Don’t Ignore These Important Considerations when Choosing Web Ap
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Don’t Ignore These Important Considerations when Choosing Web Applications

Shivam Srivastav
By Shivam Srivastav| Friday, August 26, 2016 13:03 PM |6 min read
Web Applications

Web applications have undergone a sea change in the past decade with web 2.0 applications entering the space, that allow for interactivity between businesses and users. Earlier the job of a web application was just to fetch data and deliver it to the users. There was a front end, application layer and business logic built on top of the database that had some perpetual data for industries like banking, financial services, and insurance.

Never ignore these application development considerations

It’s your business; ensure that you get it right in terms of the architecture and technologies used so that information can be disseminated across devices and made available to a wide spectrum of users.

Getting the basics right

Note the expertise of the application development company in terms of the syntax, structure, programming, dialects used while developing web and mobile applications for any business.

Picking the right company

Selecting the right web application development company that offers such administrations easy and convenient helping global teams to work in unison is what good application development is all about.

Seamless transition

Millions of technology users across the globe have made the move from workstations to mobile devices and you need to ensure that the user interface is just perfect on new devices or your application will be uninstalled in no time.


Bugs, fixes,security patches, automatic updates, diagnostic utilities these are things that need to be communicated swiftly in real-time so make sure your application development company gets it right and has the necessary infrastructure in place to communicate round the clock.

Ease of use

Keep the number of taps, loops and hoops to a bare minimum in order to ensure that the user takes the minimum time to fetch the information he or she needs on the go.

Adopt a no-frills approach

The neater, simple clean design you adopt for your application and write the code for constructing such a design that can render effectively on various web browsers, the better will be the response from users. More transactions will happen through the application that will have a direct bearing on the bottom-line.

Keep logins simple

Most users now relish applications that have a Facebook, Twitter or Google+ plug-in so that they can use the same password to sign –into various devices. The Facebook password can be used like a unique id number on the web that gets you secure access to most web properties. Online networking should never be ignored as it helps in user experience design.

Fast-loading widgets

Speed is of essence and you need to eliminate the world –wide wait factor completely that hassled users in the 1990’s. Gone are the days when a 1 MB file took an entire night to be sent via email in 1992. Now speed, is of essence as users are traveling on super-fast monorails and need equally fast loading applications to help them make the most of their time and do more in less time.

Nowadays, you have to run faster to be in the same place, and these tips will help you get it right.

We at AppInventiv have special expertise in web application development and have developed a number of successful web apps. Our dedicated and dexterous team of developers and designers are well versed with the latest technology and have helped many startups to shape their dreams into reality.

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