How To Choose The Best Framework For Your Mobile App?
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How To Choose The Best Framework For Your Mobile App?

Shivam Srivastav
By Shivam Srivastav| Thursday, August 13, 2015 09:57 AM |6 min read
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Every mobile app has some distinct features that makes them look different from others. The most daunting part of the mobile app development is the selection of the framework. Here are some of the points that you may want to consider while working on your app project.

Programming Languages

The language of a program is very essential and most of the time it is witnessed that the programmers already have an established preference for designs and programs. Hence, it is advised to choose the framework that your designers and programmers know when you have time constraints.

User Interface and The Themes

These two are the considerations that will need your inputs throughout the entire process of designing. Basically a theme is the design element that is carried out through the entire application on each and every screen of the application. As far as user interface and user experience is considered, they are often plastered together and they look on both the effectiveness and the smoothness of the experience. UI lays out a blueprint of the structure and UX shapes the exterior of the structure and theme is produced when the end product has been reached.


Speed is the biggest factor these days and it is accelerating day by day. Moreover, when we talk about the customers or users, it is very important to note that the users won’t take your app seriously until the speed is fast enough. In the absence of the responsive design that quickly produces answers and scrolls damn swiftly, your app won’t be able to make the effect in the market.


You have to look upon all the upgrade and modification possibilities for the application in a future date. The ease with which the app can be upgraded and the usability of the framework will surely be a pain for your team in case the documentation does not indicate what you can do with it.

Community Development

A framework that is well known among the large community of developers would certainly have more potential as compared to a smaller community because it is very obvious that the larger community would overshadow the smaller community for obvious reasons. Participating in large community developments has multiple benefits like access to tools on demand and it makes your application more secure and extensible.

Which Framework is best for the Mobile App

Before you examine the best framework for your mobile app, you will have to gather the fundamental knowledge about your app and its execution. Below mentioned are some of the today’s most popular titles.

Ionic: Basically used to develop beautiful open-source front ends using a web technology with HTML5

Intel XDK: It is a framework for Mac, Linux and Windows. They have a good number of templates and user interface frameworks in order to get started.

Appcelerator Titanium: It allows you to create a transformative mobile app with the help of an open source application framework and is best used for creating apps for several platforms at a time.

Sencha touch: It is one of the other HTML framework for the development of apps for multiple platforms. This framework can be used if you want the same look and feel across platforms.

Remember that finding the right mobile application framework may prove to be the hardest stage when you talk about the new application. The customer and the application would tell you many points about what you need on the path of UI, UX and the overall design.

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