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Sudeep Srivastava October 5, 2023
Python app development

Do you have an awesome idea for a mobile app, but don’t know what language to use for developing it into a million dollar app? 

Don’t worry!! We are here for your rescue.

Today we will take a closer look at a bit of an unorthodox approach: the concept of Python app development. 

According to Stack Overflow, Python is the fastest-growing programming language in the world, and it will continue to grow even faster. It’s already well-known as a programming language that’s ubiquitous, adaptable, reliable, and simple to learn. 

Python is a high-level general-purpose programming language that may be used to solve a wide range of issues. It should be able to meet the needs of the majority of applications.

Building apps with Phython is very popular among developers. In fact, earlier it was declared the top programming language, even beating the original coding language – Java. It has indeed facilitated the whole mobile app development process to a great extent and hence, won the above-mentioned title.

Python is a go-to technology in the most profitable and dynamic industries. This programming language is used for the development of:

  • quantitative finance analytics tools that operate on huge datasets
  • banking software e.g. mobile banking apps and platforms
  • algorithmic trading systems
  • cryptocurrency solutions

For your understanding, let’s take an example that you can create a simple blockchain app using Python with the least lines of code. This is possible because the language is simple, minimalistic and there are many free ready-to-use Python packages for blockchain.

Table of Contents

  1. Popular Frameworks for Python App Development
  2. What Type of Apps Can You Build in Python?
  3. Are These Apps The Reason for Python Popularity?
  4. Other Use Cases of Python Language 
  5. Popular Applications Built Using Python 
  6. Conclusion
  7. Frequently Asked Questions about Python

So, let’s take the road of knowledge leading towards the answer regarding Python for app development and the kind of applications that can be built on it.

Popular Frameworks for Python App Development

Mobile app development with python turns your app into a more versatile option as it has a powerful advantage of cross-platform app development. We will not dig deep into the frameworks but will provide you a rough idea. So, here is a list of frameworks to help you demystify developing mobile apps made with Python.

What Type of Apps Can You Build in Python?

1. Blockchain applications

Blockchain, being one of the hottest trends of this decade in technology, has swept the market off its feet. From the developers’ point of view, Blockchain development is not as easy as shelling peas. However, apps made by Python have literally made it so. By employing Python frameworks like Flask, developers can use HTTP requests to interact with their blockchain over the Internet and create endpoints for distinct functions of blockchain. Developers are also able to run the scripts on multiple machines for developing a decentralized network – all with the help of Python.

2. Command-line applications

Command-line applications and Console Applications are the same. It is a computer program created to be utilized from the command line or a shell and does not have any graphical UI. Python is deemed as a suitable language for such applications because of its  Read-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL) feature which enables developers to evaluate the language and identify new possibilities.

Since Python is a popular language globally, top app development companies have access to a sea of free Python libraries that they can use for building command-line apps.

3. Audio and Video applications

Mobile app development with python helps in creating music and other types of audio and video applications. Since the internet is loaded with audio and video content, you can use Python for analyzing it all. Some Python libraries like PyDub and OpenCV also help in the successful completion of the app development.

YouTube is one of the apps that is built with Python. So, you can easily surmise now how effective and incredible this language is in delivering apps with high performance.

4. Game app development

For all the gaming enthusiasts, many games such as EVE Online and Battlefield 2 have been created using Python. The Battlefield 2 game employs Python for all of its add-ons and functionalities and the World of Tanks game uses it for the majority of its features. In fact, Disney’s Pirates of the Carribean game was written with the help of the Panda 3D game engine – whose game development language is Python.

Developers are given the facility to create a rapid game prototype and Python can be used to test them in real-time. Additionally, Python in game development can be used to create game designing tools that assist in many tasks of the development process, namely, creating dialog trees and level designing.

5. System administration applications

System Administration applications are a savior for the management, to say the least.

Mobile app development with Python is regarded fit for creating system administration apps as it allows developers to easily communicate with the operating system. It enables developers to interface with the OS on which Python is currently running. This language makes all the IO operations accessible which includes simple reading and writing to the file system.

6. Machine learning applications 

Another inspiring tech trend of this decade is Machine learning development. Machine learning is an algorithm technology that feeds data to operating systems and enables them to make intelligent decisions. Before creating applications of machine learning was a tricky task, but now we have Python mobile app development for machine learning applications.

Python comes loaded with libraries like Pandas and Scikit for machine learning that are available in the market for free and can be used under GNU license.

With the basic knowledge of Python mobile app development, developers can create machine learning apps with the help of these highly competent and effective libraries.

7. Business applications

Application made by Python highly supports practical agility, This is why Python also assists in ERP and E-Commerce app development solutions.

Odoo, an all-in-one management software is written in Python and provides a wide range of business apps forming a suite of business management apps. One of the known applications built with Python is Tryton, which is a three-tier general-purpose and high-level application. It is so easy to create such apps with Python which is why app development companies choose it.

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Are These Apps The Reason for Python Popularity?

According to the TIOBE Programming Community index for July 2020, Python language is in the third position among the top 20 programming languages used by skilled engineers around the globe. 

The reason why python mobile app development is so popular is because it provides various benefits to different apps. Thus, we can say that the above applications play some role for Python’s popularity. 

Some of the benefits are listed below.

  1. It is a versatile, efficient and reliable programming language.
  2. Python web app development is much faster than most modern languages.
  3. Python’s code is easy to read, understand and learn.
  4. It is compatible with numerous operating systems.
  5. It facilitates test-driven app development.
  6. Hundreds of Python libraries and frameworks are available for developers.
  7. It gives excellent cross-platform support.
  8. Python supports Big Data, Machine Learning & Cloud Computing.
  9. It has a strong supportive community and corporate sponsors.

Other Use Cases of Python Language 

Web development Frameworks In-demand

1. Web and Software development

Since Python has a code that is very simple and easy to understand, this uncomplicates the web and Software development services, making the process more efficient. Another charming feature of Python is its compatibility to integrate with other languages, making it a more flexible option.

Some effective frameworks like Django and Pyramid assist the developers in software development for an app using Python and enable them to create web apps from scratch. The standard library of Python web app development also supports numerous internet protocols including XML, JSON, and HTML. Instagram is one such application created with Django.

2. Image processing and OCR

Python has this amazing ability of object detection and Image processing. With the help of a wide range of Python libraries such as PyTesseract for OCR (Optical Character Recognition), TensorFlow for object detection and the Python Imaging Library (PIL)  for Image processing, it has become highly efficient for developers to create apps made with Python having self-contained deep learning and Computer Vision capabilities.

3. Automated testing

When it comes to Automated Testing, Python is the language of choice. Automated testing is the process of execution of the apps’ features using a script rather than a human being. In this regard, Python along with Selenium (a web-based automation tool) provides a plethora of libraries and tools to perform automated tests. These tools are also known as CI/CD tools acronymous of “Continuous Integration” and “Continuous Deployment” and can run the tests, compile and publish applications along with deploying them into production.

4. Web crawlers

Web Crawlers, also known as Spiderbot, are typically used to make a duplicate copy of all the visited pages of the world wide web for later preparation by a search engine. This will index the downloaded pages to render fast searches.

In fact, Crawlers are useful for automated maintenance tasks on a Website. For example, checking links or validating HTML code. Python is considered ideal for creating these Spiderbots because of its simple and fast code, and due to the availability of impeccable libraries.

Popular Applications Built Using Python 



All in all, we can see that using python for app development is really fast and flexible. There is a possibility to create various types of applications made with Python because of the versatility of its code. Also numerous types of libraries are available for different kinds of applications – the reason why companies opt for an application made with Python over a sea of other languages. 

Thus it is advisable to hire a team of professionals who can give you an expert guidance for python app development.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Python

Q. Can you use Python to build an app?

Of course. Python is a programming language that is touching the heights of popularity. It is because of its features such as scalability, flexibility, etc and functionalities that mobile app development companies are opting for this language.

Q. Is Python good for enterprise applications?

Python is an excellent choice for developing business applications. Tryton and Odoo are two of the many popular enterprise apps built with Python.

Q. What is the main use of Python?

Python is an open-source programming language that is great for creating web and mobile apps. Applications like Instagram and Dropbox are built using Python.

Sudeep Srivastava
Co-Founder and Director
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