Flutter Moves Out of Beta With Flutter Release Preview 1

By Shivam Srivastava
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Last update on: July 16, 2020

Today, we’re delighted to announce Flutter Release Preview 1, signaling a new phase of development for Flutter as we move into the final stages of stabilization for 1.0.” read Tim Sneath’s 20th June post on Medium.

The shift from beta to release preview signals Google confidence in the quality and stability of Flutter and their focus on stabilization and fixing bugs.

Earlier this year Google announced the official release of Flutter Beta 3 – the powerful cross platform app development tool. Working on the commitment that the framework is ready to ease and add innovativeness in the cross platform development process, Google in Global Front-End Conference Beijing, has announced Flutter Release Preview 1 build.

With this build, the team is focusing heavily on filling the edge cases such as – adding a support for the 32 bit iOS ARMv7 devices, extending the Firebase support for handling multiple platform integration & reporting, adding in more support for more formats in the video player – in order to reach more users

There are a number of other support that Google is extending with the Release Preview 1 –

  • Flutter expansion for the Visual Studio Code has gotten a substantial update – there’s now a provision to statement completion, new outline view, and an emulator support in the VS Code directly.
  • Flutter Studio has been introduced to allow developers to build screen straight from the browsers with the support of editing over 50 different widgets.

Even though the framework is yet to see an official stable release, Flutter has already started witnessing a rise in popularity with over 50% rise in number of active users since the I/O 2018 event. The reason behind this growing popularity can be tracked down to the community support that the framework is getting.

[Know more about the New Cross Platform App Development Framework – Flutter: A Detailed Look Into The Beta That will be Popularized in Google I/O 2018.]

Talking of the growing Flutter community, Google is excited about the rise in number of Chinese developers embracing Flutter to develop their apps. While Flutter has already been getting support from the US and India, the outpouring of support from China has accelerated the tech giant’s internationalization plans.

Google is also launching a Chinese specific website, which will act as a host of community-developed Chinese Flutter content for the developers to learn from and use.

Waiting to try Flutter Release Preview 1? Upgrading to it has been made easy by Google. All you have to do is type in “Flutter Upgrade” in the terminal if you are using the Beta Channel.

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