How Can Enterprise Mobile App Development Accelerate Your Business Growth?

Saurabh Singh February 28, 2024
enterprise mobile app development

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, gaining a competitive edge, enhancing corporate efficiency, and tapping into new revenue streams are some of a business’s most vital goals. As the corporate world becomes increasingly competitive, the need to stand out and have a distinct advantage over your competitors is rather important. However, this goal is often affected by the challenges associated with aligning complex processes and workflows within the organization. And this is the very challenge custom enterprise mobile applications solve empowering businesses to become disruptive forces while enabling them to create their unique identity in the market.

Since today’s business environment is making way for customers and employees to seek mobile disruption, the overall shift is prompting organizations to adapt to the changing market strategies. Those businesses that have already embraced enterprise mobile technology early on have seen positive financial outcomes from their efforts. This success has caught the attention of every small-scale and large organization across the globe as they recognize that mobile technology is set to define the future of corporate operations.

Enterprise mobility has emerged as a leading force that drives digital transformation within organizations. Enterprise mobile app development has evolved into the most sought-after tool that is capable of facilitating much-needed enterprise mobility strategies. These applications serve as the backbone that enables businesses to extend their operations beyond traditional boundaries, empower remote working, and foster seamless communication across multiple facets of the enterprise.

This blog will help you understand everything related to enterprise mobile app development and the multiple benefits of the same. In addition to looking at what the future holds for enterprise apps, we will also offer you a good look into the types of enterprise apps you can develop for your business, their development process, and their cost.

streamline your business operations while instilling business agility

So, let’s first begin by understanding a bit about enterprise mobile app development and what the latest market statistics tell us.

An Insight Into Enterprise Mobile App Development

Enterprise mobile app development refers to creating customized software or mobile applications by a company to enhance its business operations. This development aims to boost efficiency, streamline processes, and foster improved employee engagement.

The entire enterprise mobile app development concept is based on the foundation of “Enterprise Mobility.” Mobile devices have gained immense popularity within workplaces, and the estimates suggest that around 60% of workforce employees utilize apps for work-related tasks.

Enterprise mobile app development feature

Now, allowing employees to use their personal devices for work-related tasks, known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), has been shown to increase their overall efficiency. However, this practice also brings along potential security risks that need to be addressed.

The fact that BYOD can improve productivity is highly appreciated, but at the same time, it requires careful management to ensure that sensitive company data remains secure and protected from potential breaches or unauthorized access. The use of personal apps for sharing company data poses risks, as it compromises visibility and control.

Bespoke mobile enterprise app development resolves these security issues, offering comprehensive control to the organization. By designing an app tailored to your organization that is further backed by secure log-ins, restricted background processes, and protection against unauthorized access, it is easier to ensure greater control over sensitive company data.

Enterprise application development addresses security and the growing need for efficient communication. Many businesses struggle to meet the fast-paced expectations of modern employees. According to a survey, almost 59% of employees believe their companies are slow in delivering enterprise application solutions.

Custom enterprise apps serve as a solution that can optimize workflows, automate routine tasks, and free up employees to focus on tasks that need greater attention, thereby enhancing overall business efficiency.

According to Statista, the overall market size of enterprise software is expected to reach $271.8 billion in 2023, with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) dominating the market space with a projected volume of $$79.4 billion. Furthermore, the overall revenue is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.73% from 2023 to 2028, reaching $ 376.4 billion by 2028..

Enterprise software market size

As per Salesforce, enterprise mobile apps can increase employee productivity by almost 34%. Thus, considering the increasing market size of the enterprise app and the urgency of organizations in getting one developed for their business, it is right to say that enterprise apps are the driving force behind modern business transformation, enabling enhanced efficiency, connectivity, and competitive advantage.

Types of Enterprise Mobile Apps

Multiple types of enterprise apps for business growth are available at different organizational levels and serve distinct purposes while contributing to the smooth functioning of an enterprise.

Employee Level

At the employee level, enterprise mobile apps are designed to assist individual employees in their daily tasks and responsibilities. These tools help enhance personal productivity and efficiency.

Enterprise software market size

A daily expense tracking app lets employees easily log and manage their business-related expenses. They can look at the receipts, categorize expenses, and create expense reports. This app streamlines the overall expenses and ensures accurate financial records for both employees and the finance department.

Department Level

At the department level, enterprise apps cater to the specific needs of a particular functional area within the organization. These tools facilitate collaboration, coordination, and task management within the department.

Example: Project Management Software

Project management software helps multiple organizational departments organize tasks, assign responsibilities, set deadlines, and track overall operational progress. For instance, a marketing department might use this type of software to plan and execute marketing campaigns, allocate resources, and monitor campaign milestones.

Company Level

At the company level, enterprise apps offer comprehensive solutions integrating various departments and functions, supporting overall organizational operations and decision-making.

Example: Enterprise Resource Planning App

An ERP system is a unified platform that integrates core business processes like finance, HR, inventory, and customer relationship management. This makes way for seamless data flow and collaboration across departments. Companies can use an ERP system to manage financial transactions, procurement, employee records, customer orders, etc.

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Benefits of Enterprise Mobile App Development for Businesses

From fortifying data security and increasing overall productivity to fostering seamless communication and revolutionizing customer experiences, the power of tailored enterprise mobile app development services can reshape how modern business practices and get maximum ROI:

Benefits of Custom Enterprise Mobile App Development

Enhanced Data Security

Enterprise mobile apps bolster data security by offering authentication controls, data encryption, and access restrictions, safeguarding sensitive business information.

Increased Productivity

Enterprise mobile apps boost productivity and efficiency by granting employees real-time access to essential tools like email, project management, and CRM systems.

Improved Communication

Enterprise mobile apps foster improved communication through features like instant messaging, video conferencing, and collaboration tools, enhancing internal interactions.

Streamlined Operations

Automating tasks, reducing manual data entry, and eliminating paper-based processes, enterprise mobile apps help streamline business operations and enhance overall workflow efficiency.

Elevated Customer Experience

Providing real-time access to account information, support resources, and self-service options, enterprise mobile apps enhance the customer experience and engagement.


Enterprise app development can help in achieving long-term cost savings by optimizing processes, reducing manual work, and optimizing resource allocation.

Real-Time Insights

Offering prompt access to vital business data, enterprise apps empower stakeholders with real-time insights for well-informed decision-making.

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Core Features of a Robust Enterprise Mobile App

Here are the multiple features that come together to build a robust enterprise mobile app. In order to ensure that your app functions seamlessly, it is advisable to partner with a dedicated app development firm that can help you integrate the best in-class features that further guarantees maximum operational efficiency and ROI.

Features of Enterprise Mobile App


Security is crucial for safeguarding enterprise data. It is important to have comprehensive encryption, password protection, and meticulous user authentication mechanisms. These measures ensure data integrity and protect against potential threats.


Enterprise applications must possess the capability to adapt to changing business needs. This includes effectively managing larger user bases, handling growing amounts of data, and incorporating new functionalities. By doing so, these applications can effectively support a company’s growth trajectory.

Integration with Enterprise Systems

Effective communication with existing systems and infrastructure is crucial for any app. The ability to interact with established databases, access data, and utilize APIs is essential. Smooth synchronization with systems like ERP or CRM greatly improves operational efficiency.

User Experience

Creating a positive user experience relies on keeping things simple and easy to understand. Making the app friendly, helping users move around easily, and making interactions smooth ensures the app is easy to use and navigate.

Analytics & Reporting

Equipping apps with analytics and reporting gives enterprises valuable insights into user engagement, usage patterns, and key metrics. This data-driven approach enables informed decision-making and enhances mobile strategies.

Customization & Configuration

It is very important to give businesses the freedom to customize the app according to their special needs. Changing things like fields and reports and adding other services from outside sources makes the app fit perfectly for what each business wants to do.

Offline Access

Enabling offline usability is crucial for uninterrupted app usage. This feature allows the app to function without an internet connection, reducing data usage and cost concerns.

Cross-Platform Support

Cross-platform support is essential for enhancing accessibility and reaching a diverse user base. App developers can streamline maintenance processes and provide a seamless experience across different devices by ensuring compatibility across various platforms.

Factors to Consider Before Developing Enterprise Mobile Apps

Before starting custom enterprise mobile app development, there are a few things to consider. While a well-trained team can assist in the effective integration of enterprise app development services, you should be aware of the following points:

Platform Selection

This is the first stage of mobile enterprise app development. The platform you choose impacts the rest of the features of enterprise applications. In this situation, if you get an app designed, try to have the biggest reach possible. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are currently the most popular systems.

Target Audience

Understanding the consumer base is one of the most important elements entrepreneurs must consider before developing their enterprise application. When initiating enterprise iOS app development, details like the consumers using the app, their age range, and the country you aim to target are critical.

Mobile Analytics

The analytics tool aids in determining the capabilities and features of your app. It impacts important elements, including user engagement with certain events, while also assisting in user retention. Brands can use analytics to improve the app’s overall performance. Users’ individual functionality needs and preferences can be determined through careful study. Mobile analytics allows you to save data and use it wisely to improve your app’s speed and efficiency.

UI/UX Design

Your UX reflects your business and portrays you to prospects and consumers. Future, it is vital to understand that your UI and UX are intertwined. Mobile app developers must be able to offer incredible user interaction and experience with just a few clicks to the app users. An interactive UI/UX is a blessing for developers & organizations alike.

Ensuring Security

When firms enter into enterprise Android app development, having a robust security system that protects users’ sensitive and private data is critical. It’s much more important when your software involves monetary transactions. Users’ data is becoming increasingly precious these days, demanding a capable and dependable system to store and protect it.

Enterprise Mobile App Development Process

Creating a custom enterprise mobile app is complex, but a well-structured plan and a reliable enterprise mobile app development company like Appinventiv can help you achieve exceptional results. Let’s break down the process into easy steps:

A Step-By-Step Enterprise Mobile App Development Process

Define Business Goals

This step involves initiating the enterprise mobile app journey by pinpointing the specific issue to be addressed, whether improved employee communication or streamlined supply chain management. During this stage, the development team will identify challenges, clarify the app’s purpose, and shall help you understand the core features.

Budget Estimation

During this stage, conduct thorough research and gather cost estimates from an experienced app development company that can help you identify potential costs, ensuring efficient resource utilization for development, design, testing, and deployment. This approach empowers informed decision-making and a well-defined budget framework.

Technical Specifications

During this stage of mobile enterprise app development, your development partner should provide a detailed plan, including the tech stack, the underlying app platforms (Android, iOS), wireframes, and technical requirements.

Wireframe Prototype

This stage involves creating the wireframe prototype, a visual blueprint that aligns the app’s direction with your business vision. It represents the app’s layout, functionality, and user interactions, allowing for early validation and refinement before full-scale development.

UI/UX Design

During this stage, the development team focuses on user interface and experience, making the app appealing and user-friendly. The primary objective is to create an app that functions seamlessly and resonates with the brand’s essence interactively.

Product Development

The development team works closely with you during this stage to address the technical details and nuances. They skillfully handle technical intricacies, configuring databases, integrating APIs, and implementing features as per the design.

Testing and Quality Assurance

In this stage, the quality assurance process for enterprise mobile app development platform ensures that the app functions flawlessly. It is vital to involve end-users in the testing processes to yield valuable insights.

Maintenance and Updates

After launching the app on the desired platform, it is time to focus on the post-release maintenance and upgrades. This stage of mobile enterprise app development involves collecting user feedback, rectifying bugs or errors, and ensuring optimal app performance across multiple operating systems and platforms.

Understanding the Enterprise Mobile App Development Cost

To give you a rough idea, the cost of mobile app development for enterprise can vary from $50,000 to $300,000. Several factors can impact the overall cost of development, such as the app’s UI/UX design, the features to be integrated into the app, the location of the hired app development firm, the maintenance and quality assurance required, the overall delivery time frame, etc.

In simple terms, the cost of creating an enterprise mobile app directly depends on the overall complexity of the app. For instance, a highly complex app with an extensive feature list will ultimately cost you more compared to one with a simple interface and a minimal feature list.

Type of mobile app development for enterpriseEnterprise mobile app development costTime frame
Simple$50,000 to $85,0003 to 6 months
Medium Complex$90,000 to $200,0007 to 8 months
Highly Complex$220,000 to $300,0009 to 12 months

What are The Most Successful Enterprise Apps In The Market?

Succeeding in enterprise app development is a rewarding journey that demands dedication and effort. While there may be challenges associated with creating a top-charting app, the overall industry expertise of your app development firm can eventually help you succeed. In fact, there are remarkable enterprise mobile app development examples crafted by proficient enterprise application development companies that have achieved remarkable success in the market. Let’s take a look at them below:

Famous Enterprise Mobile App Development Examples


Trello is a web-based application that allows users to organize their work. Trello is used for organizing tasks for yourself or with your team. It lets you create lists and flag the tasks in different colors. With every activity on the Trello board, all the members are notified immediately, which makes keeping up with the task quite easy.


You probably would have heard of MailChimp before. It was one of the earliest and easiest ways to create an email for people without any technical background. The UI of MailChimp is constantly being worked on to continue to give great service. This marketing platform is a great tool for small businesses.


Slack is officially the fastest-growing app for the workplace. The UX of the app is amazing, with fun affirmations and pop-ups. It is one of the most preferred software for businesses.


Zoom is one of the preferred applications that are free, and individuals can connect across the globe at any time as long as the application is downloaded and running on a smartphone, PC, tablet, or laptop. Zoom is used for communications purposes, such as meetings, webinars, etc, by many of the successful businesses.

In addition to several up-and-coming enterprise applications, these apps have set the domain on a path of unprecedented growth. Here are the trends that we can presume shaping the space further in the coming years.

What Is The Future Of Enterprise Applications In The Digital Space?

The demand for mobile enterprise app development is rapidly increasing, driving business growth for those who adopt these solutions. This trend signals a promising future for enterprise app development. Data-driven approaches and staying updated with technology trends can help you ensure business success in this dynamic landscape. Let us look at the multiple trends that will dominate the enterprise apps of the future:

Artificial Intelligence

The role of AI in businesses goes beyond an improvement in customer experience. On the business front, technology can affect almost all domains – HR, Marketing, Operations, and Finance. We have explored the use cases of AI across different job roles extensively in this article – How AI Carries an Impact On Your Business, Across Domains?


Irrespective of which industry you look at, you can find Blockchain playing an active role in its transformation. Enterprises are no different. There are multiple ways you can embrace Blockchain in your business – better supply chain management, unbreachable security, a transparent payment system, and an effective hiring process.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

By helping employees explore the intricacies of their job virtually, AR/VR technology has been making complex work processes interactive for some years now. Through its working model, the technology combination is proving to be a game-changer in the training and development domain.

Big Data Analytics

The rise in data has emphasized the need for efficient organization and processing. Businesses are implementing advanced analytics and data management methods to speed up operations and facilitate quicker, more informed decision-making.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing will continue to evolve at a rapid pace, adapting to users’ changing needs and expectations. As a result, numerous industries’ functionalities would be improved. When embracing digital transformation, shifting to the cloud is important and the most practical technique for analyzing data for businesses. However, such transfers are accompanied by changing expectations, necessitating the use of cutting-edge cloud technology as well as upgraded and powerful security features.

Robust enterprise software development services

How Can Appinventiv Help Your Enterprise Achieve Business Agility?

Appinventiv has a skilled in-house team of expert developers who specialize in delivering sophisticated enterprise software development services customized to your business niche. We deliver comprehensive solutions with essential features and capabilities to ensure your app aligns seamlessly with your enterprise objectives.

Our developers are experienced in integrating a wide range of features and capabilities to enhance the functionality and user experience of your enterprise mobile app development.

We recently helped the world’s finest furniture retailer IKEA deliver a robust ERP solution that is now available across 7+ brand stores across the UAE. The custom solution integrated into the in-store kiosks allows the retailer to refine its customer onboarding process, product exploration, and data-driven marketing.


Contact us for a professional consultation on how to make your business scalable and future-oriented.


Q. How can mobile app development for enterprise make your business more efficient?

A. A tailored enterprise app can help you improve your business operations and customer service. You can also gain an advantage over competition by speeding up the processes and generating more revenue.

Q. How to choose the best enterprise app development firm?

A. Many things should be considered while choosing a development company for your enterprise app, including development techniques, years of expertise, company strength, client feedback, and so on.

Q. Why should you hire a company to develop your mobile app?

A. You can cut project costs, expedite time to market, and improve product quality by outsourcing mobile app development. It is sometimes necessary to have expert insight into contemporary technology or competent support in order to build a corporation.

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