iOS 13 Public Beta 4 comes loaded with exciting features

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Last update on: July 16, 2020

News in Brief:

  • Apple released its iOS 13 Public Beta 4 update on July 30, 2019; just after the release of Developer Beta 5.
  • Public Beta 4 comes loaded with features like Dark Mode.
  • All the anticipated bugs are fixed in Public Beta 4 for smooth functioning.
  • Features like a new set of wallpapers, changes in UI, new volume indicator, Private Mode detection in Safari, are the new additions.
  • Bugs like the crashing of Wells Farago app, Whatsapp related problems, disabled Instagram stories audio are fixed, and more are fixed.

Users are on their toes waiting for the launch of Apple’s iOS 13 update. 

Though a date has not been announced for the release, the company has maintained this excitement by unveiling the incredible and improved features awaited in iOS 13 in its recent Public Beta release. Like always, we are looking forward to a bugs-free and smooth experience that Apple is renowned for providing.

To keep users’ enthusiasm from dying, Apple has released its iOS 13 Public Beta 4 on July 30, 2019, just a day after the launch of  Developer Beta 5. It is safe to say that it’s certainly an improvement, with lots of concerning issues fixed. 

We have already surmised that it holds amazing features, because of iOS 13 features instilled in it. So without any further ado, why don’t we get on to what’s new in iOS Beta 4.

What is new in Public Beta 4? 

Though Apple never really officially publishes any reports of the new features and changes it makes, we have snooped around and found a list of added features and are served to you fresh from the oven.

  • A new volume indicator is added with a scope of gradations in-between full volume and muted. 
  • A new set of Wallpapers is added to the Home app.
  • New features enable the detection of Private mode in Safari, as the bottom row of icons will turn black instead of blue.
  • To launch a new tab without even opening the Safari app, all you will have to do now is long-press the icon.
  • In the Activity app, new Move goals are added to facilitate the users.
  • The Share sheet is now dissected and grouped into sections and the most common share options are placed right below the app list.
  • To add, remove, and rearrange the Share sheet, you can now select the Edit Actions option.
  • The most exciting feature of this update comes under Settings > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut > Dark Appearance. After this, a triple-click of the Home button will activate the much-publicized Dark mode!
  • New changes in UI will enable you to slide the button toggle ( like Battery Health section of the Settings app), instead of clicking it.

Now that we are familiar with the new additions, let’s move on to the list of bugs fixed.

What is Fixed?

Fortunately, Apple is highly considerate in regards to the bugs and provides expeditious solutions. So, let’s have a look at what they have fixed in this update.

  • If you were one among the many, who were wishing for proper progress bar progress, then it is the lucky day for you. It is now possible by manually launching iCloud backup from Settings > iCloud Account > iCloud > iCloud Backup > Back Up Now.
  • Due to the Vivint’s latest app update, it now starts as expected.
  • You will never be bothered by the incessant “One more minute” requests.
  • Instagram stories audio is enabled again.
  • All the bugs faced while using Whatsapp are properly addressed.
  • The continuous crashing of Wells Fargo app is now fixed.
  • Now you can share images from the Mail app without any problems getting in the way.

After all the hard work done by the engineers of Apple, there are still some bugs which escaped the fixing or worse yet, are the new emergents. 

What still needs fixing?

  • Though Find My App is already a combined upgraded version of other “Find” apps, it still needs to be worked upon as the “Notify when found” feature isn’t functioning as expected.
  • Apple Pay cards might not work even after a device exits Lost Mode. 
  • People are still facing problems with “Couldn’t connect to iCloud” when trying to create new Pages, Numbers, or Keynote documents in a shared folder.
  • Localization still needs improvements as devices set to use certain languages might display clipped layout or exhibit unlocalized text. 
  • You might find syncing problems with iCloud when you enable Share Across Devices until you restart the device.
  • Shortcuts automation is still tentatively unavailable.
  • Do Not Disturb settings may not synchronize between your phone and watch until both devices are on iOS 13 beta 4 and watchOS 6 beta 4. 
  • Uninterrupted Chromecast streaming is still a far cry.

At the back of the Public Beta 4 and similar updates, Apple has given developers and Apple-centric entrepreneur community something to look forward to this fall.

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