How Much Does a Podcast Application Development Cost?

Prateek Saxena June 12, 2024
podcast app development cost

Packed with useful information, engaging shows, and joyful banter, podcasts are highly engaging. Unlike blog posts that need reading or watching, podcasts require minimal engagement from the users. 

Podcast apps today are highly in demand among users. They are evolving as a new channel where listeners can listen to the premium audio content of multiple variations, such as stories, novels, interview discussions, and many more.

The increasing popularity of podcast apps urges startups and companies to create such apps integrated with advanced features engaging listeners with an inevitable listening experience.

Because of its seismic growth, various businesses are now rushing to launch their mobile podcast app and leverage the momentum. Various podcast startups are now devising innovative and new features for offering their listeners an enthralling listening experience. If you are planning to get started with your podcast app idea, then you have just landed in the right place. This blog covers the market overview, major players, types of podcast apps, must-have features, advanced features, monetization strategy, and the main concern, the cost of developing a podcast app.

Market Overview of Podcast Applications

Market Overview of Podcast Applications

Podcast app development solution has already won millions of listeners across the world during the lockdown, and it continues to take the market by storm. According to recent stats, the podcast industry will reach a valuation of $94.88 billion by 2022. Also, there are 424.2 million podcast listeners globally, as recorded in the year 2022, which accounts for almost 20.3% of internet users. 

The podcast audience is thereby growing at a large scale. Podcasts are more popular with the younger generation, within the age group of 18 to 34 years.

Such is the power of podcasting. A power that the world has started realizing and engaging with. 

The high revenue can be traced back to the fact that the average number of podcast listeners has been increasing on a constant note. An event that has led to an increase in the query for what is the podcast mobile app development cost. 

Major Players of the Podcast Streaming Industry

Major Players of the Podcast Streaming Industry

In June of 2005, Apple added podcasting to iTunes 4.9 and started building a podcasts directory at the iTunes Music Store. Under the new iTunes, users could subscribe, download, and organize podcasts. The popularity of podcasts has been on the rise since then. While the growth has been steady for some years, the coronavirus-driven lockdown has increased the rate of new entrants. 

Here are some of the most used podcasting apps that  are being seen as the reference points when an entertainment app development company builds a podcast app.


Spotify is primarily a music streaming app that also offers podcasts. By opting for a Spotify premium account membership, users can enjoy ad-free listening. Users having a premium account can listen to podcasts online and download those podcasts easily, which they can later listen to offline. Podcasts can also be listed on the queue and can be heard anytime. Spotify as an application is compatible with various Alexa-supported devices. 

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SoundCloud is another audio streaming platform that offers hundreds of podcasts on various genres. Additionally, SoundCloud is also a social media platform that enables users to connect with fellow listeners and artists directly. The app allows users to create their own curated playlists and share whatever they like.

Google Podcast

Google Podcast enables users to choose the best podcast shows based on their preferred genre or what is trending at the current moment. Google Podcast has an attractive user interface and is extremely easy to use. Users can subscribe to various podcast shows and quickly download them for offline listening. Google podcast also has the feature of fast forwarding and rewinding. 

Pandora Podcast

With vast options for audio libraries, Pandora includes thousands of podcast episodes and shows. These shows span across different journals, including music, comedy, crimes, sports, fiction, etc. The Pandora Podcast subscribers, both premium and plus members, can access all types of podcasts. Premium users benefit from adding the podcast to their collection and listening to it whenever they want.

Now that we have given you a peek into the podcast industry and the market players that act as a reference when you build podcast apps, let us look into the types of podcast apps to invest in.

podcast app development

Types of Podcast Apps to Invest in

Have you ever thought of what type of podcast app you want to develop? The podcast industry is indeed a giant one, and you can explore limitless options for creating audio stories. To help you out, here are a few types of podcast apps that you can invest in:


Podcast storytelling is quite popular among people nowadays. This podcast is primarily used by journalists or media personalities who extract detailed and real insights on different incidents and subjects. The narratives in storytelling are based on non-fictional and fictional using audio clips recorded from the interviewee. 


A hybrid podcast mobile app involves multiple speakers, guests, and limited hosts who organize different podcasting sessions. A hybrid podcast is implemented for multiple purposes, including panel discussions, interviews, or simple contributions. This kind of podcast starts mainly with some kind of commentary, sarcasm, or monologue from the host toward the guest.

Interviews or Panel Discussions

Interview or panel discussion podcast mobile app is all about performing discussions and interviews. It is usually hosted by a single guest interviewee or multiple guests. Interview podcasts offer various viewpoints, and it is a popular podcast platform mainly used for political podcasts.

Repurposed Content

This kind of podcast app is quite popular, including seminars, interviews, workshops, etc. The repurposed podcast app enhances the listener’s experience. To build this popular podcasting app, you must consider experienced podcast app developers. 

Must-Have Features of Podcast App Development

Features of Podcast App

There are a number of features that come together when you create a podcast app – an immersive search functionality, the option to record and upload your own podcast, a live podcast, integration of a payment gateway, etc. But the ones we are going to discuss here are the MVP-level features of building a podcast. 

1. Category-wise Search Functionality 

The first way users look for a podcast is through the application. The search functionality when developing a podcast app should allow users to find a podcast through podcast name, episode, genre, how frequent it is, RSS feed, etc. 

2. Discover Tab 

The discover tab of a podcast application generally consists of the podcasts being divided around genre and categories like ‘trending’, ‘featured’, ‘free of cost’, etc. The aim is to help users find their next podcast with utmost ease. What we recommend is using AI integration at this stage that would refer to what to watch next to the users.

3. Library 

This is the part of the podcast app that enables users to keep track of their downloaded podcasts, new episodes, their favorite podcasts, and playlists. 

You can think of it as a bigger version of Netflix’s watchlist and Continue Watching section. 

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4. User Profile

The user profile of a podcast application contains tabs like account details, listening statistics, help center link, settings, etc. 

5. Offline Mode

When developing a podcast app, a key feature that every media and entertainment app development company suggests is taking the offline-first mobile app development approach. The reason we have kept the feature in the MVP mode is that even as an MVP you will be able to give your users the feasibility of being active on your app when on airplane mode. 

Advanced Podcast App Features That you Cannot Afford to Skip

Advanced Podcast App Features That you Cannot Afford to Skip

When you enter the podcast app market, the most important thing to ensure is a podcast app laden with impressive advanced features, helping users to interact with your application. Here is the list of advanced features that you need to create a podcast app:

User Behavior Tracking

The user tracking feature can help you track, collect and analyze qualitative user data. You can use this real data insight to send customized or personalized recommendations to your users and make them engage and stick to your brand.

Distribution to Podcast Libraries

The integration of multiple libraries to share their podcast help you to attract a myriad of potential listeners. There are a lot of libraries integrated with your podcast that you can distribute to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Castro, and many more.

Podcast Recorder and Editor

This feature enables you to launch a podcast that allows your users to record and edit their podcast before posting it or sharing it with fellow users. 

At Appinventiv, we developed Gully Beat, a music streaming platform, an extension of the Bollywood blockbuster movie Gully Boy. This platform provides an opportunity for every street rapper to display their talent. 

The app allows users to explore new music and listen to karaoke-style raps. The users can also opt for 100+ original beats and record a karaoke or original rap and share it with other fellow users. 

entertainment app development company

How Much Does Podcast App Development Cost?

The podcast app development cost is dependent on a number of different factors. Let us look at each of them. 

1. Features 

Podcast app features are the first thing that contributes to its development cost. The more advanced features you add to the application, the higher would be the cost. An example of it can be seen in the podcast recording or live stream feature. At the MVP stage, we advise integration features that are a must-have for your app’s functioning.

2. Technology Stack

The next cost-impacting factor is the technology stack. Although the choice of tech stack varies from app idea to idea, the general rule of thumb is if you develop APIs and SDKs from scratch, the cost would be greater, unlike if you use third-party integrations.  

3. Podcast App Design

It can get very easy for a designer to crowd the app since the number of podcasts that make an app successful is generally on the higher side. Designing a minimal app should be the aim of the developers working on the project. However, creating a design that showcases all the multiple podcasts in an organized manner requires expertise, which in turn, comes with a cost. 

4. Technology Integration 

The other key factor that has a direct impact on the podcast app development cost is technology integration. Although we do suggest using AI in the app, if you add in technologies like IoT or Blockchain the cost would automatically increase. 

5. Location of the Agency

The last element is the location of the agency. As you move from East to West, the cost of app development generally increases. The average hourly rate of development in the US is generally in the range of $100 to $120, while in the case of India, it can be anywhere near $60 to $80. The number one reason why there is demand for remote developers.

All these factors above contribute to the cost of developing a mobile podcast app with basic podcast app features and functionalities, which will cost you around $20,000 to $ 25,000.  However, if you want to incorporate advanced features into your podcast app, it will cost you around $40,000 to $50,000.

Tech Stack for the Development of Podcast App

Tech Stack for the Development of Podcast App

In order to create a podcast app, you need to implement the top-notch tools and technologies for making it stand out from the competition. You need to stick to the dominant technologies for making your podcast app robust and intuitive. Here is the list of technologies (divided into categories) that you need in your podcast app development process.

Application and Data

  • Python
  • React Native
  • JavaScript
  • Redux
  • GraphQL
  • Node JS
  • PostgreSQL


  • Google Analytics
  • Elasticsearch
  • Lookback
  • Listen API
  • Embedly


  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Docker
  • Webpack
  • Babel
  • Prometheus


  • WebRTC
  • MediaSoup
  • Twilio

Business Tools

  • Slack
  • FreshDesk
  • G Suite
  • Contentful

Everything you have read up until this point is in terms of the amount you would have to spend for the development of a podcast application. But noting that the end goal of any application is to generate revenue, let us dwell on that point.

Podcast App Monetization Models

When it comes to making money through your podcast apps, investing in a few monetization strategies can help you earn additional revenue. Here are a few revenue generation business models that you can choose from.

1. In-app advertising 

One of the top ways for a business to earn money from an app is through in-app advertisements. By showcasing brand videos or images on podcast screens or even after a few chapters of an audiobook, you can get the option of earning a good sum of money.

2. Subscription 

A monthly subscription is the next best way to earn money on your podcast application. Although we would advise against it since there are a number of free podcast apps available in the market if you feel that the content you are offering is truly off the charts, add a subscription feature.

3. Premium content

The one option that we 100% back is the premium content mode. You can offer your users a no-advertisement listening experience, access to the most trending podcasts, and the first look at the top podcasters at the back of monthly or quarterly charges.

With this, you are now ready to make yourself the next big name in the podcast industry. The next steps? Get in touch with a media app development company and initiate the process.

Launch your Podcast App Today With Appinventiv

The podcast app development market is currently thriving, thus creating a huge marketplace for both startups and established businesses. With small, mid-sized, and large organizations investing in podcast app development, it has now become a great source of revenue generation. 

If you want to build a podcast app like Spotify and create a brand of your own in the world audio content industry, then this is the chance for you. We understand that creating a podcast app can be quite complicated and resource-consuming; therefore, we offer you the best mobile app development podcast services. 

With the help of a podcast app development company like Appinventiv, you can successfully launch a podcast app into the marketplace.


Q. What are some of the advantages of podcast apps?

A. Podcast mobile apps can offer you numerous benefits. Let’s look at them:

  • Accelerate user engagement
  • Substitute for video content
  • Podcasts are a great marketing tool
  • Easy to manage
  • Brings people together

Q. What are the steps in podcast app development?

A. Following a step-by-step strategy for developing your podcast app, will help you to create an application that could meet the expectation and needs of your audience. Here are the steps to develop a podcast app:

Step 1- Research what’s already there in the market 

Step 2- Define the project 

Step 3- Hire an experience development team 

Step 4- Design your podcast app 

Step 5- Focus on development

Q. How long does it take to develop a podcast app?

A. In general, the time taken to build an app is around 2-3 months. However, building a podcast app would take about 5 months. It mainly depends on certain factors that would decide the podcast has development time. This includes the complexity of the app, communication time, features, design, and other functionalities.

Q. How to determine the podcast streaming app development cost?

A. Each podcast application has unique features, design, and selected technology to determine the overall mobile app development price. Some of the factors to consider before charting out the cost to have an app developed are.

  • Choice of platform 
  • Choice of technology 
  • App complexity 
  • Number of features 
  • Location of the software development company 

Overall developing a podcast app will cost you around $20,000 to $25,000.

Q. How to create a podcast?

A. Almost 58 million people listen to podcasts today every month. In short, this indicates that the scope of podcasts is actually huge. Therefore, it is time to start working and investing in it. Here are the few steps to create a podcast app:

  • Pick the accurate niche
  • Pick the right topic 
  • Know the purpose 
  • Understand your audience 
  • Estimate the purchase value 
  • Start with recording 
  • Upload the audio
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