LiquidApps Launches DSP 2.0 on DAPP Network With Tons of New Features

By Tripti Rai
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Last update on: July 16, 2020

LiquidApps, the engineers behind DAPP Network are having an active month. 

Despite being busy in the maintenance of year long public sales of their DAPP token, amidst the rising public interest, the architects have released the long-awaited DSP 2.0 with a range of new features. 

DAPP Network has already established its ability to bring a stark decline in the cost of the computational resources by moving the demand bulk off-chain, while maintaining the decentralization element. And now, they have launched DSP 2.0 with three powerful services and multiple new features and changes to make the DAPP Network a lot more powerful and flexible. 

What’s New With DAPP Service Providers 2.0? 

DSPs operate nodes on eponymous network and then supply the resources for Blockchain app developers to scale their creation. But for the system to operate as advertised, it is necessary that the DSPs serve developers with low latency and minus any compromise on security or decentralization – a need that remained a challenge. 

Additionally, with the growing demand for Blockchain apps across industries while it has become easier to launch a dApp on the EOS, affording it when the project becomes popular is what has become difficult. The reason behind this price soar is because when the number of people accessing the dApp increase, the vRAM costs attached with the provisioning of network resource to those individual also increase. 

DSP 2.0, with stability improvements and a range of new features is poised to make the task discernibly easy. The solution that they are now offering to the developers include taking the storage off-chain, lowering the overall load on EOS network, and saving the cost that would otherwise go into vRAM. 

To aid these new benefits, DSP 2.0 has brought three tools to the DAPP Service Providers:

  • LiquidScheduler – Automated tasks service and tasks scheduler
  • LiquidAccounts – Free key management and account creation tool which makes it easy for the developers to onboard new users. 
  • LiquidOracles – Decentralized web oracle service to source external data trustlessly. 

These new tools are a sign that DAPP Network has begun evolving into a full-formed ecosystem which is capable of supporting a range of dApps creation, complete with the infrastructure needed to integrate powerful capabilities in them. 

Apart from these new tools, DSP 2.0 has also been introduced with a range of features, some of the prominent ones of which are: 

  • Support to Third party staking 
  • Enhancement in Multi-DSP support
  • Enabling of Logging and Database
  • Zeus SDK now being compatible with latest eosjs version
  • k of n LiquidOracles support
  • More documentation for IPFS, database, and recovery process. 

These set of impressive new features are not just prepared to make the DAPP Network a complete full-range ecosystem, but are also estimated to bring a surge in interest for DAPP token, which are being sold through daily auctions from LiquidApps. 

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