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Mobile App Consultancy

Where user needs meet business goals

With a combination of art and science and backed with user research, our mobile app consultancy experts help validate your business idea and create a potent mobile strategy. We identify the right features for your product; we map them with what your target users’ desire; we use insight analytics about your market and competitors…in short, we help you create products that stand out from the crowd!

Strategic Product Definition

The first step in mobile app consultancy involves defining the right features for your mobile product. We deliver an actionable strategy for every stage of the product definition process. The principle we follow for success is to put users first so that user needs meet business objectives, always.

  • Strategy Workshop
  • Product Vision
  • Roadmap Recommendation
  • User-centered Research
Business and Market Insights

There is an entirely untapped market waiting to be conquered... our mobile app consultancy experts recognize the huge potential of app solutions! And we help you do that by keeping abreast of past and present market trends.We also use analytics to study competitor products and case studies on existing products.

  • Business Goal Definition
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Baseline Data Analysis
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Market Opportunity Analysis
Concept Validation

We use the knowledge gained from prior steps to understand which features will work and which will sink….a vital discretion we have gained after years of mobile app consultancy for clients with different needs and target markets. By concept validation, we remove the guesswork from development and proceed with the sure steps that will cater to your specific user personas.

Features Prioritization

Armed with user and market research knowledge, we compare all possible features that can be integrated into your product. We use implementation ease, feasibility, labor and cost inputs, and many other differentiators to decide the priority features in your magnum opus. Mobile app consultancy will help you get a clearer understanding of revenue-generating features so that no resources are expended without promising a return.

  • Technical dependencies assessment
  • Friction identification
  • SData flow planning
  • Loyalty program strategy
Usability Testing

We take user experience seriously. It’s one of the major influencers that decide the fate of a mobile application. We create usability labs where we conduct alpha and beta testing at successive stages of a product development process. We then incorporate user feedback to create products that have a lasting impact and proven success rate. Mobile app consultancy delivers results, every time!

Content Strategy

We curate and develop content in all formats-text, images, videos and audio. We develop an information architecture that lets users navigate easily and reach the information they want in a few clicks and steps as possible.

  • Existing content audit
  • Content report
  • App indexing
  • Visual Design Concept
  • Content strategy statement
  • Mobile branding recommendations
  • Workflow mapping
Data Opportunity Strategy

We allow you a host of options for your user search. Do you wish to gather invaluable information regarding your users’ demographics, preferences, geographies and other parameters? We help you collect this intelligence through mobile and other platforms. A mobile app consultancy module will let us explore all business opportunities for you and help maximize YOUR profits.

Our Mobile App Consultancy Process

Gullak: Our Mobile App Consultancy Success A Case Study

GULLAK – MONEY MANAGER helps you keep track of your expenses and income. It manages your money more effectively and helps you to SAVE up to 30% of your monthly expenses. It’s a very good finance planner app. Gullak – Money Manager is an integrated expense tracker designed to help you track your expenses, income, bills-due and account balances. It is easy to understand and the best way to record your financial data. It has crossed over 1 million downloads in app stores.

Mobile Device
01. Business Requirement

Our Client wanted to get an app that works on both platforms i.e iOS and Android. They wanted a user-friendly app which is easy to use.

02. The Challenge

Today expense and incomes related app industry are witnessing robust growth. The inclination of customers towards their savings and schedule payments is growing rapidly.

The challenge was to create an app that simplifies the complex finance principles and present them in an easy to understand manner. It was to make an app that works on all devices and platforms.
03. Our Vision
  • To help people understand their money and live better with more Savings.
  • Absolute financial freedom, the kind users have never experienced before.
04. Our Solution: Gullak- A Simple App With Dynamic Features

We recognized the opportunity and create an app for iOS and Android platform, Gullak. Our app is the simplest way to add new income and expense and schedule payments easily. To satisfy the client’s business objectives and user needs, we prioritized the following features:

  • Simultaneous Syncing
    through multiple devices.

  • Set up reminders, warranty
    and recurring Transactions.

  • Automatic Data backup
    and Retrieval.

  • Easy and customizable
    User Interface.

  • Manage and transfer
    between multiple accounts.

  • Track Expense, income, bills and account balance for your financial accounts.

  • Track Expense, income, bills and account balance for your financial accounts.

Mobile Hand
05. We Used The Power of Unique Data Analysis
  • Visually explore your monthly/weekly stats with graphs.
  • Find the category if highest expenses with pie-chart.
  • Know your trend and improve Household budgets.
  • Watch your Spending and control your budget.
06. Why Gullak Satisfies Client And Users Alike?
  • It will save over 20% of your monthly expenses.
  • It helps you take a better decision about how to use the money.
  • It helps you in reducing the avoidable spending.
  • Improves the free flow of cash and financial freedom.
Users happy, Clients satisfied- Aim accomplished!
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