OTT App Development Services We Offer

Step into the future of tailored video software solutions with our next-gen OTT development services.
OTT Application Consulting

As an experienced OTT mobile app development company, we identify your key business requirements and perform a detailed analysis to offer you an optimal online video platform development strategy that ensures great returns.

Custom OTT App Development

At Appinventiv, we design and develop robust custom video streaming platforms that give your business complete control over the user account, interface, and content.

OTT UI & UX Design

The UX/UI design elements for the OTT platform are great usability, user experience, and an eye-popping visual for capturing the attention of the users. Leverage our frontend talent for building high-end professional-looking user interfaces for various devices and screens.

OTT Application Migration and Upgrade

We follow a smooth OTT app migration and upgrade strategy by utilizing a customer-oriented approach and visioning of a long-term innovation system. Our OTT app development experts help you migrate from any legacy platform to a stellar viewing experience.

OTT Application Integration

With a seamless and consistent operation strategy, our OTT application integration experts can effectively help you with your OTT-related initiatives. Regarding integration needs, our team is very competent to accomplish exceptional and unmatched ease.

OTT Maintenance and Support

We offer continuous support beyond a specific OTT platform’s conventional migration or deployment process, which includes fixing the application’s threats and bugs, securing databases, and finetuning checkpoints to ensure a robust OTT streaming platform.

OTT App Testing

Being an expert in software testing and QA consulting, we leverage our in-house automation platform at different stages of the product development life cycle. Our OTT app testing services include bandwidth testing, third-party integration testing, and remote usability testing.

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Transform Your Business with Breakthrough OTT Solutions

Leverage our OTT video app development solutions to manage, distribute, and monetize your OTT content worldwide.
Interactive Video Solutions

Enrich user experience, boost brand loyalty, and increase revenue with our appealing and interactive video solutions. Keep your users engaged with in-built questions, surveys, or any call-to-action buttons that entice them to interact with your OTT app.

Video Content Management

We help you to manage your media assets smartly by facilitating the process of easy data retrieval from text, image, audio, or video content. This helps reduce manual work and makes your business operations smooth and streamlined.

Video Surveillance Solution

Our experts deliver accurate video surveillance solutions for your OTT streaming platforms like analog and IP systems, monitoring and verification capabilities, cloud-based storage, video analytics, access control, and reporting.

Content Delivery Networks

We help you to integrate your video delivery platform with any content delivery network available in the market. In this way, the viewer experience is significantly enhanced worldwide by reducing network congestion, latency, or any other bottlenecks.

Digital Rights Management

We follow all the coherent content protection strategies by developing a custom DRM system aligned with your goals. We also comply with studio and rights-holder requirements enabling consumer-centric features such as time-limited trials and parental control.

By building your OTT app on cloud, enable instant upscaling or downscaling on-public-demand.

Implement Next-Gen OTT Features to Your Streaming Platform

Choose the right stack of OTT app features for providing value-driven video content to your users.
Multi-Lingual Support

Make your content available in various languages by adding audio descriptions, subtitles, or audio tracks on your video streaming platform.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Let your users make hassle-free payments with multiple payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, bank transfers, and others.


Give your users the convenience of adding video content they wish to watch later in the watchlist. Custom OTT development integrates a push notification feature to remind the users of their watchlists.

Smart Search

Enhance user engagement by utilizing the analytics-led search screen that allows users to search and define their preferences with personalized recommendations and accurate results.

Multiple Content Categorization

Build a higher engagement rate by helping your users find their video content faster by categorizing it on the basis of audience-targeted and genre-based content.

Audience Analytics

Utilize the audience analytics feature to get accurate data on region-wise user preferences, user behavior, user subscription patterns, user ratings, and more.

Our Core Competencies

We offer full-fledged OTT app development and consulting services that ensure agility in your business.
OTT TV App Development

Our custom smart TV app development encompasses utilizing smart TV for OTT platforms, ensuring a stellar viewing experience. Our OTT developers are skilled and experienced enough to build live streaming apps for Android TV, Apple TV, and other platforms.

Streaming Services for Mobile and Web

Utilize our future-oriented audio and video streaming solutions for any platform loaded with a feature-rich interface and high-quality graphics. Our experts assure you of an app that is not only alluring but easy to use and comes with quick navigational features.

Decentralized Video Streaming App Development

We are experts at building permission-based and public decentralized video streaming applications or NFT OTT platforms. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology in NFT OTT platform development, we provide an alluring viewing experience.

Live Streaming and Video Conferencing App Development

We also offer tailor-made live streaming and real-time video conference applications like Zoom for conducting programs, events, meetings, and much more. The live streaming app fosters engagement and enlivens user experience with intuitive elements.

Know how our experts created a glitch-free live video content streaming app like ABP Live

Why Choose Appinventiv as Your OTT Development Service Partner?

Whether you’re an established player in the industry or a startup in need of OTT development services, we help you build a superior online video solution designed to get your users engaged and ensure greater returns.
Proven Domain Expertise

We have built various custom OTT platforms from scratch and are experts in offering end-to-end OTT consulting and development services. From video management to monetization, we support you at every stage of your video content delivery journey.

Trusted by Top Global Brands

Throughout all these years, we worked with various industry leaders to create state-of-art video solutions specifically designed for outperforming the competition. Start with our OTT services to take the market by storm and leave the competition in the dust.

End-to-End Integrations

Underpinned by the solid integration process, our testing experts ensure that your online video streaming platform seamlessly interacts with big data transfer systems, content delivery networks (CDN), digital rights management (DRM), content orchestration, and other solutions.

Dedicated QA Services

Being one of the top OTT software development companies, you can completely rely on our comprehensive QA services to keep up your product quality. Our team is always ready to assist you in building an effective QA strategy for your OTT development.

Flexible App Development Process

We have a flexible yet well-defined OTT app development process. We believe even undertaking a major project of building a brand new OTT video platform can be carried out in a low-risk, predictable manner without sacrificing the development speed.

Our Video Technology Stack

By choosing the right set of tools and technologies, we bring you modern video app functionalities.


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Support Testing
Mobile Testing

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost for building an OTT platform like Netflix or Disney Plus can vary greatly depending on the project size, development hours, and technology stack. However, on average, an OTT app development cost can range from $20,000 to $150,000.

The time to develop an OTT mobile application can vary from three to eight months or even more, depending on the type of platform you choose and other features that you want to implement in the application.

The top platforms for launching an OTT app include website, iOS mobile app, Android mobile app, Android TV app, iPad app, Apple TV app, Xbox app, PlayStation App, Amazon fire stick, Samsung TV, Mac OS app, Windows app, and others.

Choosing and planning for the right business model is crucial to ensure a continuous stream of revenue. Here are the main videos streaming monetization models followed by the top brands:

  • Subscription video on demand- Here, you will be offering video content to your users in return for a subscription fee.
  • Transactional video on demand- This is a pay-per-view model where the users will have to pay and download any video content.
  • Ad-supported video on demand- This is an ad-centric digital video service model which is only applicable and successful for those platforms that have huge viewership.

Appinventiv is one of the best OTT platform development companies that offers OTT streaming services with end-to-end video encryption. Here are some of the benefits of OTT software solutions:

  • Connectivity
  • Convenience
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Data transparency
  • Robust video CMS
  • All device player
  • Video analytics
  • Video monetization

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