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Healthcare App Development

"At AppInventiv we specialize in developing mHealth mobility solutions"

Mobile technology and innovations are growing at an exponential rate. Consequently, the mHealth industry, too. According to recent reports, the global mHealth market is expected to reach USD 10.2 billion by 2018. mHealth holds huge potential in the quest for fitness, wellness and fight against diseases. However, Medical industry is identified as one of the most under-served industries, in terms of mobile technology, despite of the being one of the largest contributors to economic growth and well-being.

But in recent years, the Healthcare industry has recognized the benefits of mobility in healthcare. Today mobile phones, computers, wireless devices are helping in capturing and delivering the real time information to help both doctors and patients in diagnosing diseases. A well-versed mobile app provide better access to healthcare services, especially in remote areas where medical centers, health infrastructure and doctors are scarce.

Building HIPAA Compliant mHealth Apps

Being a mobile app developer, if you are planning to develop mHelath apps, it's crucial to understand what is HIPAA compliance and what types of information and experiences fall under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA was created in 1996, aimed to protect healthcare data and set standards for protecting sensitive and crucial healthcare data.

For developing a well-versed and global app, mobile app developers are required to determine - if the mHealth app they are developing will gather, store, or publish secured health information (PHI), which should be regulated by HIPAA rules.

What Makes us Build World-Class mHealth Solutions?

Mobility, being user-centric, has become the key of engaging end users. At AppInventiv, we specialize in developing mobile healthcare solutions that engage and delight users. Our lean approach, innovation, user experience design, and agile software development, enable us to launch the right products swiftly. Our expertise in mobility solutions and experience with FDA and HIPAA regulations enable us keep the solutions compliant, safe and secure. Our industry experts know that the cost-effectiveness, ease of access and on-time delivery are the major factors that empower the mHealth solutions, thus we are trying hard to bring these factors in every mHealth app developed by us aimed at wellness, health, fitness and lifestyle.

AppInventiv offers a wide range of mobile healthcare solutions. Bet it - work-flow management to patient health record management, our dexterous mobile app developers have experience and expertise in developing market-centric and data-driven mHealth solutions. Since inception, our developed healthcare solutions have helped our clients gain maximum return on their investment. We have worked closely with tech start-ups, medical professionals and established healthcare brands in specialized industries, thus, fostering prosperous and enduring partnerships.

AppInventiv is able to offer user-centric mobile solutions that leverage the mobile technologies and helps in getting better access to healthcare solutions. We know that mobile technology can increase health awareness among people.

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