10 Truly Fascinating TikTok Statistics 2024

Prateek Saxena April 12, 2024
Tiktok statistics

We netizens have truly embraced the digital shift. These days, we associate ourselves with words like ‘digital’ and ‘smart’ more than ever. 

With ease of access almost everywhere, we can’t really ignore the world that predominantly exists in our phones. With a myriad of apps at our disposal, the way we go about our day to day lives is mostly with a tap or swipe.

And in today’s day and age, the influence of social media can’t possibly be ignored. There are a multitude of social media platforms. But some garner so much hype, they grow so massively and go viral that sometimes we can’t really comprehend, why? 

Yes, we are talking about TikTok. For GenZ, TikTok has been a subculture. If you are someone from GenZ, you either love TikTok to the point that you are going ‘cray-cray’ or you feel it’s a whole new world of cringe. There’s absolutely no in-between.

Regardless of whether you find TikTok funny or cringey, this social media app already has 4.7 billion downloads (for both iOS and Android) and is really addictive. Going down a rabbit hole of endless lip-sync videos and viral challenges is so easy. Yes, we all have been there!.

But, if you are somehow unaware of TikTok’s skyrocketing popularity, you should definitely take notes about this upstart social network. This social video sharing app has easy-to-consume content that billions of people watch everyday, and is every startup’s dream to develop. This might also help you understand what makes a social media app successful.

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What is TikTok?

TikTok is one of the world’s fastest growing social media platforms. The app allows users to create lip-sync videos, re-enact their favorite scenes from movies with filters, music and an array of features. 

TikTok hit the market in September 2017.  

Initially launched as Douyin in China in September 2016, the app is owned by Beijing-based tech-company Byte Dance. TikTok uses the same software as Douyin and was released a year later. 

While TikTok has a multitude of videos, the most common ones on the platform are lip-syncing videos. If you are wondering if TikTok is the first lip-syncing app, it is not. 

Much before TikTok, came Musical.ly. Musical.ly was launched by Chinese entrepreneurs Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang in 2014. 

In late 2017, TikTok’s parent company Byte Dance acquired Musical.ly for around $1 billion. TikTok is essentially the second iteration of Musical.ly. In August 2018, all accounts on Musical.ly were migrated to TikTok, which marked the beginning of TikTok’s success story.  

TikTok and Doyuin use the same software but they maintain separate networks in order to comply with the Chinese censorship restrictions. TikTok is available on the App Store and Google Play store and has racked up millions of downloads globally.

Here, we have carefully curated some top TikTok statistics for 2024 that you simply shouldn’t ignore.

Top TikTok statistics 2024

To effectively use TikTok for your business, you might want to consider looking at recent TikTok statistics that tell you what type of users exist on the platform. On top of that, you will understand how today’s audience interacts with the video-based applications and how you can make your social media app successful. 

1. Over 1 billion active users worldwide

Over 1 billion active users worldwide

Launched in September 2016, TikTok has garnered a huge audience globally in mere six years. The multi-faceted, immersive app that is available on both Android and iOS has ruled out its dominance among billions of TikTok user count worldwide. 

As per the latest TikTok statistics, almost every other video goes viral beyond the app, racking up billions of views on Twitter and Instagram. It’s safe to say that TikTok’s popularity has skyrocketed and reached heights.

As per the report, the app had over 1.5 billion active users worldwide at the end of 2023 and is poised to surpass  1.8 billion by the end of 2024. TikTok has been welcomed enthusiastically, especially by Asian countries such as Cambodia, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Currently Ireland is one of the top countries with the fastest growing Tik-Tok market.

Today, TikTok is one of the most used social media platforms in the world sitting above its rivals Snapchat, however, trailing behind Instagram, Whatsapp, YouTube and Facebook.  When you compare the journeys, it took Instagram almost six years to gain the same amount of monthly active users that TikTok garnered in its first three years. Whereas, for Facebook to gain the same amount of monthly active users, it took over four years.

A majority of the growth of TikTok can be attributed to the merger between ByteDance and Musical.ly. This move by the parent company gave TikTok easy access to the US teenage user demographic that Musical.ly had previously captured. 

It is interesting to note that in China alone there are over 750 million daily active users, which use the Chinese version of the app Doyuin.

2. Downloaded over a whopping 4 billion times

The download statistics for TikTok are highly impressive. TikTok is by far one of the most downloaded apps in the world in recent years. The total number of TikTok app downloads crossed more than 1.5 billion and 1 billion on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Given its relatively recent release in 2016, TikTok made its way into the list of the ten most-downloaded apps for the past decade, ranking seventh, much ahead of even YouTube and Twitter. It is also the first non-facebook app to reach this height.

TikTok quarterly downloads 2017 to 2023 (mm)

3.  Monthly active users in the United States

Over the past few years, the number of US adults using TikTok has been on the rise fairly consistently.

If you take into account the TikTok monthly active users statistics in the US, it hit the staggering mark of 102 million in the US alone. Due to the staggering growth that followed, it is estimated that the current number of monthly active TikTok users in the US might cross 121 million by the end of 2027.

Monthly active users in the United States

4. US adults with a favorable opinion of the app

The US audience has mixed opinions about TikTok as shown in the image above making it the most controversial app in the state. This is probably due to the unwanted content that has been promoted several times on the platform. In response to this, TikTok has updated its community guidelines in Feb 2022 promoting social security. They have pledged to remove unwanted content against religion, ideologies, violence and eating disorders.

US adults with a favorable opinion of the app

5.  Most downloaded app on the App Store

Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has been the world’s most downloaded non-game application in the Apple app store, reaching 45.8 million downloads in the first quarter of 2018. The app has reached 4.1 billion downloads to date. As of the first 9 months of 2023, the app was downloaded 769.9 million times.

The app leaves Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram and five other social media platforms behind making a remarkable win globally.

Experts also project that popular TV show hosts such as Jimmy Fallon and others, keep on creating TikTok challenges on their late-night Talk shows that acts as a factor for views and results in a huge spike in TikTok app downloads.

This implies that TikTok is not only maintaining its strong current user analytics, but it is also constantly evolving to attract new users.

6. 47.4% of TikTok users are under 30 years of age

TikTok has created a lot of hype among the teens of the world. If we see the TikTok age demographics, the majority of active TikTok users by country (US) are aged 10 to 19. You can passively browse TikTok – scroll and watch other users’ content without even contributing.

The creators of TikTok have targeted the younger generation since the very start. By knowing well the habits and preferences of their TikTok target audience, they created an app that gives their audience exactly what they are looking for.

TikTok Users By Age

7. Average time spent on TikTok daily 

TikTok users by country, age and other demographics absolutely love the application. As per a report, an average TikTok user spends 95 minutes on the platform daily and watches 167 million TikTok videos every minute. To sum up, TikTok users spend around 6.06 hours on the app weekly and 26 hours monthly.

All of this can be a big deal for advertisers. That’s because the more time people spend on apps, the greater their chance of seeing advertisements. Infact, the majority of TikTok’s income comes from advertising. 

Advertising on TikTok can send users to your website, an app page in the App store, or promote your ‘hashtag challenge’ on the application. 

ByteDance also stated that the US users open the app multiple times a day and TikTok global internet penetration stands at 18% which is incredibly high. 

8. TikTok has highest marketing capabilities

The in-app shopping feature of TikTok is called “Hashtag Challenge Plus” and it allows users to browse products associated with a sponsored hashtag without leaving the platform.TikTok firmly stands among the most valuable media entertainment brands worldwide.

Being a leading social media platform used by marketers, over 42% of US marketers have increased their usage of TikTok to run marketing campaigns. Similarly, it is expected that over 54% of marketers will leverage TikTok influencers to promote their products and services, and 66.4% of influencer marketers will use TikTok by 2025.

Influencer endorsement is another social media marketing strategy to reach GenZ audience. Even small scaled businesses and enterprises partner with micro influencers to reach their niche audience. 

TikTok marketing helps to spread awareness of the product, simultaneously reminding Gen Z’s of the online presence of the brand. Several integrated features of TikTok are rolled out for marketing and promotion. These features also enhance the in-app experience for users

With TikTok’s e-commerce capabilities, you can garner a lot more exposure and hype around your brand tagline and products. 

Users buy filters and effects to make their content more interesting. With the launch of Effect House, the users will now also be able to create their own AR filters. Despite not being the largest market in terms of the number of users, the US accounts for the majority of purchases related to in-app and advertisements. 

9.  TikTok’s revenue skyrocketed over 300%

Back in 2018, TikTok made $3.5 million on in-app purchases from users. In 2023, TikTok’s revenue reached an impressive $14.3 billion, a 52% increase year-on-year. TikTok revenue and usage statistics are nothing short of impressive.

While the majority of TikTok’s revenue comes from ads, according to the latest TikTok stats, the contribution of user in-app purchases to revenue is impressive. 

Users buy filters and effects to make their content more interesting. Despite not being the largest market in terms of the number of users, the U.S. accounts for the majority of purchases related to in-app and advertisements.

TikTok quarterly revenues 2017 to 2023

10.  More than 1billion videos viewed everyday 

TikTok already hit the milestone of 1 million views per day within a year of its launch. TikTok has exploded in popularity and has wide users by country. It has truly brought a revolution in the entertainment world. 

As of now, the total number of videos viewed on TikTok daily has reached 1 billion.

Building an app like TikTok 

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Wrapping Up! 

Part of the reason why TikTok managed to create such a hype is because it’s more of an entertainment platform than just being another social media application. The creators of the app were extremely clear about their target audience from the very start. They built an attractive platform that provides each user the chance to be a content creator. The simplicity of using the app and its wider reach makes it appealing to a number of content creators around the world.

Rounding off TikTok statistics 2022, we conclude that the application not only presents a great business opportunity, but it is also an ideal platform for marketers to target markets in more than 155 different countries.

Prateek Saxena
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