How Much Does It Cost to Develop an eCommerce App Like 6th Street?

nitinsoni January 5, 2024
cost to develop an ecommerce app like 6th Street

Stepping into the digital marketplace is a thrilling venture. The idea to craft a platform akin to 6th Street carries a vision of endless aisles in a pocket-sized device. To manifest a digital hub like 6th Street is like inviting consumers into a digital mall, bustling with choices yet personalized. However, the journey from ideation to execution comes with a price tag. What does it cost to develop an eCommerce app like 6th Street?

The allure of virtual storefronts is undeniable. But, before diving in, understanding the financial landscape is crucial. The 6th Street app development cost, typically ranging from $30,000 to $300,000, can serve as a ballpark figure for aspiring digital entrepreneurs. Let’s unfold the layers of cost, step by step, as we venture into the world of eCommerce app development.

Why Build an eCommerce Platform Like 6th Street

The eCommerce market in the Middle East is expected to reach $57 billion by 2026. Moreover, a report revealed that 91% of the population in the MENA region are engaged in online purchases, underscoring the substantial shift towards digital commerce. Particularly, fashion and clothing dominated the online market, making up 46% of all purchases in the region.

To create an eCommerce shopping app like 6th Street is to position oneself favorably in this digital shift. 6th Street is a testament to a thriving digital marketplace. It offers a wide array of products. It simplifies the bridge between consumers and brands. Developing a similar platform is about seizing the digital retail momentum. It’s about facilitating smooth online shopping experiences. It’s about adapting to contemporary consumer behaviors. The potential for meaningful returns is clear. This endeavor is a prudent move towards securing a slice of the burgeoning online retail segment.

Seize this digital shift with a skilled eCommerce app development company

Factors Influencing the Cost of Building an eCommerce App Like 6th Street

Creating a digital shopping platform requires meticulous planning and investment. Assessing the cost to develop an eCommerce app like 6th Street is a multifaceted approach, considering various technical and operational elements. Below are key factors that significantly impact the cost.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Building an eCommerce App Like 6th Street

Platform Choice

Platform choice is fundamental in determining the cost to develop an eCommerce app like 6th Street. Opting between iOS, Android, or Cross-Platform affects the development prerequisites and costs significantly. Each platform has unique coding environments; iOS employs Swift or Objective-C, while Android uses Java or Kotlin, influencing the 6th Street eCommerce app development cost.

Cross-platform solutions like React Native or Flutter allow a single codebase for both platforms, potentially reducing development time and costs. However, they may present limitations in performance and platform-specific features.

Additionally, long-term maintenance costs, driven by platform-specific updates, also impact the overall 6th Street app development cost. Making a well-informed platform choice is crucial for aligning with budget and project goals.

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Number and Complexity of eCommerce-Specific Features

Essential features such as a Shopping Cart and Payment Gateway form the backbone of an eCommerce app. The intricacy of these elements directly impacts the cost to develop an eCommerce app like 6th Street. For instance, a basic shopping cart may require less development time compared to one with advanced features like save for later, wish lists, or real-time inventory checks. Similarly, integrating a simple payment gateway differs from a more complex one that supports multiple payment methods and currencies.

The 6th Street-like eCommerce app development cost can rise with the addition of advanced features or integrations as they demand more development hours and expertise. Moreover, integrating third-party services or APIs for additional functionalities like real-time tracking, customer reviews, or secure payment processing can further escalate the 6th Street eCommerce app development cost.

Each added feature or integration not only requires additional development work but also extra testing to ensure seamless functionality, which, in turn, influences the overall cost.

Backend Infrastructure for Handling eCommerce Operations

A solid backend infrastructure is pivotal for efficient order and inventory management in an eCommerce application. The backbone of seamless eCommerce operations, the backend infrastructure, significantly impacts the cost to develop an eCommerce app like 6th Street. It’s responsible for real-time inventory updates, order processing, and handling customer data securely.

A well-architected backend is capable of managing high traffic volumes, ensuring smooth transactions even during peak shopping times. This is imperative for delivering a positive user experience, which in turn can foster customer loyalty and boost sales.

Investing in a robust backend infrastructure may elevate the initial cost of developing an eCommerce app like 6th Street, but it’s a crucial investment. A robust backend infrastructure also facilitates the integration of various essential eCommerce features, such as payment gateways, shopping carts, and customer accounts. Moreover, it supports the effective management of product catalogs, order tracking, and customer service operations.

User Interface and UX Design Tailored for eCommerce Interactions

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are critical for ensuring user satisfaction in an eCommerce app. A design that is intuitive and engaging makes eCommerce interactions effortless and enjoyable for users. The UI should be clean, with easy navigation, while the UX should ensure a smooth journey from browsing to checkout.

The design phase often requires substantial investment, both in time and resources, significantly affecting 6th Street-like eCommerce app development costs. A well-designed UI/UX not only enhances user satisfaction but also potentially increases sales and customer retention, making it a crucial factor in eCommerce app development.

Geographic Location of the Specialized eCommerce Development Team

The geographic location of the development team significantly influences the overall cost. Development teams in different regions have varying hourly rates due to differences in living costs and market rates. For example, developers in North America may have higher hourly rates compared to those in Eastern Europe or Asia.

This variation in hourly rates across different regions can lead to a substantial difference in the 6th Street app development cost. It’s possible to manage the development cost by opting for a team from a region with lower hourly rates, but it’s also important to consider the expertise and experience of the team, as these factors will affect the quality of the final product.

LocationHourly Rates of Development (Approx)
North America$150-$250
Saudi Arabia$80-$100
Asia (eg., India)$30-$60

Each of these factors requires careful consideration to ensure that the eCommerce app not only aligns with the budget but also meets the desired quality standards. A more detailed feature set, a higher level of customization, or a highly experienced development team will invariably increase the cost to develop an eCommerce app like 6th Street. Conversely, a simplified feature set or opting for a less expensive development region may lower the 6th Street eCommerce app development cost.

The 6th Street app development cost can also be influenced by the choice of technology stack, the scale of the app, and the long-term maintenance and support required post-launch. It’s imperative to have a comprehensive understanding of these cost factors to make informed decisions that align with the business goals and budget.

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Must-Have Features for an eCommerce Platform Like 6th Street

Creating a compelling online shopping platform entails more than just a sleek design. When aiming to build an eCommerce app like 6th Street, the functionality driven by features is crucial. Here are the top features to include in your eCommerce platform like 6th Street.

Must-Have Features for an eCommerce Platform Like 6th Street

User Registration and Profile Management

A simple yet secure registration process is the first interaction a user has with your app. Efficient profile management allows users to update their information, check order history, and manage preferences, which, in turn, contributes to a personalized shopping experience.

Home Screen with Featured Products and Deals

Home Screen with Featured Products and Deals

The home screen is your virtual storefront and one of the most important 6th Street app features. Displaying featured products and deals here not only entices users but also provides them with a sense of what the platform offers. It’s a way to highlight seasonal offers, top brands, or trending products.

Product Search and Filters

A robust search engine with filters is fundamental to helping users navigate through a vast product range. To create an eCommerce shopping app like 6th Street, providing filters like price range, brand, size, or color makes the search process user-friendly and efficient.

Order Tracking and History

Home Screen with Featured Products and Deals

Transparency is key in eCommerce operations. Providing real-time order tracking and an easily accessible order history instills trust and keeps the user informed about their purchases.

Wishlist or Favorites Feature

This feature allows users to save items they are interested in but not ready to purchase yet. It’s a way to personalize the user’s shopping experience, and it also provides valuable insights into user preferences.

Push Notifications for Promotions and Updates

Push notifications are a direct channel to engage users. Informing them about promotions, updates or restocked items they are interested in can enhance user engagement and drive sales.

Customer Support via Chat or FAQ

Customer Support via Chat or FAQ

Accessible customer support via chat or a well-organized FAQ section can solve user queries promptly. It’s essential for building a positive brand image and ensuring user satisfaction.

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These features are foundational in order to create an eCommerce shopping app like 6th Street that resonates with users and operates smoothly. By investing in these features, you are investing in a user-centric and efficient platform. Now, let’s head on to some of the advanced features you can consider incorporating in your eCommerce platform.

Social Media Integration for Easy Sharing

Incorporating social media sharing capabilities is vital for modern eCommerce platforms. This feature promotes easy sharing of products on social networks, enhancing brand visibility. When you build an eCommerce app like 6th Street, ensuring seamless social media integration can enhance user engagement and foster organic marketing.

User-generated Content Section

A section for user-generated content, like a Style Gallery, can create a community feel. It allows users to share their style, engage with others, and discover new trends. This aspect of the 6th Street app features can significantly enrich the user experience.

In-app Analytics for User Behavior Tracking

Understanding user behavior is crucial for eCommerce success. In-app analytics track user interactions, providing valuable insights into user preferences and shopping behavior. This data is essential for making informed decisions, potentially impacting the 6th Street eCommerce online shopping app development cost but with a positive ROI through better targeting.

Multi-language Support

Multi-language support broadens the app’s reach to non-English speaking audiences. It’s a significant feature to consider in the quest to build an eCommerce app like 6th Street, which caters to a global audience, enhancing user satisfaction and market reach.

Geo-location Based Offers

Geo-location features enable personalized offers based on the user’s location. It’s an excellent way to localize promotions and offers, making the shopping experience more personalized.

Personalized Recommendations

Offering personalized recommendations based on past browsing and purchasing behavior enhances the shopping experience. This is one of the 6th Street app features that can lead to better customer engagement and increased sales.

Augmented Reality Try-Ons

Augmented reality (AR) try-ons provide a virtual fitting room experience. This is one of the top features to include in your eCommerce app. Users can try clothing or accessories virtually before making a purchase decision. While this feature may increase the 6th Street eCommerce online shopping app development cost, it can significantly enhance user engagement and satisfaction, making the investment worthwhile.

Each of these features contributes to creating a rich, user-friendly eCommerce platform. They are crucial for competing in the modern eCommerce landscape, offering a blend of engagement, personalization, and analytical insights.

Get app similar to 6th Street

The Process of Developing an App Like 6th Street

The pathway to making an eCommerce app like 6th Street is a structured journey encompassing several key steps. The meticulous attention to each phase in the 6th Street app development process is crucial for achieving a robust eCommerce platform. Here is the detailed process of developing an app like 6th Street.

The Process of Developing an App Like 6th Street

Market Research and Defining Objectives

Initiating the process with comprehensive market research is crucial. It helps you understand the pain points of eCommerce customers. Understanding the target audience, market trends, and competitor strategies forms the basis of a sound development plan. Defining clear objectives for the app, identifying the unique selling propositions (USPs), and setting measurable goals are the cornerstone steps in crafting an app like 6th Street.

This phase should also include a thorough analysis of the potential challenges and the solutions to overcome them, establishing a solid foundation for the development journey ahead.

Assembling the Development Team and Choosing the Platform

The subsequent step is to assemble a proficient development team with diverse skills. The choice of platform – iOS, Android, or Cross-Platform, based on the target audience’s preferences is essential. This phase should involve a careful selection of skilled designers, developers, project managers, and other relevant personnel to ensure a smooth and efficient 6th Street app development process. The team’s expertise will significantly influence the quality and effectiveness of the final product.

Designing UI/UX and Writing the Code

Designing an intuitive UI/UX is central to user satisfaction and engagement. Moreover, writing codes for the app backend and frontend to implement key eCommerce features and functionalities  like a shopping cart, payment gateway, and product search is vital to make an eCommerce app like 6th Street functional and user-friendly.

This phase requires a blend of aesthetic appeal, technical precision, and user-centric design to ensure the app’s usability and appeal, embodying the core essence of an engaging app similar to 6th Street.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Rigorous Quality Assurance and Testing are crucial to ensure that the app is bug-free and operates smoothly across all devices. This step identifies any glitches, bugs, or issues that might hinder the user experience in the app, similar to 6th Street. It’s a critical phase to ensure the app’s reliability and performance, setting a standard of excellence.

Deployment to App Stores and Post-launch Monitoring

Deployment to app stores is a significant milestone, followed by post-launch monitoring to observe the app’s performance and user engagement and to gather feedback for future improvements. Continuous monitoring and updates are vital to keep the app relevant and efficient, marking an ongoing commitment to the 6th Street app development process.

This structured approach not only ensures the creation of a robust and user-friendly app but also provides a foundation for its success in the competitive eCommerce landscape, steering towards a potentially successful digital retail venture.

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How Appinventiv Helped 6th Street to Redefine the Online Shopping Experiences

6th street app screens

6th Street entrusted us with the project to ameliorate their app’s performance. At Appinventiv, we delved into meticulous analysis and a well-rounded revamp process. Through competition analysis, user journey mapping, and cross-platform development, we significantly enhanced the app’s user experience.

Our dedicated efforts reduced the app start time, integrated seamless payment gateways, and introduced push notifications, leading to a remarkable achievement of over 4 MILLION DOWNLOADS across iOS and Android platforms. Our approach not only resolved the existing issues but propelled 6th Street’s digital retail presence to new heights.

Partner with Appinventiv for Unmatched eCommerce Platform Development

We are a leading eCommerce app development company that excels in crafting exceptional platforms tailored to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. If you’re aiming to create an app similar to 6th Street, you’re in the right place. Our adept team excels in custom eCommerce app development, ensuring your app is equipped with cutting-edge features and functionalities tailored to your specific market needs.

Our eCommerce app development services are comprehensive and designed to cover every aspect of eCommerce app creation, ensuring a seamless process from conceptualization to deployment. With a profound understanding of the digital retail landscape, our custom eCommerce app development approach ensures your platform is robust and user-centric.

Entrust your project to us, and experience the Appinventiv difference.


Q. How much does the 6th Street app cost?

A. The cost to develop an eCommerce app like 6th Street can range between $30,000 and $300,000. This broad range is due to various factors, such as the complexity of features, the technology stack used, and the geographic location of the development team. It’s advisable to consult with a reliable development firm like Appinventiv to get a precise cost estimate tailored to your specific needs.

Q. How long does it take to develop an app like 6th Street?

A. The development timeline for an app like 6th Street depends on the complexity of the app, the features included, and the expertise of the development team. It could range from a few months to over a year for a fully-featured, robust eCommerce app.

Q. What kind of market research is necessary before developing an eCommerce app like 6th Street?

A. Conducting market research involves understanding your target audience, analyzing competitor apps, identifying market trends, and recognizing the essential features that meet user expectations. It’s crucial for aligning your app development with market demands.

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