Wireframes and How they Affect the Mobile App Development Industry

Saurabh Singh August 5, 2022
Wireframes and How they Affect the Mobile App Development Industry

There are many a mobile app development companies which resort to developing a prototype model for their client. The wireframes are an imperfect way of preparing the final outcome of the product. These are a plan layout or a blueprint. The app developers use these tools as a fundamental tool for any given screen. But, the prototypes are often unable to replace them, and there is an additional benefit of using these tools, which is the ability of the wireframe to do testing. The low-fidelity and sketches type of tools are inadequate for the mobile app developers to create a mobile app that is not only intricate but also rich in interactions. Also, you can use these prototypes to raise funding from angel investors or venture capitalists if required.

These tools never highlight the app aesthetics but, they lay down the structure of the app from the functional point of view. The people who are involved in the project will be able to know what each screen is capable of doing. It also highlights the type and amount of coding needed based on each of the screen as well as how they are wired together in the formation of the final product, as the product goes through the various phases of app development. There are many advantages of the browser based wireframe development tools such as creation of a basic layout in the shortest possible time and one which has a low learning curve. Moreover, these tools are mostly opens source and are considerably cheaper and affordability is one of the points to attract the developers in using them.

Here, are some of ways in which the wireframes affect the mobile app development process:

1. Saves Time

Although the actual process of wireframing is simple, but the actually wireframing is an efficient tool and a valuable asset too. The most effective reason for using wireframes is to show the clients as to how your app development looked like from the very beginning. They portray how the the main app idea on which the mobile app developers actually build an app and how did they explore on unchartered areas, while maintaining the core principles.

2. Real-time Information

Wireframes actually involves an increase in the communication level by many times and are very effective in one member of the team getting some ideas from these and then keep all the members informed about this. There must be a synergy established between the mobile app developer and the UI designer, otherwise this results in a negative effect, on the aesthetics and also on the functionality. They are also one of the best way to inform the clients about exactly where the team is located.

3. Versatility

Wireframes have multiple levels of usage and are not just limited to all other development elements branching out. They are used not just in setting up the function of the app but also as a safety measure. Sometimes, the application developed by the mobile app developer will be required to remove or even replace some of functions or elements of the apps. When the mobile app developer tries to do so, a chain of other conditions will be applied. The mobile app developers will either try to avoid these or fix these conditions. In order to do, they will thoroughly go through the app’s mainframes and keep a track on each loop and crossing that happened during the app development. The more complex is this activity, harder does it gets. They act as a guide and eases and makes the job easier.

The steps must be tracked back to the inception and to find out which route is taken for which action. There are journal-type mapping properties of wireframes, which will enable to remove the bugs or the defects, that too in a much easier way.

Not all the mobile app development companies are equipped with modern wireframe tools usage or practices and one must be extremely cautious about choosing such a company. The advantage of using them at the beginning of the project is to add value to the mobile app development, in the form of a strong foundation.

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Saurabh Singh
Saurabh Singh
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