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Apple is Launching iOS 13.1 and iPadOS Today

By Tripti Rai
September 24, 2019 5 min read
Last update on: September 24, 2019

News in Brief:

  • Apple is releasing its iOS 13.1 and iPadOS today – 24 September 2019.
  • The sudden release is a result of shift in the launch schedule from 30 September 2019.
  • For the first time ever, Apple is releasing its iPadOS, designed specifically for Apple tablets.
  • iPadOS has a mix of features, some of which are present in the iPhone as well while others are specific to tablets.

There was a time when people were anticipatedly waiting for a glimpse of Apple iOS 13 update, and now Apple has showered them with updates and releases,  all at once.

Apple released its iOS 13 on 19 September 2019, and not a week has gone by when the news of the iOS 13.1’s release on 24 September 2019 has hit the ears.

Moreover, you can revitalize your iPad with the soon-to-be-released new iPadOS software which is developed particularly for Apple tablets.

It is noteworthy that originally, these two new releases were scheduled for 30 September 2019, however, Apple for some reason, upped the release by a week early- today itself. This might be the result of problems faced and reported by the developers and beta testers with iOS 13 features.

What is New in iOS 13.1?

Now, let’s talk about the hot topic – iOS 13.1. The version is going to be free of bugs. It would allow users to share their ETA with others via Apple Maps. Users will also be able to add Siri shortcuts to automation and set up triggers to enable any shortcut automatically. 

Apple has also introduced a new form of device management called user enrollment for business users. This feature will allow users to bring their personal devices to work and protect the business data along with upholding user privacy.

One of the bugs fixed by the iOS 13.1 update is the one that could allow anyone to bypass the lock screen functionality and easily access iPhone’s contact information. This error mainly occurred when users received FaceTime calls and simultaneously respond to texts while using Apple’s voice-over function to request a change to the text message’s “To” field.

What is New in iPadOS?

Coming to iPadOS, it is the first time ever that Apple had made an OS specifically targeting the Apple tablets. Till now, they used to run on the same OSs as iPhones.

This new OS for iPads gets all the amazingness of iOS 13 like dark mode feature while possessing features limited to tablets.

These exclusive iPadOS features include the expanded Apple Pencil function, better file management, and a brand new version of Safari. The update comes with a new home screen layout, improved multitasking features with the new user interface gestures for things like cutting, pasting, copying, undoing actions and more. 

Apple has never disclosed the official release time of any update, however, if the US technology firm follows its usual launch pattern, then we can expect the download to be available at around 6 pm BST.

All of Apple’s latest iPad devices will be compatible with iPadOS but there are some tablets that won’t get access to this blockbuster upgrade.

Here’s a full list of every iPad that will be able to download this update later today.

Apple iPad 12.9-inch iPad Pro • 11-inch iPad Pro • 10.5-inch iPad Pro • 9.7-inch iPad Pro • iPad (7th generation) • iPad (6th generation) • iPad (5th generation) • iPad mini (5th generation) • iPad mini 4 • iPad Air (3rd generation) • iPad Air 2

Seeing the efforts that Apple took to fix bugs in iOS 13 as soon as it came out, represents the picture of how aware and concerned Apple is for its products – the reason why Apple holds its high-quality stature in the current market.

Tripti Rai
Tripti Rai
Content Manager
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