Various Means to Reduce App Development Costs
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Various Means to Reduce App Development Costs

Shivam Srivastav
By Shivam Srivastav| Wednesday, December 14, 2016 11:05 AM |6 min read
App Development Costs

The mobile app development companies are always on the lookout for some means or other to reduce the cost for developing the apps. Mobile app development is never a less costly endeavour. But, one must remember that in this pursuit to reduce the costs, one must not compromise on the quality of the app and also the UX design.

But, whatever may be the number of ways adopted to reduce the app development costs, developing mobile apps not only takes huge amount time and effort, skill but a whole lot of money.

A slight detour: Head on here to know How much does it cost to develop and maintain a mobile app.

Once you have got the idea of the cost breakdown structure and how much money you will need to have in your pocket, read on –

Here are some of the ways to reduce app development costs:


Lack of a properly planned business requirement analysis will lead to project delays, as it will require lots of changes on account of differences between the business needs and the work done by the development team. The development team will have a clear picture of the business needs of the client, with the documentation of the business requirements.

In fact, it is a  good practice to put the requirements in one place and they all must be structured in a proper way. User stories must be written on the logic of the app and also on the features of the app, by using wireframes and sketches preferably. Each task in the user story must take lesser time, better are the chances of the app doing its job.

Save Money on Development

The cost savings comes in the form of employing the mobile app development agency. It is always wiser not to go for app development company, which is offering at cheaper rates, for grabbing some of its first projects.

You must keep in mind that the business processes for the mobile development company must be streamlined, so that the project is finished on time.

Iterate and be Relevant

While employing an agile app development company, these companies will resort to iterations for better responsiveness to changes and better estimations. The tasks for such iterations are what matters to you. Your budget will be planned as per these tasks.

The budget does not remain the same all throughout the project, starting with a lower amount and maximising in the middle part, when most of the workforces are employed and a tapering off at the last part of the project, with the QA and product release phases. The exact amount must be convenient for both the parties.  

Communicate with the Development Team

A constant communication must take place with the app development team and not just with the project managers as there are chances that they overlook some issues. The issues must be noticed and addressed before the releasing phase of the app.

Cost Saving Measures

Outsourcing of projects is the only option for cost reduction, that too by not sacrificing the quality. Hiring an ethical mobile app development company who will do the same work at lower rates is a good decision. A win-win situation must be struck with the outsourcing service provider, who has relevant experience in working on similar projects.  

Hiring Reputed Experts

Hourly rate for the project is not the only consideration, but the software company must be reputed and have the necessary expertise. A team that has a constant collaboration with the mobile product is the one that is more relied on. So, even when the hourly rate of the app development company is higher, it is better to go for it, rather than incurring double cost at a later stage due to bad code or re-coding efforts.

Develop on cross-platform

If your app is not too complex and does not require in hardware integration or does not have any native interfaces, then cross-platform development can be a great form of saving money, otherwise it affects the performance levels. Cross-platform development will reduce the development cost. If odds are outweighing the cross-platform development, then you must adopt that.


A feature-packed product is not always the best solution. MVP is the place where you get started and then the portrait of the target audience is determined. Continuous involvement or a reliance on a responsible decision-maker are highly appreciated.

Even before you visit the top mobile app development company in USA with the app idea and much before the project actually takes off, it is better to prepare for a combined means for reduction in app development costs.

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