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How To Choose The Right App Development Partner For Your Startup

June 29, 2016   byAshfaq Ahmad0 COMMENTS   1,111 views

For finding the right development partner for your Startup the first thing that every startup owner does is - sits down and does some research to quickly shortlist the top app development companies. So, whether to choose between Onshore or Offshore app developers? or to choose between a freelancer or corporate? - Let’s take a look at a few steps that can be considered for selecting the dexterous and dedicated app developers for your startup:

1. Look for a developers who are interested in your startup, not just in the development

A wise app development company should not only be capable of guiding you through the app development process, but should also be capable of giving the creative and business-centric input. And, based on their experience with similar apps, the right app development partner knows what works and what doesn’t on the App store because they have a prior experience of working with the similar clients or brands.

2. Closely assess their portfolio

A wise and knowledgeable developer must possess excellent UI/UX skills. While closely looking at their portfolio, consider the beautiful looking apps which have excellent user interfaces. As UI plays an important role in the success of any application and increases the rate of user interaction with it.

3. Go for client references

By looking at the developer’s client’s references, you can get the actual feedback of their prior work and company.

4. Select the developer you can build a relationship with

Developing a mobile app in not just a one-time activity, it needs frequent updates and changes. After the app’s launch, you need it needs to go through many evolutions, up gradations and cycles based on frequent user feedback. Always look for a well-versed developer, who has the capability to stick with the app through the app lifecycle and does not pull his hands once the app is first launched or hosted.

5. Don't let the price drive you

However, for every startup getting cost-effective solutions is one of the prime focuses. But you should never select your development partner based on a price quote because you need an amazing product, not the cheapest product.

Every startup has a budget, but often the lowest cost option can result into more expensive in the long run.

6. Consider the whole package, not just the coding

Developing an app is not just about the coding. A user-centric app includes captivating design, kink-free coding and rigorous testing. It’s also about crafting a functional design and thinking about delivering the best user experience. While developing an app developer, talk to the whole development team, which will be working on your project.

7. Always consider design a priority

Today UI/UX is playing an important role in the success of any app. How it will look is as important as how it works. So, go a step ahead and look at the development partner, who can add value to the usability aspect of your product – be it website or mobile app. As this will define how users will interact with your product.

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