COTA Launches An On-Demand Ride Service in Grave City, Ohio
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COTA Launches An On-Demand Ride Service in Grave City, Ohio

Priyanka Juyal
By Priyanka Juyal| Tuesday, July 16, 2019 08:33 AM |1 min read
COTA Launches An On-Demand Ride Service in Grave City, Ohio
  • The Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) has launched its first on-demand, app-based service in Grove City on Monday.
  • COTA Plus is an on-demand, app-based shuttle service.
  • Riders will be able to travel anywhere within a 5.5-sq.-mile designated zone.

The commutation scene at Grove City, Ohio is getting on-demand. 

The Central Ohio Transit Authority launched its first on-demand ride-sharing app service City Plus on Monday.

COTA Plus customers/riders can request a ride via the mobile application available on both Play Store and App Store and as per the company’s assurance, a bus will reach them within 15 minutes. Using the app, the riders will be able to travel anywhere within a 5.5-sq.-mile authorized zone that includes Southpark Industrial Area and Mount Carmel Grove City.

Talking about the area the service covers, COTA CEO Joanna Pinkerton  said “COTA Plus will specifically target residents who are struggling with access to mobility options – hospitals, retail, educational institutions,” 

Coming to the core function of the service, the riders will be able to avail the service between Monday to Friday from 5.30 in the morning to 8 in the evening. The chargeable base fare will be $3 for a ride, and the riders will also be given the option to opt for a day pass for $6. 

Noting the time of service, COTA said that it will observe the program’s success and will decide whether to add weekend hours or not. 

Mentioning the on-demand move, Joanna Pinkerton said “On-board communication, analytics, and concepts that are thought of here, developed here in Ohio and put into our system, along with uniquely trained operators, will allow us to provide on-demand app-based service for the first time in COTA’s history,” 

With its focus on areas which are less frequented by commutation mediums, COTA’s on-demand ride service is setting an example for other businesses looking to  rule the crowded on-demand market. An example that hints at how tapping unfrequented regions can help you succeed in the otherwise crowded on-demand ride-sharing market. 

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