Google Adds New Features For Android App Developers

By Bhupinder Kour
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Last update on: July 22, 2020

Google is adding a number of new features to make Android app development easier for developers. This will help the developers build apps that load fast and can be released instantly. For Android app developers, it becomes difficult to make apps with a faster user interface and for that reason, Google will allow developers to build small apps.

This is the second news from Google this week. In the previous news, we learned that Google is remodeling Gmail and Android security for users safety. All this shows how fast the company is acting in situations that will ensure complete trust in its products.

Android App Bundles is a new kind of development format launched by Google earlier this year. It allows reducing the file size by 35% which reduces the size of an app on the mobile. Although Google had announced the launch of the feature a while ago, this time they are updating the feature.

This new update will change how app bundles treat the uncompressed libraries that are already present in the device. This will reduce download size by 6% and the app size on the device by 16%.

Google is also going to allow developers to upload APK files up to 500 megabytes. Adding to that, the company will make Android Studio 3.2 and Unity 2018.3 beta compatible with the Android App Bundles.

Another new change that the company is bringing to is Instant Apps. This allows the app developers to share a small part of the app as a trial or visually showcase the app experience. What this will do is benefit the users from going through the entire process of installing and actually using the application.

In the past, the developers have faced a lot of problems while developing independent instant apps. The coding was slightly different and the app builder had to keep two sets of codes to release two types of apps.

With the new update, Google will let Android app developers build instant apps with the help of app bundles. This will remove the issue of maintaining two sets of codes for instant apps and installed apps. Also, developers can enable to include an instant app and publish an installed app.

After launching the app bundles, Google uploaded their first release: Swiggy with 23% size saving.

Developers who are going to use app bundles from Google will have an average 35% save in APK sizes in comparison to those developers that release universal APK. Building apps with premium titles and publishing them will be allowed to developers as well.

The aim behind all these updates is to make the work of any Android developer or any Android app development company simpler, easier, faster and better. All this is to drive more users in and increase the number of installs for an app. The Android app bundle will also help make the conversions easy which will allow developers to keep the users’ apps up to date.

Android developers used to face the issue where they had to compromise the quality of the apps to make them faster. But with app bundle, developers can build apps with great designs as well as upload them faster. The developers can add features and alter them with app bundles.

For instance, if an app needs one time ID verification then it will be better to load the feature at that moment and uninstall it as soon as the work is done. This will reduce the app size in a large way. Here, any developer can start with Android App Bundle today.

If we take a look at the initial days of Android we can say the platform has come to a great level. Even with so much left to discover, users make 8 million installs every single month. This shows that Android has been able to grow rapidly and there are still many opportunities and improvements to yet come in the future.

Another great feature that Google is adding is the new improved crash reports from users that will have real data from users. Stay tuned because Google has lined up a bunch of cool updates coming your way.

We at Appinventiv are constantly adapting to the new features launched by Google for Android app development. If you have any other queries regarding Android app development services, contact us and we will help you out.

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