What are the Challenges for Startups for Mobile App Development?
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What are the Challenges for Startups for Mobile App Development?

Shivam Srivastav
By Shivam Srivastav| Monday, December 12, 2016 06:42 AM |3 min read
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The smartphones and the mobile apps have seen a proliferation in the recent past that was not witnessed so far. There are many web application developers which has switched over to become a successful mobile app development company. But, the path for the app development companies have too many obstacles. The most important challenges faced are finding the fund for developing the mobile app and their ability to connect with the users. Facing the challenges are not at all an easy task in hand for the app developers and we see most of them are struggling, not to be overwhelmed by the intensity of the challenges and unable to direct their energies in the right direction.  

Here, are some of the challenges that crops up for the mobile app development startups:

Get Noticed as a Good App

There are thousands of apps that are vying for a place either in Apple App Store or Google Play Store. In order to stand above the competition, the mobile app development companies need to develop an app which has some unique features. In order to get noticed in the App Stores, it is not always necessary that the good apps are the ones which are noticed in the App Stores and this is where the concept of app discovery comes into picture. If you load your apps with everything that matches the expectations of the desired audience, then strategies must be devised to draw the attention of the app users.

Device Compatibility

One more of the challenges for startups is device compatibility. Device compatibility is a critical factor for imparting a smart impression to the first-time users. Selecting the Operating System is also of equal importance. The apps must be flawless in nature located on multiple devices. The different Operating Systems require a variety of UI/UX elements and frameworks, so what is needed is a thorough research on the target audience.

App Performance

Performance is also one of the key factors for most of the startups, proving to to be beneficial for the users, other than considering the aesthetics.  The challenge that is faced is that the app must not crash that often and must be bug-free as well as consuming a little amount of the battery life.

In the initial stages of mobile app development the design must be able to perform on multiple  devices. If there are lots of visual effects in the apps that floods the cache or has integrating features, these apps will have a problem while running on older versions of OS.

Strategies must be in place so that tests are conducted with the startup versions. Testing is a minor challenge but what remains as a difficulty is to find a ready audience willing to be the go to source for the said testing results. The moment this hurdle is crossed, then there is nothing which can stop you in developing an excellent mobile app.

Mobile App Marketing

Promoting the app is a key to the success of the mobile apps, focussing more on the pre-launch and the post-lunch marketing plans. Marketing is what takes you to the desired audience for the app. There are too many barriers for mobile app marketing, but one must continuously strive for success, whatever may be the number of obstacles.

Investment Funds

As in the case of other applications the startups on mobile applications often face the challenge of getting the right amount of funds for the game-changing app that they intend to develop. As usual, the estimate of developing the mobile app is made well in advance.

A rigorous and extensive research for pocket-friendly apps, or the right mobile app  development company is a must. Very often a perfect investor is found though the portals of Kickstarter and Appbackr.

The best option for managing challenges for startups is to gather enough information on them and to be well-equipped beforehand to deal with them. The startup which stands out with zeal, passion and confidence are the ones who succeeds in the long run.

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