Google Brings Food Delivery Option to Maps, Assistant, and Search Results

By Bhupinder Kour
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Last update on: August 11, 2020

Google has recently announced the integration of a food service option in its Maps, Search, and Assistant.

This announcement, in addition to a new update for Android Automotive Emulator has come up as the latest in the string of restaurant-related features that Google introduced to its apps and services. The two most popular of these are Google Lens’s new feature of seeing a detailed information of food, as announced at Google I/O 2019 event, and Google Duplex that allows a voice assistant to call and make a reservation on your behalf. And is a clear indication that though Google is not getting directly into the delivery game, it is making a bigger impact on the food delivery business.

With this feature, Google has offered both the Android and iOS users an escape from the hassle of downloading different food delivery apps and switching from one to another to satisfy their appetite. The tech giant has enabled the users to order food directly from the best 5 food delivery service providers including DoorDash and Postmates using these Google apps and services.

Wondering how?

When talking about Google Search and Maps, it will show a ‘Order Online’ buttons with the search results when looking for a nearby restaurant or type of dishes. On tapping on this button, you will be asked to pick the delivery time and then connected to the food delivery service to place the order. You will also be given an opportunity to look at menus without leaving the interface and even an option to pay for the order using Google Pay – the app that offers the functionality of both Android Pay and Google Wallet.

Whereas, when it comes to Google Assistant, all you have to do is to say, “Hey Google, order food from [name of the restaurant]. The digital assistant will show what delivery services are feasible on your device. In the case of DoorDash, a fullscreen Action demonstrating a menu will be launched and you will be allowed to pay the bill using Google Pay where your address as well as payment details will be filled already.

Another exciting thing about this feature, which has recently added to the list of 43 features of Google Assistant, is that it will allow you to reorder. You are supposed to say, “Hey Google, reorder food from [name of the restaurant]” and it will display a comprehensive list of past orders from the same restaurant to ease the process. The Assistant will also let you browse and approve the payment details.

The service currently enables users to order food from DoorDash, Slice, Postmates,, and ChowNow only, many more brands like Zuppler are expected to enter the world of Google Food Delivery. And, though not confirmed yet, the major food delivery service providers like UberEats, GrubHub, JustEat, and Deliveroo might also become a part of the Google’s roster someday and revolutionize the food delivery industry.

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