How AR VR Apps Are Gamifying Exercise And Workout?

Amardeep Rawat January 16, 2024
AR VR app development

Technology has been long considered an enemy of physical activity, but augmented and virtual reality can be seen rapidly transforming the fitness industry. This technology is advancing exponentially, with numerous gyms and fitness clubs now using it to make workouts more enjoyable for participants while increasing their profits.As a result, it is fair to assume that augmented and virtual reality workouts are the thing of the day.

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Let us explore how AR and VR are applications are gamifying exercise and workout:

Augmented reality (AR) mixes up the digital content into a person’s actual environment and makes it interesting. Businesses are benefiting from this technology by enticing consumers and growing their customer base. Some of the best examples of AR technology widely used today are Snapchat and Instagram filters. 

AR fitness apps, too, have created much buzz among the masses. According to GrandView Research, the size of the AR industry reached almost 18 billion dollars in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 43.8% from 2021 to 2028.

U.S. augmented reality market size

The Expected Annual Growth Rate of the Global AR Industry from 2021 – 2028

Virtual Reality, on the other hand, is loved for the immersive experience that it offers. You could be cycling or running in any part of the world by just wearing a simple VR headset. The sounds, the visuals are as good as any real experience. 

Consumers-facing fitness VR applications end up combating the boredom associated with the exercise. The immersive sounds and details make it much easier for people to work out. An American startup created a Black Box VR. This unique virtual reality fitness apps allows users to be physically active while wearing a VR headset and playing an online shooter game. Various virtual reality-based gamification fitness apps enable people to stay physically active while playing an exciting video game.

According to recent statistics by Statista, augmented reality and virtual reality market size are expected to rise from US $30.7 billion in 2021 to US $296.9 in 2024.

Growth of AR and VR Market Size

Exponential Growth of AR and VR Market Size 

VR and Augmented Reality workout apps have also witnessed an increase in users during the pandemic. Even the people on a strict fitness regime could not hit the gyms, and the situation has not improved even now. In such cases, augmented and virtual reality mobile fitness apps are assisting people to reach their fitness goals. 

There are several ways in which the AR/VR based gamification of fitness changes the traditional methods to stay fit. Let us have a look in the next para.

7 Ways to Gamify Your Exercise Routine

Offers new ways for a workout regime

Various AR VR app development services offer gamification of workout and fitness; for example, there could be a virtual cycling competition where you can compete with your other fellow mates and even share your progress socially. The competitive nature of humans allows them to enjoy these VR games with total concentration leading to fun and exercise.

Keeps you motivated

One of the most prominent challenges people face to meet their fitness goals is a constant motivation. With the help of augmented and virtual reality workout apps, it has become easier to keep up the grounds and zeal to stay fit. After all, who would not like to play their favourite game and stay healthy in the entertaining journey? Moreover, you get a chance to beat your high score every time.

Sets achievable goals

A trainer at the gym constantly trains you to improve your strength and carry out the most demanding workout regimen. A trainer sets goals that may seem a little challenging to achieve initially, but you surpass them all, reaching towards your fitness goals as you progress. Just like your trainer, your fitness apps for a VR workout can help you set goals, and the rate of your activity will decide whether they have been achieved or not. 

Suggests exercises as per body needs

Some apps would simply track your activities and, based on your BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate), age, and body weight, offer a routine to achieve maximum outcome. The training provided is quite challenging, making it easier to achieve your workout goals.

Suits your schedule

Unlike hitting the gym early morning or in the evening, you can use virtual workout apps as per your schedule. All you need to make sure is to complete the activity. However, many gyms offer virtual reality games as a part of their exercise regime.

It is fun

Every one of you must be aware of the play stations and their craziness among the masses. Now imagine if, while playing, you could burn those extra calories and reach your fitness goals. Wouldn’t that be amazing! This is now possible with the help of virtual reality workout apps that require you to move your body and burn some calories while playing games. 

Keeps track of your health

A sedentary lifestyle and changed eating habits have made all of us prone to various lifestyle disorders. With virtual and augmented reality fitness apps, you can now keep track of your health condition. The apps will guide you to the type and amount of workout you should be doing. You may also need to feed in some data to make sure that you get optimal solutions.

Ar Vr in healthcare industry


Allows you to wander

With virtual reality setups, you can visit any place. You might want to run on a beach or go cycling in the mountains. Everything is possible with virtual reality workout sessions and gamify exercise with VR. The immersive tech allows you to see, hear and feel what your heart desires, making exercising a whole new and adventurous concept. 

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Augmented Reality in the Workout Industry

Fitness fans can enhance their exercise experience with an AR app and work out efficiently even if they are unable to hit the gym. AR offers a fully immersive space where individuals can interact with objects that are not even there.

The simulated environment offered by AR makes exercising super fun in real-time. Aside from its immersive capabilities, AR apps also provide real-time info. This functions in two ways. First, you can track your body movements to avoid overstretching your body. Two, you can increase productivity by knowing how much exercise needs to be done. AR apps allow you to keep track of your vitals making it easier to track progress.

The gamification of the exercises lets you work out in a fun way, keeping you motivated to exercise. Playing and exercising at the same time, isn’t it great! If you remember the game Pokemon Go, you will know what we are trying to say.

Augmented Reality has the ability to transform the fitness industry for the better and is going to be the next big thing after AI and ML.

AR VR trends

Concluding Thoughts!

The concept of entertainment has been evolving continuously.  We have witnessed telephones transforming to smartphones and  CRTs turning into intelligent LEDs. All this has happened in a few years. The fitness industry has also changed the same way. People went to gyms to exercise, and the good music or the TV screen right there made running on the treadmill relatively easier. However, with the advent of AR VR app development, this engagement and motivation will soar high.

More people see VR AR for fitness and wellbeing benefits and appreciate their utility in creative and entertaining ways. Fitness coaches and experts around the globe are creating apps to help people reach their fitness goals.

At present, Augmented and Virtual Reality in Mobile Fitness applications are in their infancy and not readily available to everyone. Still, the gyms will be equipped with these technologies to offer better customer experience and fitness services in the near future.

These apps can be beneficial for people who regularly travel for work or have wanderlust. People who cannot leave their bed, car, or chair due to sickness or disability or who live in remote parts of the world where gyms are inaccessible will also benefit from this tech.

Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality are no more a tale of sci-fi movies. The tech is becoming more innovative and more accessible to the masses. Businesses are taking help from AR VR development companies to grow this expertise in this niche and transform the industry. If you want to develop an app and are thinking about how, then kindly contact us, we will get back to you in no time.


Amardeep Rawat
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