Manchester City Enters into a Blockchain Partnership with Superbloke

By Bhupinder Kour
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Last update on: July 16, 2020

English Premier League football club, Manchester City (Man City) has declared its partnership with Superbloke – a South Korean blockchain football gaming startup.

This partnership was made with the hope to make it possible for a non-blockchain association, Manchester city, to step into the Blockchain world and enjoy decentralized solutions in Sports industry. The partnership is made on the grounds that Superblok will build a blockchain-powered soccer game, called FC Superstars and launch it in the real world. 

The FC Superstars game will empower fans to support their favorite athletes through online gaming. Meaning, FC Superstars which is an online collectible dApp (Decentralized application) will enable users to build and grow football player token and hold them as digital assets. The football players will be able to create and train a digital team by using the best of real-life stats and gathering more of Manchester City digital player cards.

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And in this way, this deal will bring the club and users together on a common ground with a common interest in the sports business. Also, it will improve the efficiency and transparency in the system, which have been big concerns in the present world.

This blockchain app development partnership will also focus on tokenization, which would result into Manchester City FC enjoying a new financial model to the clubs, which comprises of token-design and issuance services. And ultimately, deliver a unique experience to all.

“This new partnership with Superbloke marks another exciting milestone in City’s growing relationship with gaming and will create unique experiences for fans to engage with the Club through digital platforms,” said Damian Willoughby, Senior Vice President, Partnerships, City Football Group. He further added, “We look forward to welcoming Superbloke to the Manchester City family and growing our knowledge of this developing industry”. 

Superbloke, under this partnership, will be made an official Blockchain-based Gacha partner of Manchester City in Korea, South East Asia, and Japan. It has already launched an open beta version of FC Superstars and is expected to supervise various events and collaborations to enhance the profit count.

While this was  about the Manchester City-Superbloke partnership, there’s much more into the impact of Blockchain in Sports economy. Meaning, this will not remain a standalone event.

Football, Blockchain, and Tokenization – the trio has been enjoying the limelight for the past several years. Football associations across the world are embracing the idea of jumping into the train to Blockchain to gain better solutions. These solutions can be an ease to raise funds, build better trust among players and fans, make a transparent functioning environment, or enable users to invest in different players in possible amounts

Various clubs have already entered into partnership with reputed Blockchain firms, a few of them are –

Whereas, many more are planning to explore the opportunity in an already $40bn industry.

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