Google updates Flutter, releases Flutter 1.2 and Dart 2.2
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Google updates Flutter, releases Flutter 1.2 and Dart 2.2

Tripti Rai
By Tripti Rai| Wednesday, February 27, 2019 17:33 PM |3 min read
Google updates - Flutter 1.2 and Dart 2.2

Google pushed out an update for its cross-platform app development framework Flutter. Not only did the company released Flutter 1.2 version but also released Dart programming language 2.2 simultaneously.

Flutter helps developers in building native applications for both Android and iOS. Flutter apps can be developed much faster than any other framework. The framework has been quite useful for building the interfaces of apps with the help of Dart programming language and compile all the source codes in native formats for Android and iOS.

Flutter has many benefits but one of the major benefits is that it helps developers to get an escape from software delivery issues, including the “go native” and quality assurance, DevOps and potential maintenance issues.

Flutter 1.2

Google announced the new update of Flutter 1.2 at the MWC 2019. This update of Flutter will be focusing on the performance and stability of the app. There is a piece of good news for Android developers in the update. Apparently, Flutter 1.2 update will support Android App Bundles. The feature was demanded by the users as well as Flutter developers since it allows them to reduce the file size of the app.

This feature also helps in enabling “dynamic delivery” which generates and serves optimized APKs for each device of the users. This means that the users don’t have to download codes or resources to run their app.

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The new Flutter 1.2 will also support in-app purchases now. Another tool added to the framework is Dart DevTools which is a new debugging tool. It also lets developers view logs, debug apps and inspect the widgets. Google has big plans for Dart DevTools as it wants to make the tool a first-class tool for all the Flutter developers.

The new update has new Flutter 1.2 features which also include keyboard and mouse hovering support. All these features and updates show why Flutter is the ideal choice for cross-platform app development. Another plan that Google has made for Flutter is for it to be able to build web-based apps too.

“As long as they work and performance is not compromised, [frameworks such as Flutter] are a very effective way for enterprises to build mobile next-generation apps,” Mueller said. “It’s nice to see Flutter’s plans for desktop as well as browser support, which would make it a true cross-platform development tool.”

The above statement shows that building Flutter applications will be a great choice for enterprises. The Flutter 1.2 is also going to be more inclined towards iOS UI elements. It will be providing full support to the iOS floating cursor for texts. Flutter is showing clear signs of success with this new update.

Their Android App Bundle feature was contributed by a developer from Intuit which means Google is encouraging third-party contributions to the framework. Google is trying its best to make Flutter a success for startups, businesses and enterprises.

Another piece of news is that Google released the Dart programming language 2.2 along with the Flutter update.

Dart 2.2

The Dart 2.2 programming language update has made the Dart developers very happy. Dart promises a 15% to 20% boost in performance which is why the developers are happy. The language can now write Set literals with the help of using curly braces { }. This is very similar to other languages including Python. The whole idea of being able to write with Set makes it possible to create an entire Set as a constant.

To remain updated with more such updates, stay tuned! And if you have any queries regarding Flutter app development, contact our Flutter app experts.

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