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With our experienced and skilled professionals, we deliver a wide range of apps with exquisite features in healthcare division.

Our developed medical applications guarantee 100% client satisfaction along with a comprehensive solution to the medical world. We understand the need and requirements of medical sector in a very detailed way and con.vert it into an IT solution with the help of our dedicated app developers.

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We Don’t Just Understand mHealth, We Have The Skill And Experience to Implement It.

Those in the healthcare industry are a process-oriented bunch. Doctors have a care process. Hospitals have specialized processes. Clinical labs and pharmacies too have specific processes they work with. For an outsider, with just the technical know-how, all this may seem ridiculously complicated, making the barrier to entry high. Now if you are talking about Healthcare Apps, the situation goes from complicated to downright impossible. For everyone but us, that is.

  • We know that Healthcare Apps require compliance.
  • We know that Healthcare Apps should solve a problem, like wait-time in front of the doctor’s door or re-filling a prescription.
  • We know that Healthcare Apps require connections with one or several external devices, like heart-rate monitors and glucometers, even digital cameras.
  • And finally, that everything you do through the app should be 100% secure and confidential.

We are outspoken advocates for Healthcare Apps that are poised to disrupt the industry. And with good reason! Healthcare Apps make life easy for everyone involved and have the potential to save lives too. And if you factor in how intimately they are connected with people’s state of wellbeing, you know we are on the right side of that argument. With several large-scale and superbly executed projects behind us, and a shining portfolio of reputed clients, you can be rest assured we know what we are talking about!

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Mobile Healthcare Solution
Globally Healthcare Mobile App Market
So What is Different About Mobile Healthcare?

Mobile Healthcare is among the fastest growing categories in the app market today. With 260,000 mHealth apps already in the Apple iTunes and Google Play Store. It is anticipated to reach a staggering $58.8 billion mark by 2020. And we think it is virtually under-served!

Globally, more and more people are using mHealth Apps. The technology too has changed, supporting state-of-the-art features and complex interfaces. Cloud is a huge enabler. Tons of data can now be safely and securely stored onto massive data-warehouses hosted on the cloud, for a fraction of the cost.

mHealth has the patient buy-in. And the doctors are joining in. In the last two years alone, the category has seen an unprecedented rate of adoption, with Doctors, caregivers and other healthcare professionals giving it their valuable nod of approval.

The Doctors Are On-Board!
Doctors are seldom sold on buzz.
  • 93%Physicians believe that mHealth apps can improve health outcomes.
  • 36%Physicians believe that app-enabled patient portals are effective tools in patient engagement.
  • 40%Physicians believe mHealth technologies can reduce the number of visits to doctors’ offices.
  • 93%Physicians find value in having mHealth apps connected to Emergency Health.

What doctors and healthcare professionals are actually looking for is performance. An app that performs functions with integrity, the way they do.

They are looking for convenience. So, the app should not change the way doctors deliver patient care, rather it should support it.

They are also looking for insight. Record keeping. Documentation. Clinical tools. Elements that will let them keep in touch with patients as they recover. And post-recovery.

On an average, 80% of physicians use smartphones and medical apps. This is great because mHealth apps that enable patients to self-assess disease and health symptoms can help in early intervention and initiation of the care process.

Source: getreferralmd
User Information
Healthcare apps are empowering users!

Users use their smartphones and devices to gather health-related information. This includes information about a specific medical problem or procedure, symptom, diet, nutrition, fitness and more. Popular health topics include:

  • Prescription or over-the-counter drugs
    Prescription or over-the-counter drugs
  • Alternative Treatments
    Alternative Treatments
  • Health Insurance Information
    Health Insurance Information
  • Depression, Anxiety or Stress
    Depression, Anxiety or Stress
  • A particular doctor, specialist or hospital
    A particular doctor, specialist or hospital

Healthcare apps are influencing behaviour. For example, the users now store and retrieve confidential data on and from their healthcare apps. They can share this data with their doctors with a click of a button. They use e-prescriptions to top up their medicine supply. They order lab tests, pay bills and book appointments. Flexibly and in real-time!

mHealth apps are the mediating link between the busy doctors, and the suffering patients and their caregivers. They are filling the gap by being available, accurate and prompt. Relieving doctors of several preliminary duties and empowering patients.

Data Security & Privacy Assured
Very few vendors can promise security
  • Data Encryption
    Data Encryption
  • Security Protocols
    Security Protocols
  • Cloud Storage
    Cloud Storage

Data security and privacy are not just about the data that is in the system, it is about how it is accessed, by whom it is accessed and how it is distributed.

Encrypted data is hard to steal. So, we encrypt all data.

Personal data vaults segregate personal data from other data. And when this data is being accessed or transmitted we ensure that standard security protocols protect this data.

We confirm sensitive data is not located on the device. This reduces data breach incidents. We safeguard data so that it is accessed by authenticated and authorized persons only. And your users stay in total control of their data. In short, we take all measures to ensure that your data stays private, confidential and cent percent secure! That’s our guarantee.

Does Your App Need HIPAA Compliance?
Compliance that is synonymous with privacy and security of medical data.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a set of guidelines meant to protect the patient’s medical data. Certain medical apps fall under the purview of HIPAA regulations. Apps that record your vitals and store them or those that provide reference material for diseases and symptoms may not require HIPAA compliance. Although there is no grey area, and it is extremely easy to determine whether an app does or does not require HIPAA compliance, we suggest that you seek counsel and discuss your requirements thoroughly.

When you need HIPAA Compliance?
  • If your app transfers or accesses patient’s Private Health Information (PHI) between devices, or between a device and an external server.
  • If your app grants third-party access to PHI for any reason.
  • If app PHI is utilized by businesses for legal or insurance purpose.
Why you need HIPAA Compliance?
  • It may be mandatory for your app to follow the HIPAA guidelines.
  • There may be legal consequences of not having HIPAA compliance, especially for mHealth Apps distributed within the US.
  • HIPAA compliance enhances trust for your app.
  • You bear the responsibility to safeguard user data.
And What About FDA Approval?
FDA seal of approval for safety and effectiveness of medical apps.
Healthcare requires FDA approval

Above and beyond the HIPAA compliance, it is crucial to understand whether your app may also require FDA approval. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may regulate some moderate-risk (Class II) and high-risk (Class III) mHealth Apps.

If your app does one of the following then it requires FDA approval:

  • Your app is intended to be used as an accessory to a regulated medical device.
  • You intend to transform a mobile platform into a regulated medical device.

An easy way to determine whether your app would or would not require an FDA approval is by understanding the risks associated with your app to patient health.

Again, we urge you to seek counsel and discuss your requirements thoroughly.

The Healthcare App Revenue Stream
Pathways to ROI and more!

There are a wide variety and categories of mHealth Apps that are available in the market. And there are some great ways in which to earn a return on investment for your app by selecting a niche with low competition and high returns. Let us take a closer look.

There are three main categories of mHealth Apps:

  • Medical Apps
    For disease and treatment management.
  • Wellness App
    For wellness, fitness and general health.
  • Other Apps
    For a category of apps that fall in neither of the previous two categories.
Apprevenue Process
  • Health Reminders & Insurance
  • Medication Reminders & Info
  • Womens Health & Pregnancy
  • Disease Specific
  • Fitness
  • Lifestyle & Stress
  • Diet & Nutrition
Remote Healthcare Service

By adding a revenue stream advantage to your app, you may look to make a strong statement. The mHealth App marketplace is highly competitive, and bolder moves could mean a competitive advantage for your brand.

Remote Healthcare Service
Provide remote consultation, monitoring and care services for a fee.

mHealth Connectivity Device
Provide devices that plugin with the app to measure vitals, signs or to diagnose specific symptoms at a price.

mHealth E-commerce Services
Generate revenue through sales of healthcare-based products, such as drugs, first-aid kits, ointments, supplements and medical devices etc.

App Store Downloads
Paid app downloads and/or in-app purchases.

In-App Advertisement
Generate revenue as well as interest through in-app advertisement.

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Why We Are The Right mHealth App Developer For You?
Trusted development model. Expert developers. And ingenuity.

There is nothing casual about developing an app that will help people. Especially, an app that will mean improved health and wellness for everyone.

A great many apps falter with compliance and approval issues. Get rejected or risk being penalized.

A large number are not optimized for revenue generation. So, you never make an ROI.

And countless others are simply not user-friendly.

Our app developers design apps fit for Healthcare. Working out total and complete solutions that transform your vision into reality.

Our frameworks are robust. We don’t miss a thing.

And we are stoked at the prospect of developing for you. So, contact us to get a consultation or a free quote today!

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