How Much Does It Cost to Build a Service Delivery App Like Airtasker?

Dileep Gupta May 10, 2024
cost to build a service delivery app like Airtasker

On-demand apps have exploded in popularity globally due to their unparalleled convenience and seamless user experience. Consumers crave instant gratification, and these apps provide it by offering a vast array of services readily accessible through a smartphone.

From food delivery and transportation to cleaning and handyman services, everything is just a few taps away with these apps. This combination of convenience, control, and diverse service offerings has fueled the massive demand for on-demand apps across the globe.

Additionally, on-demand apps unlock a treasure trove of opportunities for businesses. They expand reach by connecting with a wider audience through the app’s platform, streamline operations by automating tasks, and provide valuable user data for personalized offerings and improved customer satisfaction.

Considering the burgeoning market, on-demand apps like Airtasker in Australia have become central to how modern consumers interact with services, providing a structured yet flexible platform for outsourcing tasks. If you are a business looking to dive into this lucrative market, understanding the overall costs and strategic requirements to develop a similar platform is crucial.

Building an app like Airtasker necessitates a strategic process, encompassing thorough market analysis, meticulous planning, and significant technological investment. Typically, the cost to build a service delivery app like Airtasker ranges from $40,000 to $300,000, contingent upon factors like the intricacy of UI/UX design, the geographical location of the development team, and the extent of features to be incorporated.

This blog aims to guide you through the crucial factors influencing Airtasker-like service delivery app development costs, along with other vital aspects crucial for a successful app launch. Let’s delve into the details!

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Airtasker in a Nutshell: Pioneering Task Delegation and Fulfillment

Airtasker is an online and mobile marketplace platform that connects people and businesses with local service providers to outsource tasks and find local services. Users can post tasks or jobs they need help with, such as cleaning, gardening, handyman services, moving, or even virtual tasks like graphic design or website development. Task posters set the price they’re willing to pay, and interested taskers (service providers) bid on the task or offer their services at a fixed price.

airtasker service delivery app

Once the task is completed, payment is made through the platform. It’s a convenient way for individuals and businesses to get tasks done efficiently and for taskers to find work in their local area.

Airtasker serves a vast user base of over 1 million customers, has completed 2.5 million tasks till date and has accumulated 4 million user reviews. Witnessing a total funding of $30.9 million ever since its launch, the marketplace has grown to become a leading platform for connecting people who need tasks done with those skilled to complete them.

The AU$44.5 million revenue generated by Airtasker in FY23 and a Gross Marketplace Volume (GMV) of up 24.9% signifies continuous growth and development of the app. Considering Airtasker’s significant success and market growth, now is an ideal time for businesses to explore developing similar platforms.

Investing in an app similar to Airtasker will open avenues for innovation while allowing you to capture new market segments. This strategic opportunity will also make way for leveraging evolving market trends and consumer behaviors towards convenience and efficiency.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Service Delivery App Like AirTasker?

Building an app like Airtasker involves numerous factors that influence the overall cost, including feature complexity, technological innovation, UI/UX design, and team location. The intricacy of features such as user profiles, task posting, messaging systems, payment gateways, and geolocation services also significantly impacts development costs.

Considering these factors, the estimated cost of developing a custom service provider app like Airtasker typically ranges from $40,000 to $300,000. However, costs may vary depending on specific project requirements and chosen development approaches.

Type of ApplicationCost EstimationTime Duration
Basic$40,000 to $60,0002-3 months
Intermediate$60,000 to $90,0003-6 months
Advanced$90,000 to $300,0009+ months

Let’s explore the various factors contributing to the cost to build a service delivery app like Airtasker.

Factors Influencing Airtasker-like Service Delivery App Development Costs

The costs associated with building an app like Airtasker can fluctuate widely. Numerous factors influence these costs, each carrying substantial weight in determining the overall expenses. To grasp their impact on the development cost, let’s delve into these factors extensively.

Factors Affecting App Development Costs Like Airtasker

App Complexity

The complexity of the app is influenced majorly by the number and type of features required to make an app like Airtasker. A service delivery app typically includes features such as user profiles, task posting, messaging systems, payment gateways, geolocation services, ratings, reviews, and more. Adding more of these sophisticated features directly contributes to an increase in the overall cost to build a service delivery app like Airtasker.

Design Requirements

A well-thought-out UI/UX design enhances usability and provides a seamless experience for users. Extensive design requirements include creating user-friendly interfaces, intuitive navigation, visually appealing layouts, and consistent branding elements.

Development Team Location

The location of the development team plays a pivotal role in determining the overall cost to develop a service delivery app like Airtasker. Hourly development rates vary significantly across different regions worldwide. For instance, countries like the US or the UK typically have higher hourly rates than regions like Asia.

One effective strategy to optimize the development budget is outsourcing development tasks to Asian regions such as India. In these regions, highly skilled development teams offer solutions of comparable quality at a fraction of the cost. Leveraging the expertise, resources, and technologies available in Asian countries can significantly enhance project efficiency while effectively managing overall costs.

Moreover, with the increasing trend of global talent acquisition, development teams in Asian countries are well-equipped to meet international and local compliance standards. Partnering with a development team in such locations can effectively address complex development challenges while ensuring cost-effectiveness. Here are estimated hourly development rates across various regions that augment cost to build a service delivery app like Airtasker:

RegionHourly Rates of Development
Western Europe$80-$90
Eastern Europe$50-$55

Development Team Size

The size and expertise of the development team significantly influence cost to build a service delivery app like Airtasker. A highly skilled team, comprising experienced professionals adept in service app development, can seamlessly integrate complex features, ensuring efficient development and top-notch outcomes. While the investment in such a sizable team may be higher, it reflects the value of their expertise and the promise of delivering a robust and dependable service delivery solution.

App Development TeamHourly Rates (Approx)
Project Manager$25 to $30
Tech Lead (Backend / Frontend)$28 to $30
Sr. Mobile App Developer$25 to $30
Sr. Web & Backend Developer$24 to $30
DevOps$25 to $30
Business Analyst$20 to $25
UX/UI$20 to $25
QA$20 to $25

Third-Party Integrations

Service delivery apps often require integration with third-party services such as payment gateways, mapping APIs, communication tools, and social media platforms. Integrating these services adds to the functionality of the app but increases the complexity, and thus, the overall Airtasker-like app development cost.

Compliance and Security Standards

Adhering to compliance regulations and security standards is crucial for protecting user data and ensuring the app’s legality. Depending on the app’s target market and industry, compliance with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, or PCI-DSS may be necessary but can add to the Airtasker-like app development cost.

App Platform

Choosing the right platform(s) for app deployment, such as iOS, Android, or web, affects development costs and timelines. Developing for multiple platforms increases complexity and costs compared to initially focusing on a single platform.

Tech Stack

The choice of technologies and programming languages used in app development impacts its scalability, performance, and maintenance. Selecting an appropriate tech stack, backed by technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning and the development team’s expertise is essential for efficient development and long-term sustainability. Moreover, the strategic implementation of suitable technologies significantly impacts the overall service delivery app development costs.

Tech Stack for Airtasker-like App

Quality Assurance

Thorough testing and quality assurance processes are necessary to identify and fix bugs, ensure app functionality across different devices and platforms, and maintain a positive user experience. Investing in QA resources and tools is crucial for delivering a high-quality app but it also significantly impacts the overall costs.


For a service delivery app like Airtasker to offer optimum performance, regular maintenance is rather necessary, helping the app to remain up-to-date, secure, and compatible with evolving technologies and operating systems. Budgeting for ongoing maintenance and updates is essential for the app’s long-term success but it also contributes to the overall development costs.

Valuable Service Delivery App Features

In crafting a service delivery app akin to Airtasker, it’s crucial to incorporate features that address the unique requirements of both service providers and users. Let’s delve into these essential features that drive the success of service delivery applications.

User Side Panel

Essential User-Side Features for Developing an App Like Airtasker

Sign-up: The sign-up feature allows users to create accounts on the platform easily. Users can register using their email address, phone number, or social media accounts, providing a seamless onboarding experience.

Profile Management: Profile management enables users to personalize their accounts by adding relevant information such as name, contact details, and profile picture. Users can also manage their preferences, settings, and notifications through their profiles.

Categories of Task Posting: This feature categorizes tasks into various categories, making it easier for users to post specific job requirements. Whether it’s home services, events, or professional tasks, users can select the relevant category when posting a task.

Task Browsing: Task browsing allows users to explore available tasks posted by service providers. Users can browse through different categories, view task descriptions, and assess the scope of work before expressing interest or making offers.

Quick Search: Quick search functionality lets users quickly find specific tasks or services. Users can enter keywords or use filters to narrow search results based on location, task type, budget, and other criteria, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

Set Time, Date & Budget: Users can specify the time, date, and budget constraints when posting tasks or submitting offers. This feature enables clear communication of expectations between users and service providers, ensuring alignment and transparency.

Alerts: Alerts and notifications keep users informed about important updates, such as new task postings, messages from service providers, or changes to task statuses. Real-time alerts ensure timely responses and engagement with the platform.

Multiple Payment Options: Offering various payment options gives users flexibility and convenience when making transactions. Whether it’s credit/debit cards, digital wallets, or other payment methods, users can choose the option that best suits their preferences and needs.

Service Provider Side Panel

Valuable Service Provider Side Panel Features

Registration: This simplifies the sign-up process for service providers, ensuring it’s quick and intuitive to join the platform. Furthermore, this feature helps in gathering essential information efficiently to expedite registration and grant immediate access to platform features.

Add Skills & Portfolio: Empower service providers to showcase their expertise and past projects by easily adding their skills and building a comprehensive portfolio. This feature enhances visibility and credibility, attracting potential clients seeking specific services.

In-App Messaging: An integrated messaging system facilitates seamless communication between service providers and clients. It enables real-time conversations, clarifies project requirements, and exchanges important information, fostering collaboration and project success.

Payment History: Provide service providers with insights into their financial transactions and earnings through a detailed payment history feature. Transparent access to payment records fosters trust and enables providers to track income accurately for financial planning.

Referral Codes: The referral code system encourages service providers to grow their client base. By getting incentives or rewards for successful referrals, this makes way for motivating providers to promote the platform and actively increase client acquisition.

Personal Dashboard: Offer service providers a personalized dashboard where they can manage account settings, track performance metrics, and access resources efficiently. A centralized hub enhances usability and empowers providers to navigate the platform seamlessly.

My Tasks: Enable service providers to stay organized by displaying a comprehensive list of assigned tasks or projects. This feature assists providers in prioritizing work, tracking progress, and meeting project deadlines effectively.

Schedule Management: This feature facilitates efficient time management for service providers with robust scheduling tools. Furthermore, it allows providers to set availability, accept appointments, and synchronize calendars for streamlined coordination and optimal resource utilization.

Insurance Policy: This feature addresses service providers’ security concerns by providing information about insurance coverage or options for obtaining insurance through the platform. It ensures that providers feel protected and confident while delivering services to clients.

Admin Side Panel

Essential Features for the Admin Side Panel

User Management: Admins can oversee user accounts, including registration, verification, and access control. They have the authority to manage user profiles and permissions and handle account-related issues.

Admin Dashboards: Comprehensive dashboards provide admins with an overview of platform activities, user statistics, task status, and financial metrics.

Taskers Management: Admins can manage taskers’ profiles, qualifications, and certifications. They oversee the vetting process, ensure compliance with platform standards, and address any concerns or disputes related to taskers’ performance.

Task Management: Task management is one of the significant Airtasker app features. This feature allows admins to oversee task listings, including creation, editing, and moderation. They can effectively monitor task statuses, assign tasks to taskers, and intervene in disputes or issues.

Category & Subcategory Management: Admins have control over the platform’s task categories and subcategories. They can create, edit, or remove categories, ensuring that tasks are organized effectively and easily accessible to users.

Real-time Analytics & Reporting: With the help of this feature, admins gain insights into platform performance through real-time analytics and reporting tools. They can track user engagement, task completion rates, revenue generation, and other key metrics to optimize platform operations and strategy.

Payment Management: This feature assists admins in overseeing all financial transactions on the platform, including task payments, service fees, and refunds. They manage payment gateways, resolve payment-related issues, and ensure compliance with financial regulations.

FAQ Management: Admins curate and maintain a comprehensive FAQ section to address common user queries and concerns. They update FAQs regularly, ensuring accuracy and relevance to improve user satisfaction and reduce support requests.

Ticket Management: Admins handle user inquiries, complaints, and support tickets effectively through a centralized ticket management system. They assign, prioritize, and resolve tickets promptly to maintain a high level of customer service and satisfaction.

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How to Build An App Like Airtasker?

Airtasker-like app development entails a comprehensive methodology, thorough research, and other critical aspects that enable businesses to create a compelling and impactful application. Let’s delve into the Airtasker app development process!

Development Process of Service Delivery App

Define Goals and Features

Begin by clearly defining the goals to build an app like Airtasker. Identify the key features and functionalities that will differentiate the app in the market and provide value to users. This involves conducting market research, understanding user needs, and outlining a comprehensive feature set that aligns with the app’s objectives.

Build a Team

Hire a skilled and dedicated team to execute Airtasker clone app development process effectively. This includes hiring developers, designers, project managers, and other professionals with experience in mobile app development and service delivery platforms. Collaborate closely with team members to foster communication, creativity, and synergy throughout the development process.

Design and Develop

Focus on creating an intuitive and user-friendly design that enhances the user experience. Collaborate with designers to create wireframes, prototypes, and mockups that reflect the app’s branding and functionality. Then, proceed with development, following agile methodologies to iteratively build and refine features based on user feedback and testing.

Prioritize Regulations and Compliance

Prioritize regulatory requirements and compliances to ensure the app meets legal requirements and industry standards. This involves researching and understanding relevant regulations, such as data protection laws and consumer rights.

Implement measures to safeguard user data and ensure transparency in transactions to build trust with users and mitigate legal risks. By following regulations and compliances, businesses can effectively build an app like Airtasker.

Secure Data and Communication

Implement robust security measures to protect user data and ensure secure communication within the app. This involves encryption protocols, secure authentication mechanisms, and regular security audits to identify and address potential vulnerabilities. Prioritize user privacy and data protection to build trust and credibility with users.

Test and Refine

Conduct thorough testing at each stage of development to identify and resolve issues before launch. This includes functional, usability, and performance testing to ensure the app functions seamlessly across devices and platforms. Gather feedback from beta testers and iterate on features to optimize usability and performance.

App Deployment

Prepare for app deployment by optimizing the app store listing, creating promotional materials, and setting up analytics and monitoring tools. Follow the submission guidelines of app stores like Google Play Store and the App Store to ensure smooth approval and launch. Monitor app performance post-launch and address any issues promptly to maintain user satisfaction.

Ongoing Maintenance

Continuously monitor and update the app to address user feedback, fix bugs, and add new features. This involves regular software updates, security patches, and performance optimizations to ensure the app remains competitive and meets evolving user needs. Maintain open communication channels with users to solicit feedback and prioritize enhancements that drive user engagement and retention.

How to Monetize a Service Provider App Like Airtasker?

Developing an app like Airtasker not only enhances user experience but also unlocks a plethora of financial opportunities. This entails integrating various revenue streams such as subscription-based models, task commission fees, featured task listings, and advertising partnerships. Let’s delve deeper into these possibilities!

Generating Revenue from Developing a Service Delivery App

Transaction Fees

When building an app like Airtasker, incorporating transaction fees as a monetization strategy ensures sustainable revenue generation. These fees help cover the platform’s costs, including development, maintenance, and customer support, while ensuring ongoing profitability.

Subscription Plans

Offering subscription plans for premium features allows for a scalable revenue model. As the platform grows and evolves, subscription plans provide a reliable source of income while incentivizing users to upgrade for access to exclusive benefits and enhanced functionality.

Featured Listings

Implementing featured listings as a monetization strategy provides an additional revenue stream while offering service providers increased visibility and exposure. The platform can generate revenue by charging a premium for featured listings while helping service providers stand out and attract more clients.

Commission on Task Value

A commission-based model tied to the value of tasks ensures that revenue scales with the platform’s success. As the volume and value of tasks increase, so does the platform’s revenue, making it a flexible and adaptive monetization strategy for long-term sustainability.


Integrating targeted advertising into the platform allows for additional revenue generation without directly impacting users’ experiences. By partnering with relevant businesses and displaying ads strategically, the platform can monetize its user base while providing value to advertisers and users alike.

Premium Accounts

Offering premium accounts with advanced features and benefits provides a source of recurring revenue while enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. Premium accounts cater to users willing to pay for extra value, helping to differentiate the platform and increase overall profitability.

Referral Programs

Leveraging referral programs incentivizes user growth and engagement while minimizing acquisition costs. By rewarding users for referring new members to the platform, the app can foster organic growth and increase its user base, leading to greater monetization opportunities in the long run.

Transaction Insurance

Offering transaction insurance as an optional service adds value to users while creating an additional revenue stream for the platform. By charging a fee for transaction insurance, the app can provide peace of mind to users while generating revenue from those who opt-in to the service.

Leverage Appinventiv’s Expertise to Build Your Own Airtasker-Like Service Marketplace App

Appinventiv, a leading on-demand app development company, specializes in partnering with businesses to create innovative and impactful service delivery applications. We work collaboratively to craft high-quality applications, offering tailored solutions to address businesses’ unique needs and objectives.

Our service delivery app development services encompass comprehensive concept ideation, strategic UI/UX design, seamless frontend and backend development, rigorous quality assurance testing, deployment, and ongoing maintenance.

Our team of seasoned experts combines unparalleled service with extensive expertise in app development, ensuring a personalized approach for both established businesses and newcomers alike.

In our recent project, ActDrive, an on-demand app for transportation services, our experts embarked on an extensive development journey. The innovative application powered by IoT technology allows the drivers to stay in touch with their mobile functionalities with just the help of gestures, paving the way for a hassle-free driving experience.

Appinventiv Partnered with ActDrive

Reach out to us today to embark on a transformative journey of creating cutting-edge apps in the service delivery domain. Together, we can revolutionize how users access and experience various services, sparking excitement and inspiration in the process.


Q. How much does it cost to develop an app like Airtasker?

A. Airtasker-like service delivery app development costs can vary widely based on factors such as the app’s complexity, desired features, and project scope. Expenses typically include design, testing, deployment, maintenance, and any third-party integrations and the budget can generally range between $40,000 to $300,000.

For exact cost estimates tailored to the needs of your project, contact our experts now.

Q. How long does it take to make an app like Airtasker?
A. The timeline to create an app like Airtasker depends on various factors, including project scope, complexity, and available resources. While simpler versions may be developed in a matter of 4 to 6 months, more advanced apps with extensive features and integrations may require a year or longer.

Q. What are some common challenges encountered during the development of a service delivery app?

A. Developing a service delivery app presents several common challenges, including ensuring seamless coordination between service providers and users, optimizing performance across different devices and platforms, maintaining data security and privacy, managing user expectations, and navigating regulatory compliance.

Implementing real-time communication features and intuitive task assignment systems can enhance efficiency and collaboration in a service delivery app and address the challenge of seamless coordination between service providers and users. Creating a user-friendly interface with clear instructions and prompts can help manage user expectations and improve overall satisfaction.

Dileep Gupta
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