How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like KFC?

Prateek Saxena December 5, 2023
Cost to develop an app like Kfc

The restaurant industry is evolving by leaps and bounds, catering to the diverse needs of its customers. As per a report, the fast food market is growing—it jumped from $610.66 billion in 2022 to $652.73 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach $772.17 billion by 2027.

A robust app can be a key part of tapping into this growth trend, boosting customer interaction and sales. One notable example of this evolution is the emergence of food delivery apps like KFC that allow customers to place orders, pay for their meals, and enjoy various other features at just a few taps of their smartphones.

KFC, the global fast-food giant, empowers its users to access their favorite fried chicken and many other finger-licking foods with just a few taps on the mobile application. This entices other food businesses to invest in building an app similar to KFC.

Developing a mobile app like KFC requires careful planning, a professional eCommerce app development company, and a significant investment. This raises the question: How much does it cost to develop an app like KFC?

When considering the cost to develop an app like KFC, one needs to consider several factors, including the app’s complexity, features, UI/UX design, the expertise of developers, and so on. On average, KFC app development cost ranges between $30,000 to 300,000 or more.

Let’s discover the essential factors, features, and steps to building an app like KFC that contribute to KFC like app development costs.

Why Invest in a Fast-Food Ordering App Development Like KFC

Investing to build an app like KFC is a lucrative business move as the brand’s mobile strategy has notably boosted the company’s sales and expanded its market reach. The KFC app is specifically designed with user-friendly features like easy menu browsing, order customization, secure payment options, etc., which help reduce wait times and foster customer loyalty. Their app’s convenience increased conversions by a remarkable 28%.

Customers appreciate the efficiency and simplicity of online ordering. By deciding to build a KFC-like app, companies foster brand loyalty. Mobile apps also provide valuable consumer behavior insights. These insights are key for tailoring marketing efforts effectively. In the fast-paced food industry, this move aligns with modern consumers’ digital preferences.

Cost of building an app like KFC

Factors Affecting the Development Cost for a Fast-Food Ordering App

Here are the critical elements that shape the KFC-like app development cost. Understanding these factors provides a clear picture of the budget needed to develop a competitive fast-food ordering application.

KFC app development cost factors

Feature Complexity and App Functionality

KFC like app development cost heavily depends on the intricacies of features and functionalities desired. For instance, complex features such as live order tracking, AI-based suggestions, or augmented reality can drive up costs. On the other hand, simple, streamlined functionalities reduce the KFC-like app development cost but may not provide a competitive edge.

Personalization features, which offer users a tailored experience, often require advanced algorithms, adding to the development expense. Moreover, incorporating a robust feedback system to collect user reviews can escalate the price, yet it’s critical for continuous improvement and user satisfaction.

Choice of Platform (iOS, Android, or Cross-Platform)

Choosing the right platform impacts the KFC app development cost. Opting for a native iOS or Android app typically requires a larger investment due to the need for separate development processes for each platform.

Conversely, cross-platform solutions can lower the cost to develop an app like KFC as they allow for a single codebase to be used across multiple platforms. However, this might limit the use of native-only features, which can be crucial for engaging users. It’s important to maintain a balance between cost, functionality, and the potential return on investment when deciding on the platform.

Design Specifics and Branding Elements

Aesthetic appeal and brand alignment are pivotal, influencing the KFC-like app development cost. Designing a visually striking interface while ensuring it resonates with the brand requires skilled designers, which can be costly. A visually appealing user experience (UX) design dictates the app’s intuitiveness, affecting customer satisfaction and retention.

Similarly, a stellar user interface (UI) can differentiate an app in a crowded market. Thus potentially increasing the cost to develop an app like KFC. However, investing in high-quality design can lead to a more engaging and loyal user base. This can outweigh initial development expenses.

Integration with Existing Systems and Third-Party Services

Seamless integration with KFC’s current operational systems will influence the KFC like app development cost. Each integration point must be secure and function without hiccups to ensure a smooth user experience. While these integrations can be complex and elevate the upfront cost, they are critical for an app’s long-term efficiency.

Likewise, integrating third-party services such as payment gateways, map services for delivery, CRM systems for customer service, etc., can also elevate expenses.

Developers Expertise, Location, and Hourly Rates

The cost to develop an app like KFC largely hinges on the developers’ expertise. Experienced developers bring a wealth of knowledge but often come with higher price tags. This expertise can lead to more efficient problem-solving and a higher-quality product, which increases cost but will generate good ROI in the long run.

Additionally, the geographical location of your development team is a crucial consideration. For instance, developers in North America and Western Europe typically have higher hourly rates compared to those in Asia or Eastern Europe. The variation in regional costs will inevitably impact the KFC-like app development cost. Choosing the right balance between experience, location, and rate is crucial for managing your budget effectively.

When bringing a KFC-level app to market, it’s vital to consider these overarching components, which collectively contribute to KFC app development costs.

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Essential Features for a Successful Fast-Food Ordering App

Here are the indispensable functionalities that contribute to the efficacy of a fast-food ordering platform. When planning to build an app like KFC, these features are vital for success and customer satisfaction.

Features of a fast-food ordering app like KFC

User-Friendly Interface with Intuitive Navigation

A critical feature when you build an app like KFC is a user-friendly interface. It should guide customers smoothly when browsing the app to place an order. The navigation must be intuitive, allowing for easy location of items, leading to a hassle-free ordering process. Accessibility features, such as voice commands or large text options, which cater to all types of users, potentially increase your customer base. An app’s success hinges on how effortlessly a user can move through the ordering steps, making this aspect a top priority in development.

Augmented Reality Menu Viewing

Augmented reality is transforming the way consumers engage with food-ordering apps. When entrepreneurs set out to create an app like KFC, they’re not just providing a service; they’re delivering an experience. By utilizing AR, users can view how a Zinger Burger or a bucket of wings will look on their table, giving them a taste of the experience before the food arrives.

This feature can significantly boost consumer confidence in their order choices and provide an interactive element that’s both fun and useful. The addition of such advanced technology may increase the KFC food delivery app development cost. However, the investment will pay off by differentiating the app in a crowded market and attracting a tech-savvy audience.

AI-Driven Meal Suggestions Based on User Behavior

Tailored experiences are no longer a luxury; they are an expectation. An app similar to KFC that harnesses AI for meal suggestions can analyze user order history, noting that a customer frequently orders a grilled chicken salad around lunchtime. Next time they open the app, it could suggest a new salad promotion or a customized meal that fits their dietary habits. Similarly, if a user consistently browses the dessert section but never purchases, the AI could offer a special deal on desserts to entice them.

When businesses build an app like KFC, incorporating such intelligent algorithms adds value to the user experience by making it uniquely adaptive. This can lead to a more intuitive ordering process, potentially boosting user engagement and sales. Developing advanced AI capabilities demands a significant initial investment. Yet, the enduring advantages of enhanced customer loyalty and satisfaction may justify the initial outlay, positioning market leaders for success.

Secure and Diverse Payment Gateway Integration

Integrating a variety of secure payment options is an indispensable KFC app feature. Users should be able to pay through credit/debit cards, digital wallets, or even through loyalty points. Each gateway must uphold the highest security standards to protect user data and build trust. Providing multiple payment options can also help expand the customer base by catering to different preferences.

The security of these gateways is paramount, as they handle sensitive financial information. Ensuring robust security protocols can influence the development cost. However, it’s critical to ensure an app’s success and credibility in the competitive market.

Real-Time Order Tracking and Delivery Updates

An essential KFC app feature is real-time tracking. If you want to start your own food delivery business, this feature is an absolute necessity. By integrating this feature into an app similar to KFC, customers can monitor their order’s journey from preparation to delivery. For instance, they could receive notifications when their meal is being cooked. They could also be alerted when they leave the restaurant and are about to arrive.

This level of detail empowers users and improves their ordering experience. As businesses make an app like KFC, including GPS tracking can significantly reduce customer calls and queries regarding order status. Thus streamlining the process for both the business and the customers.

Real time order tracking and delivery updates

Loyalty Program Integration and Reward Management

Loyalty programs are a cornerstone for customer retention. Implementing one effectively is a strategic move when looking to make an app like KFC. For example, a points system allows the accumulation of points with each purchase. These points can be redeemed for free meals or discounts, increasing order frequency.

Personalized rewards can also be offered based on the user’s ordering history. Something like giving bonus points for ordering a favorite item. This not only personalizes the experience but also incentivizes continued use of the app. Thus creating a loyal customer base that feels valued and understood.

Push Notifications for Promotions and Order Status

Effective push notifications are like personal assistants for app users, providing updates on current deals and order progress. They’re a direct line to the consumer, offering tailored alerts about discounts or new menu items. Notifications can nudge users to take advantage of limited-time offers, enhancing the KFC app features suite.

Consider how a notification could inform a user that their favorite bucket is now on a special discount. Thus increasing immediate app engagement. This strategy is not just about customer service; it’s a smart marketing move, too. Thoughtfully executed, this feature can balance user convenience with strategic business goals.

Voice-Activated Ordering System

Voice ordering is akin to having a conversation with the app. Users can place their orders by simply speaking to their device. When you think about making an app like KFC, do include this feature in your app.

Imagine the ease with which a user could reorder their last meal, “Hey App, reorder my last meal,” and it’s done. This hands-free ordering method aligns with the growing trend of using voice assistants for daily tasks.

While the integration of such a system may add to the KFC food delivery app development cost, the investment could significantly boost user retention and appeal to a tech-savvy market. The capability to order a ‘Family Fill Up’ with just a voice command could be the deciding feature for the success of an app similar to KFC.

Feedback and Rating System

Incorporating a feedback and rating system for food quality and service is crucial to ensure the ongoing success and credibility of an app. Those looking to make an app like KFC should consider integrating a feedback system. It might raise the KFC food delivery app development cost, but it will notably boost user interaction and yield valuable consumer data. This enhancement is key for optimizing business strategies and fostering growth.

The feedback mechanism not only ensures consistent food quality and service but also empowers customers to share their dining experiences. Consistent, honest customer reviews guide new users and build trust in the platform. An effective rating system can also pinpoint improvement areas, enabling businesses to respond swiftly to customer needs. This two-way communication channel contributes to a stronger brand reputation and customer loyalty.

Feedback and rating system

Multi-Language Support

Providing multi-language support is essential in catering to global customers from different linguistic backgrounds, breaking down barriers to app accessibility.

For instance, users in Spain might prefer ordering their meals in Spanish, and in China, in Mandarin. This versatility can transform a regional app into a global one, enhancing its appeal and expanding its user base. Multi-language functionality demonstrates a brand’s commitment to diversity and accessibility, which can drive international growth and brand loyalty. Although it may add to the KFC app development cost, it is an investment in customer inclusivity.

As fast-food businesses aspire to create an app like KFC, integrating these essential features can help ensure a seamless user experience and the app’s success. They are the backbone of a thriving digital presence in the competitive food service industry.

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Feature rich food delivery app like KFC

Process of Building a Fast-Food Ordering App like KFC

Creating a fast-food ordering app akin to KFC involves much more than just replicating a successful formula. It’s about diving deep into the nuances of user behavior, technology trends, and culinary commerce. Let’s delve into the essential phases of the KFC app development process.

KFC app development process

Phase 1: Research and Planning

The journey begins with market research to understand customer preferences and to identify what makes the app unique. This phase is crucial for shaping the app’s value proposition, featuring a user-friendly interface, payment options, and tracking.

Phase 2: Design and Prototyping

Post-research, the KFC app development process transitions into design. This phase involves crafting detailed wireframes and interactive mockups, defining the app’s visual identity and user experience before any coding begins.

Phase 3: Technical Development

Choosing the right technical framework and coding the app takes place in this phase. Developers must decide on a tech stack that ensures the app is both high-performing and scalable.

Phase 4: Testing and Quality Assurance

Testing is integral to the KFC app development process. Quality assurance teams work to identify and fix bugs, ensuring the app provides a consistent and user-friendly experience across all devices.

Phase 5: Launch and Maintenance

Once you are done with all the other steps and sure about the smooth app performance, it is time to submit the application to the respective platform. Once deployed, make sure to continuously monitor your app performance to ensure it is up-to-date and free from any bugs or glitches.

These five phases encapsulate the essence of the KFC app development process. Each contributes to the eventual goal of launching a successful fast-food ordering app. From initial planning to final promotion, every step is essential for the app’s success in today’s competitive landscape.

Fast food ordering app

Deep Dive: Appinventiv’s Strategy for KFC’s App Innovation

At Appinventiv, we’ve redefined custom food delivery app development with our KFC project. This initiative was part of our collaboration with the Americana Group. It aimed to strengthen KFC’s digital footprint in the Middle East. Our strategy led to the successful launch of seven KFC applications, spanning across UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman.

Our food delivery app development services were tailored to meet KFC’s unique challenges and increase its customer base. As a result, the company observed a significant 22% surge in conversion rates and won user satisfaction by achieving an average rating of 4.5 across the app stores.

KFC's App Innovation

Through our innovative approach, KFC’s reliance on aggregator apps fell drastically, from 90% to less than 50%. This pivot was not only cost-effective for KFC but also improved customer engagement. The apps accounted for more than half of KFC’s total orders, leading to a 60% rise in repeat customer transactions.

We placed a high value on user experience, integrating multiple ordering options directly into the app. This move made ordering flexible and user-friendly for KFC patrons.

Our collaboration with this leading food delivery partner has been a testament to Appinventiv’s dedication to delivering high-impact digital solutions. We are committed to continuously enhancing our services, ensuring businesses gain a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

Americana Group’s KFC case study

Appinventiv: Your Trusted Partner for Fast-Food App Development Needs

When considering the development of a fast-food ordering app, partnering with Appinventiv can provide a significant edge. Being a leading restaurant app development company, we provide comprehensive food delivery app development services for the world’s leading brands, including KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and so on.

Partnering with Appinventiv for fast food app development

Our custom food delivery app development services are specifically designed to cater to your specific brand needs and increase customer retention. By working with us, you are not just building an app; you are crafting a unique digital experience that resonates with your customers.

Get in touch now and give wings to your food delivery business.


Q. How to build a food delivery app like KFC?

A. To create a food delivery app akin to KFC, begin by drafting a comprehensive plan that emphasizes user experience and efficient service. Integrate key features that align with your brand and focus on creating a seamless user ordering process.

For more detailed insight, please refer to the above blog.

Q. How much does the KFC app cost?

A. The expense to develop an app paralleling KFC’s functionality can range broadly from $30,000 to $300,000. There are various factors that influence this cost range, including the app’s complexity, feature set, design uniqueness, and the geographic location of developers.

Q. How long does it take to develop an app like KFC?

A. The development timeline for an app similar to KFC can stretch from a few months to over a year. It depends on the complexity, the number of platforms you want your app to support, and any specific custom features you wish to include. Consulting with a professional development team can provide a more precise timeline.

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