Spotify Statistics 2021: What’s the Future of the Media Streaming App By Numbers

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Spotify has become an undisputed leader in the music streaming industry. 

The Sweden-born media service company has bridged the gap between listening to favorite songs and buying MP3 tracks online. It has enhanced the way people listen to music, across the globe. 

The popularity that Spotify has found for itself can be validated by the following 30+ stats for Spotify that we will be covering in this article.

Here, we will look into the Spotify statistics in different aspects to help you gain valuable insights about the company and its strategies to rule the music streaming world. 

Before that, let’s take a quick recap of the Spotify basics:

Spotify – The Utopia for Music Lovers

Spotify is an on-demand music streaming service that serves users with access to millions of songs, podcasts, and videos from artists across the globe. The company, founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, entered the market back in 2006. And since that day, it has proven to be the pole star of the industry – giving users with everything that adds melody to their life.

While various factors contributed to the growing popularity, including its target audience and business model, what became the core reason is the opportunity to access content for free.

The application, unlike various other players of the on-demand media streaming industry, lets users sign up using their email address or connect via Facebook to get access to content. This provides users an option to start listening to music online without making any commitment or paying monthly subscription fees.

What’s more, Spotify launched its lite version to make its presence in the developing countries. And now, it has introduced the Cosmic Playlists as one of Spotify app features which lets users enjoy the tone and theme of music as per their astrological signs.

With this covered, let’s dive into the Spotify target market and look at the different Spotify statistics.

  1. Statistics & Facts About Spotify
  2. Spotify App Statistics
  3. Spotify User Statistics
  4. Spotify Usage Statistics
  5. Spotify Playlist Statistics
  6. Spotify Market and Revenue Statistics
  7. Frequently Asked Questions about Spotify

Statistics & Facts About Spotify

1. Spotify’s total valuation is $66.94B.

The company made a total valuation of  $66.94B $29.5B in 2021. This significant growth is the reason behind the spike in demand for a reputed entertainment app development company who can help chart a journey similar to that of Spotify. 

2. The Sweden-based company raised a total amount of $2.1B.

Spotify has raised a total of $2.1B in funding over 18 rounds. Their latest funding was raised from a Post-IPO Equity round on Feb 25, 2021.

3. It has acquired 21 organizations.

When focusing on Spotify vs other music streaming services, another fact that makes the former a leading one is that it has acquired 21 organizations so far. Their most recent acquisition was Podz on June 17, 2021. 

4. Spotify available on multiple platforms.

Besides Android and iOS platform, the company has applications available on Apple macOS computers and Microsoft Windows. The company also introduced the ‘Spotify Connect’ functionality to enable users to listen to music from a wider range of entertainment systems. 

5. The top competitors of Spotify

Top Competitors of Spotify in Media Streaming Industry

Among these, it’s Apple Music that is proving to be the biggest rival of Spotify. Something that can be concluded from the recent revelation that Apple Music overtake Spotify in terms of paid US users.

Spotify App Statistics

6. Spotify app recorded 8.8M downloads from Android users in May 2021.

The application became the most downloaded mobile and audio app in May 2021 with 8.83 million downloads from Android users 

7. The total Spotify app install reported on Android platform is over 1B.

The total  number of downloads of the Spotify app in the Android market exceeded 1 billion on May 2, 2021.

8. Spotify plans to operate in 178 countries by the end of 2021.

By the end of 2021, Spotify is expected to operate in a total of 178 countries. Spotify will be expanding its operation across Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America/Caribbean.This gives a clear indication that the music streaming application is on a mission to make its availability in every corner of the world.

9. Spotify Lite app is available in around 37 countries.

The lite version of the application that demands only 10MB to install and operate has gained popularity in nearly 37 nations, including India. 

10. Over 10M of users have installed Spotify Lite app.

By making its presence in 37 countries, the lite version of media streaming application has been installed by over 10M users.

Spotify User Statistics

11. Spotify has 232M active users.

As of 2020, the number of Spotify monthly active users is around 345M. Spotify added a record 74 million users in 2020 compared to 64 million users in 2019.

12. Spotify has 158M premium subscribers.

Another Spotify user stats to watch out for is that the media streaming application has gained 158 million premium subscribers. This makes for a 21 percent year-on-year increase in premium subscribers.

This gives a clear indication that Spotify business model of targeting both free and premium users individually is a success formula. So, every Entrepreneur wishing to enter the music streaming domain must consider it while discussing the idea with their team.

premium subscribers

13. 55% users have registered on Spotify via their Facebook accounts.

By offering social media integration service, Spotify has cut down the hassle of creating a unique account and increased the chances of user acquisition. Something that can be concluded from the value shared above.

14. 47.7 of Spotify users are from the USA.

Another Spotify user stats to consider is that the USA is the best market to target.

No. of Spotify Users in the USA Compared to Other Music Streaming Services

15. Spotify’s brand popularity increased by 3X in India. 

As per Spotify’s internal research, the brand’s popularity has increased by more than 3x in India since its launch.

16. 29% of Spotify users are millennials.

It’s true that one-fourth of Spotify audience are millennials, the app is ruling hearts of all. As depicted in the graph below, people from all walks of life are enjoying the Spotify music streaming service.

Spotify User Statistics via Age Demographics

17. 56% of Spotify users are male.

It’s true that Spotify is a male-dominating platform, it is slowly and gradually gaining appreciation from female users also. This can be concluded from the following graph.

Spotify User Statistics via Gender Demographics

Spotify Usage Statistics

18. 52% of users are listening to songs on Spotify from their smartphones.

Spotify, the music streaming service, is available on different platforms. But still, smartphones and tablets are the two platforms where Spotify is getting more love. 

Around 52% of Spotify users are accessing its services from smartphones, while 10% from their tablets.

19. A premium subscriber consumes about 2.4MB per minute on Spotify.

To enjoy the best streaming quality, a premium user devour 2.4MB per minute, which counts to 115.2MB every hour. This subscription cost is much higher than what is demanded by Spotify’s competitor, Apple Music.

So, to ensure that people do not deviate towards Apple’s service, the application also brought the option to change the setting to normal streaming speed. And, this way, enjoy music streaming without making a hole in their pocket.

20. Spotify is being tuned by users 148 minutes every day.

On an average, users listen to songs on Spotify for 148 minutes every day on their cross-platform device. This is yet another Spotify usage stats that shows that this On-demand entertainment application is enjoying higher user satisfaction level.

21. 10% of US adults tune to Spotify many times a week.

Just like other countries, the USA audience is also listening to Spotify songs in different frequencies, as shown in the graph below.

Frequency of using Spotify among adults in the United States

22. A user devotes time to 41 artists weekly.

On an average, a user listens to tracks from 41 different artists a week. This gives an impression that Spotify comes up as a platform that offers higher discoverability option to artists and make them connect to a wider audience easily.

Spotify Playlist Statistics

23. There are more than 2M podcasts on Spotify.

The Spotify podcast feature is also gaining a huge momentum in the marketplace. As per the latest stats for Spotify, there are around 2M podcasts available on the platform, while many more are hoping to be added soon.

24. Around 70M+ tracks and 4B+ playlists are available to users.

As per the latest statistics for spotify, the app offers more than 70M tracks and 4B playlists curated depending on different factors, such as theme, mood, age, and gender. These songs, that includes both the modern and ancient ones, have not just proven to be a challenge for other On-demand music service providers but also for radio.

25. Over 60,000 songs are added everyday on the platform.

Spotify statistics app offers users with a unique facility to upload tracks from their personal devices, in addition to listening to those already available. As per Spotify listening stats, a ripple effect of this is that around 60,000 songs enter the Spotify platform on a daily basis.

26. 25 songs have been played billion times on this music streaming app.

From ‘Shape of You’ to ‘Closer, ‘Rockstar’, and ‘Havana’, around 25 songs have been ‘all-time’ picks of the Spotify users. 

27. 17% of playlists played on Spotify are personalized.

As per Spotify statistics app, the type of playlists available on Spotify are broadly divided into three categories

UGC, personalized, and curated playlists. Among these, 17% of playlists enjoyed by users are personalized.

Percentage of Different Types of Playlists Listened on Spotify

28. Nearly 20% of songs available on the app have never been played.

Interesting facts about Spotify have made it extremely easy for artists to spread their music and get the limelight, there are still various songs that go undiscovered. As per the Spotify statistics 2019, about 20% of available songs have never been tuned by anyone on the platform.

Spotify Market and Revenue Statistics

29. Spotify annual revenue generated is €7.88B.

As per Spotify stats 2020, Spotify generated a revenue of over 7.88 billion euros, up from 6.76 billion in the previous year. The majority of Spotify’s revenues came from its premium subscribers rather than ad placements..


30. Around €2168M is the Spotify quarterly generated revenue.

As of Q4 2020, Spotify has marked 2168 million euros of quarter revenue.

31. Spotify generated €7.1B of revenue via premium segment, in comparison to $745 via ad-support functionality.

Another Spotify stats indicating the Spotify growth rate in terms of its business model is that it earns accelerating revenue from both premium and ad-supported service. Something that can be concluded from the following graph.

Revenue generated

32. Location-wise, USA is the country from where Spotify is earning a huge revenue.

As per latest Spotify stats, this music streaming platform, with its presence in 178 countries, is generating revenue from different locations. However, the one contributing the biggest share is the USA, followed by the UK.

33. €21 billion of Spotify generated revenue went to rights holder.

Another Spotify revenue statistics to watch out for is that the application gave €21 billion to music rights holders since launch, as of February 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions about Spotify

Q. How many subscribers does Spotify have 2021?

As per the Spotify statistics 2021, Spotify have around 158 premium subscribers.

Q. How much money has Spotify made in 2021?

As per latest Spotify stats, in 2021, Spotify earned nearly €7.88B.

Q. Is Spotify the biggest streaming service?

Yes, it is the biggest streaming service of the time. And the whole credit of this win over Tidal, Pandora, and other music streaming applications is Spotify’s vast device support, wider music catalog, varied plans for paid and free subscribers, and more.

Final Note

Now, as you have gone through these stats for Spotify in 2021, it is likely that you will find yourself convinced with the growing opportunities in the music streaming industry. What can be concluded is no matter how many contenders Spotify may have globally, its place will remain intact for a few years at least. With the kind of impression that stats for Spotify has left on the users’ minds, we are sure that it is not a substitute for anything and neither has one itself. If you are also planning to launch an entertainment app or fantasy sports app, contact a reputed entertainment software development company or fantasy sports app development company. A media and entertainment app development company will answer all your questions and guide you through the entire process of media app development. 

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