19 App Store Statistics 2018 that Proves Apple’s Uprising Growth Tre
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19 App Store Statistics 2018 that Proves Apple’s Uprising Growth Trend

Gurdeep Singh
By Gurdeep Singh| Thursday, July 19, 2018 11:51 AM |6 min read
App Store Statistics 2018 that Proves Apple’s Uprising Growth Trend

Sharing the direction in which the Apple App Store Statistics data is moving is the tech giant’s January tradition.

Every year, Apple shares statistics on its performance in terms of the revenue they are generating, how profitable the year had been for the iOS developer community, etc.

And like clockwork, this year too, Apple published a report on the platform’s performance, which when analyzed showed a picture of stable growth.

Now apart from those data, we have assembled a set of other Apple App Store Statistics as well that proves that the growth tangent that the platform is on, is enough to bring Apple’s yearly P&L statement up.

In this article, we will be looking at the Apple App Store Statistics 2018 that proves how far the brand has come when it comes to becoming a valuable part of the millions of iOS device users’ lives.

Let us look at the Apple App Store Statistics from the number of apps in the App Store in 2018.

Also, have a look at to their state of downloads and the overall revenue that they are able to generate for the tech brand.

Here you go –

1. Number of apps on app store is 2.2 Million

What started in 2010 with only a handful of apps, the Apple App Store has come far in terms of a number of apps being launched in the store. As of July, there are over 2.2 Million apps that have been launched in the App Store.

Here is how the apps in the App Store is demarcated according to apps versus games and free apps vs paid apps –

Number of apps on app store is 2.2 Million

2. The present average number of app releases every day is close to 2540.

Average number of New Apps per day

Seeing the various business benefits that the App Store has to offer in terms of revenue, a number of brands – new and established are expanding their service to the Store for the million of Apple users – an event that has brought in an influx of demand for iPhone App Development Companies, globally.

Because of this trend the number of app releases made on an everyday basis has reached to 2540 valuation.

3. Average app price in the store is in the starting range of $1.02 and average price of gaming apps is $0.49.

In the paid apps department, on an average, the paid apps in a non-gaming range are kept at the starting price of $1.02 and the gaming apps are kept at the starting price of $0.49.

Average Price for Apps in U.S

4. Apple App Store Revenue 2018 was at $22.6 Billion

App Store Revenue in just H1 2018 is computed at $22.6 Billion, which is double the revenue that Android generated through Play Store.

Apple App Store Revenue 2018

5. Between January and June 2018, iOS app developers have earned over $100 billion from the App Store.

The profit spree that Apple is on has rippled down to the platform’s app developers as well. Just half year in 2018, iOS app developers have earned more than $100 Billion from the Apple App Store as a revenue on the app that they have launched on the store and which have been accepted extremely well by the users.

While this is for 2018, the iOS app developers were paid over $26.5 billion in 2017.

The brand has paid developers over $86 billion since 2008. If that’s 30% of Apple’s take – an estimation, given new payout rates for subscriptions – the App Store grossed about $88 billion in sales.

6. The amount Apple paid the iOS app developers was more than 30% of last year.

The amount of revenue that iOS app developers have been able to generate in terms of revenue in 2018 is over 30% more than what they earned in 2017. A data that is hinting at growing purchasing ability from the end users’ front.

7.App Store download rate in H1 2018 is 10.6% greater than 2017’s download count

While App Store continues to fall behind Play Store when it comes to the download count, within the platform itself, the number of downloads between 2017 and 2018 has shown a rise of 10.6%.

8.There has been an increase in the app downloads by 75 percent since launching of Apple Watch.

App Store has been witnessing a growing trend in demand for apps to be used through Apple Watches. This data is a sign of how the users are expanding beyond their smartphones for being active on their favorite apps.

9.Top App Store Categories

Here are the app categories that are topping the App Store in 2018 –

App Categories that are topping the App Store in 2018

10.Close to 28,000 iOS apps on App Store offer Subscriptions

Subscription based apps are finding themselves in the middle of an uprising demand from the millions of app users on the Apple Store. The trend that was started by Netflix is what has led to a number of other businesses entering into the segment with their subscription-based apps. And the demand for these apps are so much so that they are playing a very huge role in the revenue chart of the App Store.

Wish to join the growth tangent that the app category is on? Know how much Netflix like subscription app development would cost.

11.Top Apps

Here are the top apps in the Apple App Store in 2018 –

Highest Rated Non Game Apps


12.2018 started with $300 million in-app purchase happening on 1st January itself

The effect of iOS 11 app store redesign is proving to be long-term with the store witnessing over $300 Million purchases in the month of January itself – a number that was followed after the last week of December collected $890 million in purchases.

13.Out of all the apps in the App Store, there are 316,424 that have a rating and over 1 Lakh that haven’t received a single rating from the users.

While the Internet is filled with articles on how to increase the star rating of your app, the store has a different story to tell. Not every app on the store has a rating and yet they are all operating side by side with the apps that have the ratings.

Apple's App Rating Histogram

14.Over 500,000,000 people visit the App Store every week.

In terms of visitors of the App Store, the weekly count is presently standing at 50,000,000.

15.Over 2,000 apps are using ARKit – Apple’s augmented reality software.

While Apple is competing neck to neck with Android in the AR department, the number of apps on the App Store made using ARKit is a lot more than apps made for Android Play Store using ARCore.

In March 2018, ARKit apps saw over 13 Million installs from the App Store.

16.App Store Browsing Has Grown to Drive 15% of Downloads Since iOS 11’s Launch

Yet another doing of App Store redesign after iOS 11 is the rise in app download that can be traced back to the browsing of App Store.
App Store Installs by Source

17.Since its redesign, App Store is seeing 500 million weekly visitors

Apple redesigned its App Store last September around the time of iOS 11 Launch and ever since the event, the visibility count of apps have grown by manifold.

18.iOS 11 App Store has Increased the Downloads of Feature Apps to more than 800%

Along with increasing the app purchase count and bringing an increase in the number of weekly active users, iOS 11 App Store redesign has also brought in an increase in the Feature App downloads.

19.Apps that are getting featured are not restricted to the big names.

Proving itself to be an app that fosters equality and gives equal opportunity for brands to showcase their quality, the featured apps section of Apple is made up of not just small time apps but also of big shots.

Proportion of Featured Publishers in the United States

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