Top 5 Dos and Don’ts for UX Approach in Mobile App Development in 20
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Top 5 Dos and Don’ts for UX Approach in Mobile App Development in 2018

Bhupinder Kour
By Bhupinder Kour| Friday, December 8, 2017 14:13 PM |10 min read
Mobile App UX

User Experience is the defining element of any mobile app. Done right, it can make an app the top rating one and when done wrong, it can lead your app to uninstallation.

Apart from making users have a memorable experience, the importance of UX elements in an app can also be seen in the fact that it is one of the few measures that ensures a brand is assumed as it intends to. Along with all of that, the chances of users leaving a task in between is also very high when they are on an app that is not optimized well.

With users becoming more impatient than ever, it is imperative that as you enter 2018, you have an idea of what your users are looking for in the device for them to categorize as a pleasant experience.

11 Dos & don’ts for UX approach in Mobile app development in 2017

Let us look at some dos and don’ts that you should take care of before we step in the next year. Use this mobile app usability checklist as a reference for your Mobile App Design Company

Dos of Mobile App UX

1. Optimal use of White Space

Gone are the days when users wanted the prime content and icons on the screen. Now they want to stare at something that relaxes their eyes.

This is where the growing importance for white space comes into the picture, making it one of the mobile user experience best practices.

2018 will be all about apps with negative space, something that is simple to be looked at and used.

2. Chatbot


2017 saw a rise in impatient app users and the number is only going to grow. Brands, especially e-commerce can no longer afford to leave a customer unattended for long. For a generation that rarely sleeps, it is imperative that your brand is awake with it.

Seeing the demand of being present at all times, chatbot market has come on a rise. The proactive system is now synonymous with user experience.

3. Below the Fold Design

There was a time when marketers believed that all the necessary information should be entered in the first half of the screen, before the users scroll down. The trend has now changed. Today’s users are okay with scrolling down the page, as long as they are getting something that they like.

In 2018, the app world will see a greater focus on white space and less text, while scrolling will become secondary.

4. Card Design

Top stories card design

Cards have developed as a convenient means for displaying content that is composed of a number of elements. Its simplicity and possibility to represent comprehensive information in less space, is what has made Card Design the default option in a number of apps.

If yours is a content based or portfolio specific app, Card Design is what going to be in trend for you next year.

5. Personalization

With the number of apps on the stores reaching to over millions in 2017, the only way brands can differentiate themselves with their competition is by making their users feel that the app is made especially for them.

Start investing in design elements that change with your users’ demographics. Suppose your app is aimed at people for people above 60 years, personalize your text size, image, and word usage for that group. It is the only way for your app to be in demand.

Now that we have touched upon the five UX elements that will define 2018, here are the 5 elements that should be avoided, no matter what.

Don’ts of Mobile App UX

1. Mix UI and UX

User Interface is about the look and feel of mobile app while the UX is about the way user interact with the app. While UI is focused on the recent design trends, UX is about market research and emotions.

The biggest mistake that a brand can do in Mobile App Development in 2018 is combine both and base the app on UI all the while ignoring its UX.

2. Blocked User Flow

Blocked User Flow

One of the things that you should bid adieu to in 2018 is the interrupted user flow. Every element of your UX should be directed towards giving a smooth flow to the app users.

If there is any page that is broken, make sure users know the next step. If some page has a high load time and you are working on it, arrange a text that would appear while it opens up.

3. Complicated Sign up

Another troublesome thing that brands do is making the sign up process difficult. Have just those elements in the first page that users interact with, that are absolutely necessary. Also, try and avoid directing users to some other browser. While it’s okay in web, when your user is on a device which relies on network speed, it can be a cumbersome event.

4. Combine Platform icons

 app icon

One of the most common issues that comes up in cross platform app development is that UX designers sometime combine the iOS and Android specific icons. The icons that are used in Android and iOS are different and should not be used in place of each other.

5. Same web and mobile experience

It’s time you stop making your app an extension of your website. As we step into 2018, know that the user intention is different in both the cases. This should reflect in your app design as well. The design that is there on the website should be different from what it’s there in the app.

Ensure that just like the intention of users, the elements that they are given is also all different.

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