How Mobile Apps Have Brought a Revolution in our Daily Lives

By Shivam Srivastava
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Last update on: August 10, 2020

Mobile use dominates the world today and smartphones are at their all time low. The biggest factor that enhanced the growth of smartphone is mobile application. Today, you have mobile applications for everything, right from ordering food, getting a cab and even online washing. Mobile apps have changed the way we travel, book hotels, eat out, read news, bank, shop, and many other facets of our world. Whether in the form of your morning alarm, everyday entertainment, tracking flights, paying bills or any other activity you can possibly think of, mobile phones and apps seem to have invaded every area of our life and business.

With the rapid growth of mobile applications, mobile phones have come a long way and it has opened the gates to many businesses as well. Today, apps like Uber, Airbnb have been successful just because of the huge spurt in mobile apps. Now even, the big enterprises are taking interest in mobile apps and apps have taken a front seat in their marketing strategies. Right from Ecommerce to banking, mobile apps are everywhere.

It’s not that easy to incorporate different business needs into a mobile app and here comes the role of mobile app developers. They are experts who know the nuances of inculcating the best needs and integrating them with technology. These developers come with the best way to make our life simpler.

Apps like Uber and Ola have given a new dimension to transportation. These apps provide on-demand services anytime of the day. Travelers have options to even share their ride details with their loved ones for safety purpose.Other than this, apps like Foodpanda and Zomato deliver your favorite dishes too free of cost anytime, anywhere. With travelling apps, life has become easier and today, you don’t have to rely upon local traveller operator as apps like MakeMytrip, Goibibo etc. are doing great job here too. There are several productivity apps that help you to make the most of your time. Apps like Waze come in handy during road trips as they conveniently warn the drivers about speed limits, road blockages, speed traps and congestion in advance.

Apps like Airbnb and Oyo Rooms provide multiple choices to the travelers and now you don’t have to wander and pay sky high tariff rates to the hotels. These app based startups even allow you to rent an apartment or rooms at last moment which is again a matter of great convenience.

Nowadays news apps are gaining enough prominence. Most of the leading news channels have left no stone unturned to deliver news on real time basis on your smartphones. With the advent of mobile applications, expense management apps have emerged as one of the most helpful tool for the people who are keen to keep a track of their expenses. Mobile apps like Mint, Gullak etc. work as a one stop solution in order to monitor your expenses. I personally use a money manager app and am quite satisfied with it. With a financial app, you get to know your expenditure pattern and it also induces you to save more.

On the other hand, M wallets like Paytm, Freecharge have given a new face to payments. You can pay your utility bills with your smartphone within seconds and the best thing is, these apps provide you amazing cashbacks too.

Wrapping it up

Mobile apps are surely changing the way we live. Today, if you have a smartphone in pocket, you have the entire world with you. Many new businesses have been started keeping in mind the importance of mobile apps. As per my opinion,It is the best time to start an app business because the number of smartphone is increasing at a huge pace.

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