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Giving Our Clients The Ultimate
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Speed & Scalability Through
Agile Development

The second you get on-board, the development wheel starts churning. We start by breaking the app development cycle into different tasks. These tasks are then again divided into subtasks, each of which is performed simultaneously after being assigned to our teams.

We Agile Your App To Success

This way, after a fixed period of time, you don't just get one ready
you get multiple features of the mobile application. To
achieve this, the developers, designers, and testers work
simultaneously and co-dependently.

Every subtask is divided by us into sprints of two weeks, within
which we cross out elements one after another. To ensure that
everything is aligned with the project expectation, we have daily scrum
meetings with the team, where the tasks are clearly assigned.

Our High-Quality Apps Are Developed At Low
Risk & Expedited Development Speed

Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD)

We connect you with the developers, designers, and the testers help you communicate the specific requirements even before the actual implementation.

Agile Modeling

We document the principles and values for applying in mobile app development work, which ease the implementation of agile development methods like the extreme programming, Scrum, and the Rational Unified Process.

Agile Testing

Making mobile app testing a crucial part of the mobile app development process, we ensure that the bugs and errors are next to nothing. Lead by our team of testers, Agile method help keeps every involved party from the UX-UI designers to the app developers in the circle.


Our POC’s keep their to-do lists and the what’s left lists handy. This helps in achieving client’s expectations through the incremental and iterative mobile app development process.

Behavior Driven Development

Every app functionality is validated in a planned way to not miss test cases or criteria defining them. It also includes the prime causes and their relevant fixes.

Our Lightweight Framework Helps To
Focus On Goals And Objectives

Our objective-oriented frameworks help our clients get to ground level answers

  • Vision
    What do you want?
    What's important about it?
  • Methods
    How do you get it?
  • Measures
    How will you know when
    you have it
  • Obstacles
    What might stand in the way?

Our Extreme Programming (XP) Produces The Most
Customer Value With The Highest Quality Output.

Every step of our mobile app development project is strategized and taken with the aim to give
maximum value to the end users

Our Distributed Agile Developers Help you
Unleash the True Power of Agility

At the beginning of the project, you will be a given a team who will follow an Agile development approach
that guarantees to lower the project’s associated risks while keeping your budget in control and your
time to market minimal.

Our Agile Process Expedites Your Time To Market

We Don’t Just Develop Apps Using Agile Methodology, Agile is IN The Atom of Our Culture DNA.

Our Agile Culture is all about the creation of an environment, which is underpinned by the core behaviors, values, and practices that enable all levels in the organisation to efficiently adapt to the cultural changes. Agility resides in our team rather than our structure, system, and process.

Appinventiv Agile Culture helps us to handle uncertainty more efficiently, all with the support of our team - which is adaptive, flexible, and innovative.

Our Nested Feedback Loop Ensures Your Projects Are Dominated By Change That Benefits

In order to respond quickly to change, our process includes the following feedback loops. These feedback loops operate on
different time scales to facilitate everything from tiny adjustments to wholesale changes in a project's direction.

Feedback Loop Frequency Participant Length
Pair Programming Continuous Development Continuous
Daily Standup Daily Project Team 15 minutes
Iteration Planning Bi-Weekly Project Team 1-2 hours
Risk Analysis
Every Other
Project Team,
1-2 hours
Pair Programming Continuous Development 1-2 hours

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