users. By drafting User personas,
we understand user needs. We then document a user journey, combining the best of business and
user objectives that renders an interactive experience.

Usability Review
Usability review

Usability is the core of a UX Review. We conduct Usability Testing to identify patterns that indicate
a gap in the user’s journey and gather invaluable insights.


After analyzing every micro-interaction, we provide our clients a detailed feedback as to where the product is lagging. We view the feedback as an opportunity, not a list of problems, setting the scope for improvement. This helps us close gaps in the user journey and provide a seamless experience.

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How we increased Domino's conversion rate to 23% with a refined UX strategy.

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