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We Touched 5 Million+ Lives Till Now Through Our Applications With Our Elite Team Working On It.

Appinventiv Technologies provides custom healthcare app platforms and solutions for all healthcare professionals, patients, health-conscious end users, and all the intermediaries like pharmacists, hospital administration, etc. We don’t just understand mHealth, we have the skill & experience to implement it. Take a look at our numbers.

  • 000 Lives Touched With Our Health Apps
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Did We Just Reinvent Bariatric Surgery?
With An App That Connects Doctors, Patients & Caregivers.

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our healthcare portfolio.

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Check Our App That Gets FitBit, Health
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What we offer

AppInventiv Offers A Wide Range Of Medical Mobility Services, From Consulting To Developing A Fully HIPAA Compliant mHealth System

Electronic Health Record
Electronic Health Record

We develop HIPAA-compliant electronic health record system that focuses on usability and easy integration with the hospital/clinic’s present system


We create mobile prescribing apps to store a patient’s allergies, biometrics, and prescription data. Our apps help simplify prescription management while lowering medication errors.

Process Management
Process Management

We build process management apps to streamline all the time taking processes like scheduling, appointments and patient’s check-in.

Medical Insurance Claim
Medical Insurance Claim

We have extensive experience in creating apps that bring users and their insurance providers in close connection to help fetch details of the insurance plan, the exact benefit they can avail, etc. on time.

Electronic Health Information Exchange
Electronic Health Information Exchange

We develop HIPAA -compliant electronic health information exchange apps that allow all medical parties- doctors, pharmacist, and patients to view and safely share patient’s medical information.

laboratory Management
laboratory Management

At AppInventiv, we understand the operational challenges that a laboratory faces. We create customized solutions for information management depending on the lab size and their specialties.

Patient Gateway
Patient Gateway

Using APIs like Apple Healthkit, we give the control back to the patients with our apps that focus on giving the patients full access to their health and bills related information.

Software Integration
Software Integration

We create mobile prescribing apps to store a patient’s allergies, biometrics, and prescription data. Our apps help simplify prescription management while lowering medication errors.

Lifestyle Tracking
Lifestyle Tracking

We develop apps that individuals use to monitor and track their daily physical activities. Created in both mobile and wearable versions, our apps bring health to the user’s fingertips.

HIPAA compliant app

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We Follow Compliances That Is Synonymous With Privacy & Security of Medical Data


We ensure that our mobile apps are HIPAA compliant, which entails that they are secure, the confidential information related to the patients and other associated parties like Hospitals and Doctors are protected when they are saved on mobile devices and/or are transmitted via the client-server model.


Our apps that focus on using GPS location, providing educational information, video games to motivate patients, record conversation doctors have with their patients, or use patients’ characteristics like their age, sex, and behavior to offer counseling, etc. are all FDA compliant.


Every mHealth app that we develop abide by the HITECH Act. They successfully pass all the security audits that are made to ensure strict enforcement of the HIPAA based Privacy and Security rules.

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