Redefining Mobile App Development Success in the Middle East – 6 Business Case Studies

Sudeep Srivastava February 23, 2024
Redefining Mobile App Development Success in the Middle East

Driven by factors like the increasing affordability of smartphones and easy accessibility to high-speed internet, mobile app development in the Middle East (ME) has witnessed a remarkable surge in 2023. The region’s innovative environment, diverse demographics, and thriving business ecosystem contribute to a dynamic mobile app landscape.

With the UAE ranking 6th in mobile POS payment worldwide, it is no surprise that the region will have an evolving need for mobile apps as the primary engagement channel. From healthcare and finance to eCommerce and entertainment, mobile apps have become integral to ME’s daily lives. Unsurprisingly, the penetration of mobile apps in lifestyles, work culture, and interactions with the world will continue to grow in 2024 and beyond.

Countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar have already recognized the power of mobile app development to revolutionize businesses across industries. Thus, they partner with leading mobile app development companies in the Middle East (like Appinventiv) to redefine their digital success.

In the wide realm of Middle East app development companies, Appinventiv has emerged as a significant player in building next-generation mobile apps for businesses across industries, contributing to their immeasurable success. We have a proven track record of redefining the success of mobile apps for many business giants like KFC, IKEA, Adidas, Edamama, 6th Street, Edfundo, and more.

Partner with Appinventiv to build your next mobile app

Let’s get a sneak peek into the increasing penetration of mobile app development in the Middle East through 6 business case studies of leading brands in the region. We will also discuss the cost, process, and benefits of app development in the Middle East. But first, we will delve deeper to understand what contributes to the unprecedented growth of Middle East mobile apps.

The Rise of Mobile App Development in the Middle East

In the bustling business scene of the Middle East, there has been a noticeable shift towards mobile apps, and it is not just about making things easier for customers. It has become a bit of a race, where businesses realize that the number of people downloading and using their apps can make or break their bottom line.

ME’s business vibe, always lively, has taken a digital turn. Companies are getting on board with the whole tech revolution, and mobile apps are like their secret weapon. These applications, offering convenience, accessibility, and personalized experiences, help businesses connect with their customers anywhere and anytime.

In this fast-paced, digitally driven environment, the convergence of cutting-edge technologies and mobile application development in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and other countries of Middle East opens a golden opportunity for businesses. It is not merely about the conventional metrics of downloads and revenue; rather, it has become a go-to tool for driving user satisfaction, ensuring cultural relevance, and facilitating adaptation to the latest tech trends like AR, VR, and AI.

Some of the key stats about mobile app usage and downloads in the region include:

  • Over 30 million new apps were downloaded in Saudi Arabia in 2022, up 30% year over year.
  • Daily time spent on mobile apps per user hit 5.5 hours per day in Saudi Arabia.
  • 13.8 billion new apps and games downloaded in 2022 in the MENA (Middle East & Northern Africa).
  • Over $3.1 billion was spent across the app stores.

Daily time spent on mobile apps per day

The message is clear – to thrive in today’s competitive landscape, businesses need to embrace the power of mobile applications to expand operations, engage customers, and drive sustainable growth.

Now that we know the thriving landscape of mobile app development in the Middle East, let’s explore the case studies of some leading brands in the region. Through these case studies, we will recite the impactful stories of companies that have partnered with Appinventiv to navigate the intricacies of mobile app development and witnessed an inspiring outcome. Each case study unveils the unique challenges, strategies, and success metrics, offering a glimpse of their collaborative journey with us.

Appinventiv: A Leading Mobile App Development Company in the Middle East

In the wide realm of mobile app development in the Middle East, we have established ourselves as a trusted tech partner for businesses across industries. With a proven track record of building 3000+ innovative solutions and a commitment to excellence, we have successfully helped global businesses, including ME, elevate their user experiences, expand operations, drive growth, and redefine digital success.

Let’s discover the case studies of six business giants in the Middle East and witness how we breathed life into their distinctive imagination, setting an example of success for businesses worldwide.

Freeing KFC’s Orders Stuck in Aggregator Apps

KFC, a global fast-food giant and a key player under the Americana Group in the Middle East, embarked on a digital journey with Appinventiv to revolutionize its food delivery system.

KFC food delivery mobile app

Challenges and Concerns

Over Reliance on Aggregator Apps: KFC faced a challenge when almost 90% of its orders started coming through food delivery aggregators. This raised concerns about the brand’s dependency on third-party platforms.

Negative Reviews: The challenges took a serious turn when KFC started receiving negative reviews on its own platform due to poor user experience, tarnishing the brand’s digital image.

Digital Presence Expansion: KFC aimed to expand its digital presence in the Middle East within a year, catering to the diverse customer base across different regions.

KFC’s Partnership with Appinventiv

As part of the Americana Group project expansion, KFC challenged Appinventiv to develop and launch seven KFC mobile applications within a year. To counter this, we focused on creating a robust and user-friendly food delivery app for KFC, ensuring a seamless customer experience and encouraging users to order directly from KFC’s platform. Eventually, we developed seven custom food delivery mobile apps in the Middle East within the envisioned timeframe, covering key regions such as the UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman.

Key Success Metrics and Outcomes

  • The optimized and user-centric KFC food delivery app led to a substantial 22% increase in the conversion rate, indicating a higher percentage of app users making successful orders.
  • The KFC mobile apps in the Middle East achieved a 4.5 average rating on both the Play Store and App Store, reflecting a positive reception from users.
  • Over 50% of total orders started coming directly through the KFC mobile applications, reducing the reliance on aggregator apps.
  • The app’s enhanced user experience and functionality resulted in a significant 60% increase in repeat purchases across various channels.

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Testinomial of KFC

Resolving IKEA’s Customer Onboarding Issues with RealTime Product Catalog

IKEA, the globally renowned furnishing giant, embarked on a digital transformation journey with Appinventiv to enhance the in-store experience for its customers.

Ikea mobile app

Challenges and Concerns

  • Customer Onboarding Challenges: Being one of the largest furnishing chains globally, IKEA’s major challenge lies in efficiently onboarding a massive influx of customers.
  • Real-time Product Information: Sales representatives struggled to stay updated on product availability and applicable discounts, making it challenging to provide customers with accurate and timely information.
  • Data Gathering for Marketing: Utilizing crucial customer information, such as email addresses and product preferences, was a persistent challenge, hindering IKEA’s ability to leverage this data for targeted marketing efforts.

IKEA’s Partnership with Appinventiv

Our team addressed these challenges by developing an ERP system that not only facilitated real-time access to product catalogs but also streamlined customer onboarding. The application ensured that sales representatives had instant access to accurate product information, enabling them to assist customers more effectively.

Additionally, the ERP system incorporated user-friendly interfaces for customers to navigate through product catalogs and check the products’ availability, their details, and applicable discounts on them. It seamlessly gathered customer information during the in-store experience, providing IKEA with valuable data for personalized marketing campaigns.

Key Success Metrics and Outcomes

  • Our dedicated efforts invested in the ERP solution development resulted in a highly scalable system expanding over 7+ IKEA stores across the UAE.
  • The ERP solution emerged as a game-changer for IKEA’s operations, becoming the cornerstone of its ROI measurement strategy.
  • To cater to the needs of multiple IKEA stores, our team deployed location-wise kiosk solutions, enhancing the accessibility and impact of IKEA’s innovative retail technology.

ERP solutions for Ikea

Building a Money Management and Financial Literacy App for Edfundo

Edfundo, the world’s first financial intelligence hub for kids, parents, and educators in the UAE, helps children develop finance management skills from an early age.

Appinventiv Strategic Partnership with Edfundo

Challenges and Concerns

Parental Control Functionality: Edfundo needed a platform with parental involvement to guide children in their financial decisions.

Customized UX for Financial Learning: Financial education for kids should be engaging and accessible. To meet this need, Edfundo required an intuitive user experience tailored for a young audience.

Data Analytics for User Insights: Edfundo wanted to capture and analyze user activities, providing valuable data for continuous improvement and customization.

Edfundo’s Partnership with Appinventiv

Edfundo partnered with Appinventiv to address critical societal needs, fostering financial literacy and paving the way for strategic growth in the educational technology landscape with a well-crafted mobile app. To meet this need, our team implemented a robust parental control functionality. This feature empowered parents to closely monitor and guide their children’s money management activities within the app, ensuring a safe and controlled learning environment.

Our team crafted custom UI/UX design incorporating vibrant, interactive, and fun elements, transforming financial learning into an enjoyable experience for kids. We also integrated a data analytics feature into the application, enhancing the learning experience and adapting content based on user interactions.

Key Success Metrics and Outcome

  • Edfundo secured pre-seed funding of $500,000 and positioned itself for a seed funding round of $3 million.
  • This money management platform formed partnerships with Visa and NymCard, strengthening the app’s position in the market and opening doors for further growth and collaboration.
  • Edfundo successfully scaled into a white-label solution, indicating its readiness to be adapted and customized for various contexts, potentially impacting a broader audience.

Testimonial by Edfundo

Transferring Adidas’ Web-Centric Approach to Mobile First Strategy

Adidas, a global powerhouse in sports merchandise, collaborated with Appinventiv to evolve its digital presence to match the preferences of its predominantly millennial customer base.

Adidas partnership with Appinventiv

Challenges and Concerns

Transition from Web to Mobile: Shifting from a web-centric approach to a mobile-first strategy posed a significant challenge for Adidas to maintain the brand’s essence and design integrity while adapting to the mobile platform.

Multi-Region Launch: Adidas aimed for a multi-region launch in the Middle East. The challenge was seamlessly integrating the apps with different locations, considering diverse languages, cultural nuances, and product preferences.

Currency Integration: Adidas faced a major challenge integrating multiple currencies within the app, catering to the shopping needs of a global audience across various geographies.

Adidas’ Partnership with Appinventiv

To expand its digital presence and offer a seamless shopping experience on mobile devices, Adidas collaborated with Appinventiv. Our skilled designers meticulously preserved Adidas’ design system, including its logo, color codes, and branding guidelines, ensuring a consistent and recognizable identity throughout the mobile application design process.

Furthermore, our experts in eCommerce app development employed industry-leading technologies and a strategic cache management system for faster app performance, providing users in the Middle East with an immersive and engaging shopping experience.

Key Success Metrics and Outcomes

  • The mobile application garnered an impressive 2 million downloads, signaling a significant uptake by Adidas’ user base.
  • The successful launch and strategic approach to user acquisition resulted in attracting 500,000 new users to Adidas’ digital community.

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Adidas Case Study

Redefining 6th Street’s Online Shopping Experience for Customers

6th Street, a leading online fashion platform in the UAE, facilitates users with a selected range of shoes, bags, and accessories from coveted fashion brands like Skechers, Dune London, New Balance, Aldo, Call it Spring, and more.

Appinventiv Strategic Partnership with 6th Street

Challenges and Concerns

App Performance Issues: 6th Street users faced several challenges like delayed app starts, issues with payment gateways, and an overall poor app experience.

Revamping App Modules: The existing app modules of the brand were deemed unfamiliar, necessitating a restructuring for enhanced functionality and user-friendliness.

Integration of User-Friendly Features: 6th Street sought to enhance the live influencer shopping experience and implement user-friendly features for a more engaging platform.

6th Street’s Partnership with Appinventiv

With all such challenges, 6th Street approached us to reinstate its online shopping platform by making it more intuitive and comprehensible. Through a systematic, user-centric approach, our team succeeded in resolving the major app issues.

We crafted an intuitive UI/UX design to improve features and provide a more seamless user experience. We implemented features like secured payment gateways, push notifications, and a comprehensive data caching system to augment user engagement.

Key Success Metrics and Outcomes

  • The app start time was reduced to less than 3 seconds, ensuring users can access the platform promptly.
  • The revamped app provided users with an enhanced live influencer shopping experience, reinstating the brand’s commitment to exclusivity and innovation.
  • The overall improvement in app performance translated into significant user adoption, with over 3 million iOS app downloads and 1 million Android app downloads.

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6th street case study

Managing a Diverse Product Range for Edamama Users

Edamama, a pioneer in eCommerce, is a personalized haven for busy moms and their tiny tots. The app provides tailored product recommendations based on the child’s age, gender, and community-rated products.

Appinventiv Strategic Partnership with Edamama

Challenges and Concerns

Product Management System: Edamama grappled with the complexity of managing a diverse range of products seamlessly on its platform.

Flash Sale Management System: The brand wanted to inject excitement into the shopping experience through time-sensitive flash sales.

Attributes Management System: Edamama aspired to scale its product features dynamically, adapting to the evolving needs of its users.

Edamama’s Partnership with Appinventiv

In collaboration with Appinventiv, Edamama embarked on a journey to elevate its platform, addressing the unique challenges and enhancing the experiences of mothers and vendors alike. We, as a leading mobile app development company in the Middle East, developed a dynamic attribute management system, empowering the product engine to scale features and automatically generate unique SKUs.

Noteworthy features included a detailed product category tree, a predefined flash sale timeline system, and a centralized hub for booking online classes, events, and activities for children.

Key Success Metrics and Outcomes

  • The success of Edamama attracted substantial funding of $5 Million, validating its position as a market disruptor.
  • Edamama’s platform efficiently delivered a diverse range of products to over 20,000 homes, meeting the varied needs of mothers.
  • The platform’s personalized approach resonated with a broad audience, serving over 100,000 mothers with care and thoughtfulness.

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Testimonial from Edamama

Mobile App Development Cost in the Middle East

When contemplating mobile application development in the Middle East, understanding the cost dynamics is essential. While calculating the cost of mobile app development in the UAE is the most integral consideration, it is challenging to quote an exact amount. The cost specifics vary based on several factors, including the business niche and project’s complexity, features and functionalities, UI/UX design, the targeted platform (Android, iOS, or cross-platform), tech stack requirements, and the location of Middle East app development companies.

On average, a basic app with essential features can cost around $30,000 to $100,000, while a more complex app with advanced features can range from $100,000 to $300,000 or more. This wide spectrum encapsulates the multifaceted nature of the region’s tech landscape, the crucial factors mentioned above, and the ongoing demand for user-centric features.

Here is a visual presentation of the crucial factors affecting the mobile app development cost in the Middle East:

Factors Affecting the Mobile App Development Cost in the Middle East

Mobile App Development Process in ME

The mobile app development process in ME is quite similar to crafting a technological solution that follows a systematic approach. Starting from ideation and project planning, the project passes through the meticulous stages of design, feature integration, MVP development, rigorous testing, iteration, and deployment. Each step holds its unique challenges and triumphs, ensuring that the final product is fine-tuned to the region’s rich cultural diversity and tech-savvy population.

Mobile App Development Process in ME

To delve deeper into the intricacies of the mobile app development process in ME, explore our detailed blog on the subject, providing insights into the unique challenges, best practices, market trends, costs, and how to hire mobile app development services providers in the Middle East.

Collaboration of KFC, IKEA, Adidas, Edamama, 6th Street, and Edfundo with Appinventiv

Leverage Appinventiv’s Experience to Build Mobile Apps in the Middle East

We, as a leading mobile app development company in Dubai, played a pivotal role in redefining the digital success of business giants in the ME  – KFC, IKEA, Adidas, Edamama, 6th Street, and Edfundo.

Our deep understanding of market dynamics, proficiency in using cutting-edge technologies, and commitment to innovations help us stay ahead of industry trends, shaping the future of mobile app development in the Middle East.

Our team of 1200+ tech evangelists, a proven track record of delivering 3000+ successful projects, and business case studies testify how our strategic app development services can redefine the success of mobile app development in the Middle East.

Interested in building similar solutions like  KFC, IKEA, Adidas, Edamama, 6th Street, or Edfundo? Have a unique project idea? Don’t hesitate to partner with us! Whatever your vision is, our skilled team will turn it into reality, helping you take your business to unprecedented heights.


Q. What are the benefits of app development in the Middle East?

A. Mobile app development in the Middle East offers several benefits, contributing to the region’s dynamic digital landscape and business ecosystem. Here are some key advantages:

  • It facilitates the ongoing digital transformation in the Middle East, allowing businesses to enhance customer experiences, optimize operations, and stay competitive in the global market.
  • Mobile apps provide a direct and personalized channel for businesses to engage with their customers.
  • Custom mobile apps can streamline internal processes for enterprises, improving efficiency and productivity.
  • Mobile apps generate valuable data on user behavior and preferences, enabling informed decision-making and continuous improvement.
  • Custom mobile applications make services and information easily accessible to a large audience.
  • With the Middle East serving as a global business hub, mobile apps enable companies to extend their reach beyond local borders.
  • Mobile apps provide businesses with opportunities for additional revenue streams. This includes in-app purchases, subscription models, targeted advertising, and so on.

Q. How much does it cost to build a mobile app in the UAE?

A. The cost of building a mobile app in the UAE can vary based on several factors, including the business niche, project complexity, features, platform choice, location of mobile app development companies in the Middle East, and so on.

On average, mobile app development costs in the Middle East range from $30,000 to $300,000 or more. You can consult with our mobile app development services providers in the Middle East to get a more accurate estimate tailored to your specific project requirements and objectives.

Q. What is the timeframe for mobile app development in the Middle East?

A. The timeframe required for mobile app development in the Middle East varies depending on factors like the app’s complexity, features, experience of Middle East mobile apps developers, and so on.

Generally, a simple app with limited features and functionalities can take around 4 to 6 months to launch, while more complex and feature-rich applications can take six months to a year or longer.

It is crucial to consider factors like design, development, testing, and deployment when estimating the timeline for a specific mobile app project in the region.

Sudeep Srivastava
Co-Founder and Director
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