How To Build Engaging Yet Secure Mobile Apps?
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How To Build Engaging Yet Secure Mobile Apps?

Shivam Srivastav
By Shivam Srivastav| Tuesday, August 16, 2016 14:10 PM |6 min read
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The global world is fast shrinking into chips and screens and an era of data exchange is on the move with Internet ruling the roost. Laptops and smartphones have made this sublimely possible. Every day the market is getting flooded with apps which mingle with our daily lives so beautifully. Personal info, bank details, location status, social media presence all mean we now live two lives, one real and one virtual.

Thus mobile apps have become the very tools of survival in our second world without which it would not be possible to manage things. With loads of competition for the very same thing, each app developing company wishes to incorporate the most engaging design and content which deliver the best for an unbelievable user experience. However, this also means that security then also becomes a cause of worry. Here we discuss how to build engaging yet secure mobile apps.

Sharing means trouble

Coding of mobile apps must not be shared on any platforms. This is not only problematic but also risky. Also, developers must keep away from malicious coding available on the internet as it might prove to be the result of a complete failure of the mobile app. Apps are responsible for delivering business models to the users and no user would like to download any bugged or troubling app. Along with this, app also demand personal info which includes financial secrets and also social security numbers. No user would like to play a risk with any of these. Over the years, the trust of users on providing info over the apps is reducing with only 6 percent ready for it. This is a serious wake-up call for all developers to work on the security element associated with mobile app development.


One of the chief attractions for any app is its design and appearance. With apps which have already a market competitor it becomes even more important as it is the base for any app download. The app should be appealing and innovative serving the purpose for its build. The mobile app must focus on user friendly appearance and usage. No user would like to download an app which has hassles in handing or is not up to the mark. The app should cover all the faults which would help it in standing out.

Team Management

While developing a mobile app the entire team must know of the final objective of the app. At all times the work should be interlinked and must focus on the result. All the members must be consciously aware that their part would lead into the other and thus every angle must be covered comprehensively and that also testing should be done to lease out any missing links or bugs that might result in hampering user experience.

Factor of confidence to the user

Users must feel confident while installing the app and by using it they must feel secure. They must be able to use the app wherever they might want to. However, public internet is generally not safe thus the app must be able to recognize safe and unsafe networks and prompt immediately if a threat looms over. Data security is a deep concern, especially over the cloud. Securing the app via password gives the user the confidence to use the app without fear and builds in a factor of trust and engagement.

All in all the above-mentioned points can certainly be the base of successfully developing engaging yet secure mobile apps. Development can certainly be more user friendly once these points are met. The need of the hour is delivering engaging content but keeping a check on the security cannot be ignored as well. These standards can help set new benchmarks in the app development industry.

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