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Appinventiv offers transformative technology and software solutions to startups, global brands & Fortune 500 companies. Some of our major clients include IKEA, Domino's, Adidas, KPMG, BCG & Pizza Hut.


A mobile app to digitalize & expand KFC's digital footprint

A global franchise food delivery app that enables users to track real-time status of their order delivery along with other innovative features.


Redefining UX Strategy & Visual Design.

With a revamped UI design and swooping growth in the download and conversion rates, Domino's reclaimed its position as the leading outlet for pizzas and drinks.


Developing an ERP Solution for the world's largest furniture retailer

An app to get the best ready to assemble furniture, appliances and other accessories to add life to your home/furniture


An ecommerce app to expand the brand's global presence digitally

A global sports merchandise app that enables users to get instant access to latest sports apparels and products along with other innovative features.


Redefining UX Strategy & Visual Design.

With a revamped UI design and swooping growth in the download and conversion rates, Domino's reclaimed its position as the leading outlet for pizzas and drinks.


A job search platform exclusively for the blue collar job space.

The MIT Inclusive Innovation award winning app, JobGet is reshaping the employment landscape by making it instant, accessible, and efficient.

Pizza Hut

Engaging users through a robust and visually appealing food delivery mobile app

A research-led brainstorming, enhanced UI/UX & customized development approach transformed the Pizza Hut app into a more efficient & smarter food delivery management system.

Bajaj Finserv

Nation's leading fintech enterprise for customers and businesses

Bajaj Finserv is leading the fintech industry in progressively transforming merchant and customer's financial needs.


Transforming web experience for the Government of Qatar

Know how we created a one-stop web solution for the Government of Qatar to interact with the netizens.

US-Based Telecom Company

Transforming a telecom company into a customer-centric enterprise

Appinventiv leveraged its proven analytics optimization and agile execution to maximize business value of a telecom company by revamping its customer data.

ABP News App

Enabling a smoother content experience with live video streaming

Daily news updates from around the world in multiple languages with a mobile app empowered with live video streaming.


A leading e-commerce platform offering personalized shopping experiences to busy moms

An app focused to provide a personalized shopping experience with improved customer services. The app also lets users share their stories with other prospective customers.

6th Street

Redefining the mobile app shopping experience for 6th Street

Appinventiv designed and delivered an inclusive shopping experience for 6th street digital customers. Let's see how.


A social media app optimized for Bluetooth wearables

A social media platform that enables users to create and share audios via voice commands.

A Leading Global Bank

Unlocking the AI potential for a global bank

How we helped a global bank improve customer experience and fuel growth with AI-based solutions.


An efficient healthcare system bettering the patient-caregiver relationship

A multi-request platform connecting in-hospital patients with nurses to get real-time help for their medical needs.


A digital platform to engage millions of students and teachers in an interactive way of teaching & learning.

An initiative to promote skill-based training & digital literacy.


Transforming the education sector with decentralized LMS

The app which answers all the authentication and genuinity issues prevalent in todays education sector through the power of Blockchain.


Bringing the benefits of micro-mobility on mobile

An app that gives its users a chance at lowering their carbon footprint by bringing the fuel-free mode of travel on-demand and on their mobile.

Gully Beat

An App that Gave Voice to the Streets, Nation-Wide

An extension of the Bollywood blockbuster movie, Gully Boy, the app is a platform for every street rapper to showcase their talent.

Empire App

Combining the Power of Crypto With Hotel Industry.

With the Empire App project, we brought the complete Hotel Booking ecosystem to a place where no involved party is made to pay unjustified money in name of convenience and transaction fees.

Bada Business

An app that help commoners find the entrepreneur inside them.

A Platform for Budding Entrepreneurs and Business Domain Students to Learn the People Part of the Business World.

A Global Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

Supply chain logistics solutions for a heavy equipment manufacturer

Know how we increased the operational efficiency of a global manufacturer of heavy construction and mining equipment, using supply chain software solutions.


Science of bio-acoustics compiled into an easy to use and quantifiable mobile app.

Record your voice & lets Soniphi's proprietary technology generate a complete health analysis report for you.


Consolidating all your medical data using IoT technology on one mobile platform.

Now bring all your fragmented medical data lying in your medical records and your wellness data from wearables to one platform.

The team impresses with its deep level of expertise and resources. Their skill helps them to quickly and easily understand the concepts and deliver the work on schedule, if not ahead of schedule.

Ramayan Ananda
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What I love about Appinventiv is, they provide total visibility into a project's status at all levels. They are honest, reliable and result-oriented.

Joe Mbaya
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