What Factors Contribute to The Success of a Mobile App?

Dileep Gupta April 3, 2024
What factors contribute to the success of a mobile app

Ever since apps were recognized for their abilities to boost businesses, everyone wants to take advantage of it. If you have a well-established business with a huge budget for an app then you can easily hire an app agency and get started with your app. However, if you are a startup on a budget, you might want to tread carefully here.

Mobile app development requires more than just funds. Of course, the cost factor is there but the quality of the app also determines its success. What are the key success factors for mobile applications? What tips to consider for making your mobile app successful? For any app to be successful, it should have amazing features.

 If we look at today’s apps, then we can see that they are all using the latest technology in them. Technologies like AI, VR, AR, Machine Learning, etc. are being used to improve the overall success factors for mobile app experience.

When any user has the first encounter with an app, they notice the UI of the app, features of the app and the performance of the app. These things are obvious and it is followed by the regularity of updates and bug fixes.

We have already talked about the guide for startup app development with flutter and all other factors in our previous blogs like the mobile app development guide and others. Today we will discuss what are the key features of a successful mobile app – features that should satisfy the users and their needs?

Makes A Mobile App Successful?

Other than the features of the app, there are some success factors for mobile app that also contribute to the success of an app.

 Mobile app development in Singapore is like a journey that has many phases and many stages. Before the features are put in an app, to answer what are key success factors, some factors are considered to ensure the success of the app. Here are some points that must be considered when answering how to develop a reactive mobile application or how to make a successful app.

how many apps do we use


When your app gets launched, who the users are going to be? Think about them and understand their characteristics. This will help you in building a success factors app that suits a particular demographic. When the app is user-centric, it gets more active users, more engagement and more audience. User feedback is a great way to gather information about what your users need. Most successful apps use this feedback to improve their apps, making it more likable by the users. Full service mobile application development company make use of users point of view and approach to create a compelling app.

A polished feel

An app with poor designs shows the level of effort put into making it. If you ask, what makes an app successful? Then the answer would be a polished feel. A great app will put efforts in the slightest feature which is what makes them great. Users are looking for visually appealing apps that solve their problems and if it’s not worth their time then they will leave it immediately.

Strong USP

The Unique Selling Point of a successful app is always strong. What makes the app unique is what makes it successful. See, success factors examples include, UrbanClap. It started providing home services like beauty salon services, repairs, etc. on their app. This was very different from any other business model. The user has options to select from various services that UrbanClap provides.

Focus on one core feature

Your app should be known for one of its strongest features. Users prefer not to use apps that are complicated so don’t focus on promoting multiple features all at the same time. What makes an app successful is its ability to do one task and do it very well. The best way to focus on one feature is to find the core that drove you to build the app in the first place. That very same reason will be the driving feature of your app.

Solves a problem

A mobile application is also called a digital solution and it is because it solves a problem. With so many success factors apps in the market, you have to see which problem your app is solving. Even the slightest of change between two apps makes a difference. Success factors examples include, suppose, an app provides parking solutions at malls but does not have a car locator feature. If you add the feature in your app, that would make the app more likable and usable.

What Are The Successful Mobile App Features?

Talking about successful factors for mobile app, there is a misconception that the more features an app has, the more it will be likable. But more features means more app development cost and more complications in the app.

Sucessful mobile app features

Too many features are not what makes a successful app but it’s the smart combination of features that do the magic. Here are some of the best features that you can use in your app.

1. Use of latest technology

Apps using the latest technologies like data science, machine learning, AI, etc. have made their name as successful mobile apps. The truth is people are looking for more and more convenience in their mobile apps and these technologies provide that. Not only does the technology help in providing maximum user satisfaction but also helps industries in handling the business quite well. With data science technology, great models can be created that predict demand and sales for a business.

2. Augmented reality in apps

Augmented reality is one of the biggest talks of the town in the digital world. The answer to what are the key success factors for app is AR that has seen tremendous success after being used in apps and gaming apps. The success factors examples include Pokémon Go, which was the most successful example of AR being used to enhance the app gaming experience. Now many retail stores are using the AR technology to give users the benefit of trying on products virtually before buying them.

3. Cross-platform apps

Apps supporting multiple platforms are always appreciated. Building native apps may be costly for a startup but that’s when cross-platform comes into the picture. Cross-platform not only saves cost but also saves effort that goes into building the same app twice. Cross-platform development frameworks include angular native framework. This framework allows developers to build success apps that give native feelings while saving high cost.

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4. Secure the app

Time and again we have said that the security of the app is crucial. Secure apps have loyal users and gather an audience faster. There are many practices to make a hack-proof app and most successful app development companies are using them to provide a secure solution to users. Success factors examples include E-commerce apps and any other app that involves in-app payments would need a secure payment gateway.

5. Business solutions

When an app is capable of solving problems on an industry level then that’s what makes a successful app. To be honest, solving industry level problems is what an app is built for. When a startup app is launched, it functions on a small scale and as it grows it starts solving bigger problems. So the idea of the key success factors for mobile application should be somewhat related to finding solutions for business problems. Even big enterprises go for app development because they have some issues they want to deal with.

6. Connectivity standards

The success factors for mobile app also depends on the app being built in a modern world which means it should have the connectivity features that support the modern world as well. When the app is using any sort of connection feature, be it Bluetooth or anything else, it should be able to support the technology it is being connected to.

7. Offline functionality

Having offline functionality is very trendy in the successful factors app development world. People are demanding the offline mode for apps since connectivity issues prevail at times. Of course, there are success factors apps that cannot do without a network connection but they still can support offline features with the help of background downloading. There had been complaints about some e-commerce apps that didn’t show anything without a network connection. This will annoy the users since they at least should be able to browse through already loaded pages.

8. Customer support services

Recently we have seen users complain about the customer support system a lot. First of all, every success factors for mobile app should have one customer support section since not every user is tech savvy. And this customer support should be well functioning too. Not only the design and performance but also the customer support is what makes a successful app.

9. Personalization

Users love an app they can personalize according to their needs. More than 70% of app users expect the app to personalize their experience. The search results, notifications, text, themes, etc. are all ways to personalize success factors for mobile app according to the users’ needs. With the help of a user profile, better personalization is done as the profile stores more information about user behavior.

10. Marketing and analytics

A success factors for mobile app is not just a digital solution but also a great marketing tool. With the help of analytics measuring tools, app owners can gather significant information about users activity on the app. This information includes what users want, what they are looking for and how they interact with different sections of the app. With this analytics, proper marketing strategies can be created for every user. Marketing and analytics are seeing a major hit in the market because of its ability to increase sales rapidly.

11. Customization

One of the success factors for mobile apps is to ensure that the users have a sense of security and comfort while using your application. Permit them to customize the application in the way they like it, by picking colors, text styles, and in particular if it is a social application, permit them to get a strong hand on the privacy settings. This way it offers users the chance to adjust success factors app in the manner they like.

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12. Push notifications

Push notifications are one of the success factors for mobile apps with a simple to send theme than the emails and are less likely to wind up in a spam folder. Push notifications can be text, graphic, or a blend of both to send the users content that they might be keen on. Important and customized push messages are better than unwanted or spontaneous messages since they are meant exclusively for the particular client and liable to bear some significance to them.

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Wrapping Up

While building success factors apps and designing users’ satisfaction with innovative, friendly, simple apps to fulfill the requirements and needs of the end users. Taking development of personalized experiences and key success factors for mobile application into account helps to keep the mobile app experience relevant and ensure users continue coming back.

This was our take on what makes an app successful and what are key success factors for which you know the answer. Have an app idea? Contact our team of app developers to discuss it.

Dileep Gupta
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