How Much Does It Cost to Build a Translation App Like DeepL?

Avinash Sharma January 10, 2024
Cost to develop an app like DeepL

When it comes to the evolving global digitization, the imperative for effective communication across linguistic borders has become more pronounced than ever. Now, stepping into the forefront of this linguistic evolution is DeepL, a translation app that addresses the need for effective communication across languages in the digital landscape. It stands out by using advanced algorithms and neural networks to redefine language translation, surpassing the limitations of traditional tools.

Originating in Germany, DeepL’s commitment to precision aligns with the European languages’ linguistic diversity and demands.  As businesses aim for a global presence and cater to diverse audiences, allocating resources to translation apps like DeepL becomes a strategic necessity. This investment enhances cross-language communication and strategically positions businesses to thrive in diverse linguistic markets, leading to increased global reach, improved customer engagement, and sustained success.

Judging from the remarkable success of DeepL in the European market, businesses are increasingly contemplating the prospect of developing similar language translation apps. However, a critical consideration that often arises is the cost to develop an app like DeepL.

This blog will help you understand everything related to the DeepL app development cost, the features to be integrated into the app, and its development process. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the details.

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Understanding DeepL and Its Market Size

Giving tough competition to Google Translator, DeepL has quickly established itself as a leader in the language translation app market, playing a crucial role in the ever-changing global communication landscape. The demand for accurate and contextually aware translations across different industries has contributed to the significant growth of this language translation model.

Understanding DeepL and Its Market Size

Furthermore, DeepL’s success can be attributed to its meticulous approach to language translation, which involves leveraging sophisticated algorithms and neural networks. Available in over 35 countries, the app’s intuitive ability to comprehend several languages and deliver accurate translations are a few reasons for its increased popularity. Additionally, its user-friendly interface and focus on linguistic diversity have allowed it to carve a niche for itself in the European market, catering to the linguistic demands of a diverse audience.

According to the reports, the language translation software market size was valued at $9.3 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach a valuation of $44.8 billion by 2031, witnessing a CAGR of 17.3% from 2022 to 2031. Thus, businesses across the globe are now recognizing the strategic advantage of integrating such apps into their operations to cater to global audiences, facilitate international collaborations, and enhance user experiences and their overall ROI.

bar graph depicting the global translation software market size.

Comprehending the Cost to Develop an App Like DeepL

To give you a brief idea, the cost to develop an app like DeepL can vary from $50,000 to $300,000. There are several other factors that affect the overall budget of developing an app, such as the overall complexity of the app, the time frame for development, the location of the hired app development firm, features to be integrated into the app, etc.

App Complexity LevelEstimated CostTime Frame
Basic$50,000 to $120,0003 to 6 months
Medium$150,000 to $200,0006 to 10 months
High$240,000 to $350,00010+ months

It is vital to understand that the actual cost would be determined through detailed discussions and project analysis with a dedicated app development team. This collaborative approach is capable of offering a more accurate assessment of the overall costs, considering the specific business requirements, objectives, and other intricacies of the project.

Let us now move ahead and look at the multiple factors that impact the cost to develop an app like DeepL.

Factors Affecting the DeepL App Development Cost

Developing an app like DeepL, which is known across the globe for its advanced features and accurate translations, involves significant investment and consideration of numerous factors influencing the final cost. Here are some key points to consider:

actors affecting the cost to develop an app like DeepL

Technical Complexity

The technical complexity of developing an app like DeepL significantly affects the overall cost. DeepL’s cutting-edge neural network engine requires highly skilled developers and substantial computational resources, leading to increased development costs. The inclusion of multilingual support adds to development time and complexity, as training and integrating each language individually is necessary.

To make an app like DeepL with contextual analysis capabilities requires sophisticated algorithms and extensive data training, contributing to elevated development expenses. Furthermore, achieving real-time translation speeds comparable to DeepL necessitates code optimization and the establishment of dedicated server infrastructure, further impacting the project’s overall budget.

Platform Compatibility

Supporting multiple platforms, such as web, mobile, and desktop, amplifies the intricacy of development. Ensuring the app functions flawlessly across diverse operating systems like iOS and Android can contribute significantly to the overall expenses.

It is also vital to understand that optimizing the app’s performance for each platform while addressing each platform’s design guidelines and conducting thorough testing on various devices adds to the overall complexity and, thus, increased costs.

UI/UX Design

Developing an intuitive and visually appealing user interface is essential for a translation app like DeepL. This requires skilled designers who can create a user-centric design. Furthermore, usability testing is also necessary to ensure a seamless user experience. All these processes contribute to the overall translation app development cost.

Location of the Hired App Development Firm

The location of the hired app development company also impacts the DeepL app development cost. For instance, the hourly rates for app development services vary significantly based on geographical regions.

Let us try to offer you rough hourly development costs for multiple regions across the globe.

RegionEstimated Hourly Rate of Development
Eastern Europe$30 – $40
Asia$20 – $30
Latin America$40 – $60
Africa$20 – $40

Data Security and Compliance

Ensuring robust data security and compliance with privacy regulations is of utmost importance for a translation app that deals with sensitive information. This involves implementing encryption to protect the data, employing secure data storage methods, and adhering to compliance measures. These measures require additional development efforts, which leads to increased overall translation app development costs. It is also vital to understand that these measures are necessary to safeguard user privacy and maintain the app’s integrity.

Advanced Feature Implementation

An app similar to DeepL also relies on the integration of advanced features such as real-time translation, contextual analysis, and multilingual support. These functionalities require intricate coding, thorough testing, and continuous optimization. This level of functionality demands a skilled and experienced development team, which may add up to the overall cost to develop an app like DeepL. The complexity lies not only in the initial coding but also in ensuring that these features work seamlessly together, providing users with a flawless and intuitive experience.

Post-Deployment Updates and Maintenance

Continuous attention is required for support, maintenance, and updates to ensure the relevance of an app like DeepL. All of these combined efforts also add to the overall DeepL app development cost. As technology evolves, security standards change and user expectations shift, keeping the application in sync with the latest developments is imperative.

This ongoing maintenance involves addressing emerging security threats, fine-tuning performance, and incorporating user feedback for a seamless experience. Regular updates are also a strategic investment in the app’s continued success. They encompass integrating new features and improvements in existing functionalities to align with the evolving language technology landscape.

Features to Develop an App Like DeepL

Let us now look at the multiple features that can contribute to creating a robust translation app like DeepL. It is vital to understand that all these DeepL app features contribute to the overall effectiveness and user satisfaction of the application.

Features to Develop an App Like DeepL

Multilingual Support: Addressing the diverse linguistic landscape, a translation app like DeepL should offer robust multilingual support. This means users should be able to translate text effortlessly across different languages. To achieve this, the development process should include individual training and integration for each language, ensuring an optimal user experience.

Contextual Analysis: An advanced app similar to DeepL should be able to surpass simple translation by incorporating contextual analysis. This requires sophisticated algorithms and extensive data training to enable the app to understand and reproduce context, resulting in more precise translations.

How to use the customized translation feature of the app

Customizable Translations: The app should allow the users to tailor translations to their context effortlessly. They can simply choose alternative words or phrases with a simple click, saving time and ensuring precision.

Real-Time Translation: Real-time translation is a standout feature that can be implemented to create an app like DeepL. It requires optimized code and a dedicated server infrastructure. This results in lightning-fast translation speeds.

Neural Network Technology Integration: An app like DeepL should be able to leverage neural network technology to achieve unparalleled translation accuracy. By integrating intricate algorithms and substantial computational resources, the app must comprehend the subtle nuances of language and deliver precise translations.

How we developed a neural network powered chatbot-baked Fintech app

Tone Adjustment: The tone adjustment is one of the sought-after DeepL app features that makes adapting translations for the target audience effortless. It allows the users to choose between formal and informal tones of voice, automatically updating pronouns and related words.

Create Your Own Glossary: The app must allow the users to create custom glossaries, specifying how words and phrases are translated. This feature ensures the overall accuracy and customization of the app.

How to create your own glossary in the app

Built-In Dictionary: This feature enhances the overall user understanding, enabling instant word look-up in both the source text and translation.

Integration with CAT Tool: An app like DeepL must allow integration with Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools. This feature speeds up the translation process, automates pre-translation, enriches translation memories, and maintains the original formatting.

How Do You Develop a Translation App Like DeepL?

Many stages of the DeepL app development process guide the transformation from concept to delivery. Let us look at them in detail below:

A Detailed Translation App Development Process

Market Research and Analysis

The DeepL app development process begins by conducting comprehensive market research and analysis. Analyze the existing language translation apps, user expectations, and current market trends. This first step is crucial for pinpointing distinctive features that will make your app stand out in the competitive landscape.

Define Objectives and Requirements

Based on market research, define the objectives and requirements of your language translation application. Collaborate with stakeholders to outline the primary goals, target audience, and key features expected from apps like DeepL. These specifications will guide the subsequent stages of development while also helping you comprehend the cost to develop an app like DeepL.

Hiring an App Development Firm

With a solid understanding of market dynamics and app requirements, the next step is to hire a reputable app development firm. It is also vital to hire a team with expertise in machine learning, natural language processing, and multilingual app development. This decision will ultimately guide you through a collaborative partnership throughout the development process.

Planning and Technical Architecture

Collaborate closely with the hired development team to strategize the technical architecture of the app. To develop a translation app like DeepL, it is vital to make crucial decisions on integrating advanced features like neural networks, real-time translation optimization, and multilingual support. This planning phase forms the foundation for the app’s technical capabilities.

User Interface Design

At the same time, focus on designing an intuitive and user-friendly interface for your app. Collaborate closely with the development team to ensure their valuable input shapes a visually appealing and functional layout.

Development and Continuous Testing

Once the planning and design phases are completed, the development team starts coding and implementing the app. Continuous testing runs alongside development, thoroughly evaluating each stage for bugs or issues. This iterative process strives for a seamless and error-free app.

Neural Network Integration

It is now time for the development team to make crucial decisions regarding the integration of advanced features such as neural networks, multilingual support, and contextual analysis. These decisions lay the foundation for the app’s distinctive capabilities.

Optimization and Real-time Translation Integration

During this phase to develop a translation app like DeepL, the team will expertly fine-tune the app’s algorithms and code to deliver real-time translations that are both fast and accurate, meeting or exceeding industry standards for speed and precision.

Ongoing Maintenance and Updates

Following the app’s launch, maintain an ongoing collaboration with the development team to provide support, handle maintenance tasks, and implement regular updates. This continuous effort is essential to create an app like DeepL that is further technologically relevant, addresses security concerns, and incorporates user feedback.

How Translation Apps Like DeepL Earn Money?

Here are the multiple ways in which translation apps, like DeepL, generate revenue to sustain their services and fuel continuous innovation.

Monetization Strategies for Translation Apps Like DeepL

Freemium Model

Translation apps like DeepL adopt a freemium model that allows users to access essential translation services for free, making the app accessible to a broader audience.

Premium Subscription Plans

To access enhanced functionalities and features, applications often offer premium subscription plans, such as DeepL Pro, which necessitate payment from users in exchange for benefits like unlimited text translation and document translation.

Partnerships and Licensing

Revenue is generated by partnering with businesses, institutions, or language service providers and entering into licensing agreements. These partnerships and agreements offer tailored solutions or access to the app’s technology.

API Access for Developers

Translation apps can expand their user base and generate income by providing API access. This enables them to reach a wider audience and earn revenue from businesses that integrate their translation services into their platforms.

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How Can Appinventiv Help You Develop a Robust Translation App Like DeepL?

We hope our blog could offer you a deep insight into the factors determining the cost to develop an app like DeepL. If you are contemplating venturing into the world of language translation apps, leveraging our expertise at Appinventiv can turn your vision into reality.

With over eight years of experience in app development, Appinventiv is well-equipped to create a powerful translation app like DeepL. As a dedicated translation android app development company, our extensive expertise is backed by a proven track record of successful projects, demonstrating our dedication to excellence and client satisfaction.

Our experienced development team possesses a profound knowledge of advanced technologies, including machine learning, natural language processing, and neural networks. This allows us to excel in transforming innovative concepts into tangible solutions. We adeptly navigate the intricacies of app development, guaranteeing the seamless integration of cutting-edge features.

Get in touch with us to sculpt an app that not only meets but exceeds industry standards, providing an exceptional user experience.


Q. How much does it cost to develop an app like DeepL?

A. The cost to build an app like DeepL can vary from $50,000 to $300,000. Several factors, such as features, complexity, development location, etc., further impact the overall development budget. Thus, a detailed discussion with an app development team is essential for an accurate estimate.

Q. How long does it take to make an app like DeepL?

A. The development timeline to build an app like DeepL depends on factors like features, complexity, and the development approach. Generally, a highly complex app with an extensive feature list can take around 10 to 12 months. On the other hand, a simple app with a minimal feature set can take around 6 to 7 months. Collaborating with an experienced development team can provide a more precise timeline based on your app’s requirements.

Q. What key factors should you consider before investing in a translator app?

A, Before investing in a translation app, consider factors such as the app’s accuracy, language support, scalability, and integration capabilities with existing systems. It is also vital to evaluate the app’s impact on enhancing user experiences and understand if it supports your business’s communication goals. A comprehensive analysis will help you make an informed decision aligning with your business objectives.

Avinash Sharma
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