Why Restaurants Need Well-Executed Mobile App

Prateek Saxena August 19, 2022

Irrespective of whether yours is one of online food delivery apps or it is a restaurant finder app or it’s a simple food ordering app, you are on a successful route.  

Food outlets are among the businesses that stand to benefit more from the emergence of mobile search. As per a recent survey of approximately 1,500 mobile phone users, 81% of customers reported that they searched for a restaurant or any eatery using an app. On the other side, 92% did this task on a mobile web.

The market share of restaurant-related apps demonstrates one of the highest growth rates. With the restaurant technology transforming the industry, there is no denying that the restaurant business app is no less than a blessing – a blessing that is one of the biggest benefits of mobile apps for restaurants. This is because it not just allows your customers to have a look at your services but also helps your restaurant business remain a strong brand resonance image in the users’ minds.

The number of world-class restaurant mobile app development solutions is growing by leaps and bounds. A large number of people are using them to order food, book reservation in a hotel, or to find the best restaurant. 

Although applications like UberEats or DoorDash pose as a profitable alternative to developing their own restaurant app, there are multiple revenue impacting problems associated with this approach. 

  • Very high commission rate 
  • Unsure delivery quality 
  • Heightened competition 
  • Lack of control over visibility. 

According to reports by Statista, the number of smartphone food delivery app users in the US increased from 36.4 million users in 2019 to 45.6 million users in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This growth was further expected to increase with an estimated 53.9 million users by 2023. This increase has led to restaurant app development company in California to provide quality and user-friendly apps to the client.

With the growing demand for restaurant apps, a large number of restaurant app builder companies have now gotten engaged in offering world-class app development services for your hotel business.

There are a number of reasons that support why Restaurants should invest in a mobile app, let us look at the most crucial ones that best defines why to perform mobile app development for restaurant –

Reasons That Make Restaurant App Development a Must-Have for Modern-day Restaurants and Cafes

1. To Reach Your Audience Within their Geographical Boundaries

One of the prime reasons why restaurants need mobile apps is to be able to avail of geo-location marketing benefits. Restaurant Business Apps are one of the surest ways for a business to reach its local users. And the fact that localization can lead to a sharp rise in conversion rate is not unknown. There are a number of ways restaurants can target users locally – by incorporating technology in food service industry – such as through iBeacon technology, GPS-based coupons, and even localized marketing. The end goal through all the ways is the same – optimal, profitable usage of order taking app of the restaurant.

2. Hassle-free reservation

Experienced restaurant app builders can help you get an app that then helps your customers in booking a table at their chosen time from the comfort of their home or office. An app takes away the hassle of walking down to the favorite restaurant or calling the help desk. This way you can offer them a highly convenient dining experience – all at the back of a partnership with a skilled team of restaurant app developers.

3. Notify customers

There is no denying that restaurants offer attractive deals depending on the season or any particular festival. When you hire a mobile app development company to create an app for a restaurant, you get a product that helps you send push notifications to inform the diners about attractive deals. This can help you in acquiring constant food orders through your restaurant order taking app.

4. Increase Your Restaurant’s Brand Awareness

When you create mobile apps for restaurants, you increase the scope of your brand awareness. It is also one of the reasons why restaurants need mobile apps. This is because the app is always there on the mobile phone of your customers, reminding them all the time about your business. This is also one of the biggest benefits which you should not ignore.

Along with this, with a restaurant business app, you get the option to send push notifications to the users highlighting the special days’ deals. And every single notification from your restaurant on the users’ device is equal to an opportunity to create deeper brand resonance in the users’ minds. This ultimately results in an efficient, popularized food ordering system using a mobile phone.

5. Offer Personalized Mobile App Experience

The product of the restaurant mobile app development process is generally a mobile app that businesses can use to first fetch and store personal information about the user and then use the same information to send personalized messages and deals to improve the overall brand experience.

Personalized restaurant app design benefiting restaurants with mobile ordering has over time emerged as the synonym to an engaged user base and greater brand retention (but only when developed with context-based content).

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6. Improve your services

By incorporating a review and feedback section in your restaurant app design, you get ready-made access to all the opinions that the users are carrying for not just your mobile app but also your business.

Apart from highlighting the areas where you are lacking for its betterment, the review and feedback section also gives you an idea of how to expand your restaurant business further and how to promote your restaurant through mobile apps.

7. Better Customer Loyalty 

A restaurant application which provides the opportunity for loyalty program and rewards come with a huge potential for increasing sales. An example of this can be seen in the Starbucks Rewards program. The app gives users incentives to pay from the app and earn stars which can then be used for other rewards. 

When we develop restaurant apps, we ensure that loyalty is not tied to discounts. We ensure that the loyalty programs are designed to be engaging, omnichannel, and personalized in addition to delivering a good user experience.

8. Enhance returning visits

A customer loyalty program in the app plays a vital role in improving return visits. There is no exaggeration in saying that customers using loyalty programs are at a higher chance to return. So, reap this benefit by providing a great restaurant app.

9. Improved Reviews on Ranking Sites

All the digital benefits that you are able to offer once you partner with a restaurant app development company can result in improved ratings and reviews on several restaurant ranking websites like Yelp, etc. 

While these reasons are enough to invest in a restaurant app, there are some of the elements that have emerged as the must-have features of a restaurant app and form the premise of several restaurant app ideas. Restaurant app development company in California, Texas, Florida, Virginia, are growing to build feature-rich apps that are specifically for the food business. Let us glance through some of those features which also play a vital role in deciding the restaurant app development cost.

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Features That Translate the Efforts of Restaurant App Development Services Into Great Restaurant Apps

  • Search Option to Look for Food Items or Restaurants
  • Restaurant Ordering System Using Mobile Application
  • In-App Payment
  • Order History
  • Social Media Integration
  • Chatbots /Customer Support System
  • Customer Review and Feedback Option
  • Referral Programs 
  • Push Notifications

Disclaimer: Learn more about the must-have features for your restaurant app in detail

Now that you know why your restaurant needs a mobile app and the features that you must incorporate in it to result in a mobile app for restaurant ordering, the next step is to contact our team of skilled restaurant mobile app developers and start with your dream to not just increase the footfall in your restaurant but also increase the user experience.

Prateek Saxena
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