Things You Must Consider During Web Application Development

Apeksha Mehta August 1, 2022
Things You Must Consider During Web Application Development

From Google docs to Gmail, Facebook, Evernote, Trello, and Twitter, a lot many web applications have received a special place in our daily lives. These web applications have improved the relationship between businesses and users and offered them a sample of benefits including ease of use, higher scale customization, cost-effectiveness, and extreme accessibility.

Because of this, more and more business enthusiasts and app developers have begun showing interest in web application development. They have started investing their time, effort, and savings into the process of entering the web app segment and reap higher benefits.

However, it is not that easy. 

With the increasing challenges and changing market needs, it has become imperative for every web applications developer to be familiar with what to consider and what to not while building a web application and this way, increase the chances of success. Something that we will talk about in this article.

Getting the Basics Right

When it comes to developing a web application, it is a wise decision to focus on the basics first. This approach helps in formulating a web application development process that offers high-end solutions and enhances the ROI.

Also, it prevents business enthusiasts and application developers from missing out any core element while planning their application development strategy. 

Ease of Use

It’s true that users these days crave for cutting-edge technologies and techniques. They prefer applications that are up-to-date with such technologies. But, one thing that matters to them more than this is ease of usability.

If your app screens are complicated or have been incorporated with so many options that they get confused about what to do next, the app idea would fail to rule their heart. They will soon leave the platform and share negative feedback to others, eventually bringing an adverse impact on your web application results. So, it is a must to focus upon simplicity and usability factors.

Focusing on Seamless Transition

Likewise, offering seamless transition from one page to another is also an important factor to consider while creating web solutions. Especially when your app is available on multiple platforms.

Picking the Right App Partner

The web app developer you have partnered with, their skills and experience, the tech stack they work with, and other such factors make a huge difference in your app success. This is because they are the one that are going to turn your vision into a scalable and successful web application.

So, it is necessary for you to consider a set of questions to determine which web app development agency is the best fit for your app needs.

Make a Simple and Concise Login Screen

Another thing that you must consider during custom web applications development is that the login process must be simple and concise. This is because a complicated and lengthy login form can irritate users and prompt them to exit the platform. Something that can bring a major impact on the user acquisition and retention rate.

Now, when talking about keeping a simple and concise login interface, the best way is to keep the login optional for first-time users and embracing the idea of social media integration. Also, asking for limited and ‘required’ information from users is a profitable method to attain better results.

Go for No-Frills Approach

Introducing too many elements on the same web interface is one of the prime mistakes that web applications developers often commit. 

This not only makes the web application development process complicated and expensive, but also lower down the user experience and associated profits. So, it is advisable to web application development services providers to focus on the core and essential elements while designing a web application. Or better say, invest their efforts into developing an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) version of their app.

Embracing Feedback System

Another factor that must be taken into consideration during web application development is Feedback. 

A feedback module enables you to remain connected with your target user base in real-time and remain updated with what bugs, and errors they are facing. And eventually, updating your app to provide a better and enhanced experience to them.

Integrate Fast-Loading Widgets

Gone are those days when users used to wait for an entire night to send/receive a file of 1 MB. Today, thanks to the improvements in networks, the process has been accelerated. Users are able to access/share/receive resources on a faster pace.

This, on one side, has added value to the lives of users, while on the other side, made it imperative for customer web application development services providers to ensure higher app loading speed. That means, it has become necessary for developers to introduce fast-loading widgets and other such tips to boost the web app speed by 10x.

Employ Security Tools

Since web applications gather, store, and employ user personal information to deliver effective services, they are at the target of cyberattackers. The Internet hackers are hunting for the loopholes in the application and eventually utilizing them for stealing details, two prevalent consequences of which is Facebook Cambridge Scandal and Uber Data Breach.

To combat this situation in the case of your web application, it is required that you test your application regularly and introduce the best security tools and measures, alongside investing in web application development tools in your app plan.

Introduce the Latest Technologies and Techniques

Last but not least, keep an eye on what’s trending in the web application development world and add them to your development plan. For example, PWAs (Progressive web applications) are surpassing the traditional web solutions, and Artificial Intelligence is being integrated in almost every web application development process. So, focusing on these two trends and optimizing your app development strategy accordingly can bring more eyeballs to your application. And later, more ROI.

While these were some of the factors and practices that can help you to relish higher outcomes from your investment in Web application development, there’s more to it. To know what all other factors to consider and how much does it cost to build an innovative web application and make your market presence, connect with web app development experts today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do we use web application?

A web application is often considered by business enthusiasts and app developers because:-

  • It is accessible everywhere.
  • It offers higher customization options.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • It improves interoperability

Q. Is web service a web application?

No, a web service is not the same as a web application. A web service is meant for computers to read, whereas a web application is focused on human users. Likewise, a web application cannot be possible with a GUI (Graphical User Interface), but a web service can.

Q. What is the best platform to build web applications?

Some of the best web application development platforms that developers use are:-

  • Ember.js
  • Ruby on Rails
  • CakePHP
  • Zend framework
  • Codeigniter

Q. What language is used for web applications?

HTML, JavaScript, C++, Java, CSS, Python, Ruby, CSS, C, and PHP are some of the programming languages used for Web application development.

Q. What are the different types of web applications?

There are 6 types of web applications, namely:-

  • Static Web Apps
  • Dynamic Web Apps
  • e-commerce Web Solutions
  • Animated Web Applications
  • Web Apps with Content Management System (CMS)
  • Portal Web Applications
Apeksha Mehta
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