The Importance of Education Apps in Enterprises
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The Importance of Education Apps in Enterprises

Sudeep Srivastav
By Sudeep Srivastav| Wednesday, December 26, 2018 13:36 PM |12 min read
Mobile learning app for enterprise

The momentum caught by mobile technologies is not seeing reduction anywhere in the world. In fact, the growth of smartphone technologies has been nothing less than exponential and in the next 7 minutes, we will learn the reason for such growth.

If we were to believe the numbers projected on statista, around 36% of the total world’s population is currently going about their days, taping on to the screens of their smartphones for the reasons ranging from necessities to entertainment. That is, according to the forecast, the total number of global smartphone users was expected to grow from 2.1 billion in 2016 to over 2.5 billion by 2019.

With these skyrocketing stats, the size of opportunities for learning to grow on a global level is better than ever. Learning is not a new topic of discussion that has been put on a public platform for scrutiny. However, the methods used for learning have gotten rather old for people to keep up the quality of education. In such a scenario, education app development companies are in a high demand.

For instance, with such a huge availability of smartphones and the Internet around the world, the quality and uniformity of education can be improved in numerous ways. And hence, we have, with us, the concept of m-Learning or Mobile learning.

This shift in learning methodologies becomes more important now than ever as the global workforce is standing at crossroads, with the Gen-X taking the back seat in the world of technical operations and the Millenials operating the front of every business.

With the Smartphone dependant millennials, it is even more crucial to change the learning processes to a more digital interface. And we are not saying these things without the backing of concrete statistics.

For a full view of the future of m-Learning solutions in the world, let us move over to the statistics that prove all our theories about the importance of mobile learning.

Why is mLearning Essential today – Stats

43% of the people displayed improved productivity with the use of phone compared to non-phone users

The Ultimate aim of any management body is to improve the productivity of their teammates. And when it is proved on paper that the use of smartphones increases the productivity at the workplace, it is hard to argue otherwise.
In a 2016 report by Samsung and Frost & Sullivan, it is clearly indicated that the respondents of the study gained 58 minutes of work every day on average by the use of smartphones at work. In fact, they reported the overall productivity increase of about 34%. And by 2017, close to 51% of employees were using the m-Learning mobile apps that were mandated by their employers.

mLearning is used by 52% of people as the first thing after waking up.

As bizarre as it sounds, 52% of people in the world start their days with smartphones and learning via mobile even before leaving their beds and going about their morning routines.
The feasibility of our smartphones and the omnipresent WiFi has made us habitual of reaching out for our phones and feeding upon knowledge and news with the help of various Mobile Learning development tools.
After all, on an average, a person spends about 2.5 hours daily on their smartphones and it is not unimaginable that many of them are using this time to learn something. This poses into a necessity, big enough, for more businesses to introduce mLearning in their courses.

46% of people worldwide use mLearning tools right before sleeping.

This goes without saying that at the end of the day after finishing all the chores and responsibilities, the last thing people look at is their smartphones. But a little under half the population with smartphones is using this opportunity to dig into some useful knowledge with the help of various Mobile Learning development tools.
Well, it is safe to say that 46% of people with smartphones think that smartphone Learning is better than sleeping.

76% of people using mLearning tools are doing so on their own devices.

This statistic alone speaks volumes about how much margins there are for saving money for businesses. If 3/4th of your total workforce owns their own device and is readily using it for the purpose of learning, it isn’t difficult to calculate how much money you will be able to save.
With proper tools for m-Learning, all the specific training at the workplace can be conducted among teammates with their own smart devices.
In fact, according to a 2016 report, around 70-80% workers believe that mLearning or eLearning and positively impact their career growths and job performances.

Only 28.9% millennials are engaged in their jobs.

At the beginning of this article, we have established that millennials make up the majority of the world’s workforce in today’s world. Now, in a world where the majority of the workforce is proven to be the least engaged in their jobs, what kind of progress will be done.
To bring about a positive change in this situation, it is important that we take highly effective measures. One of the immediate things to do in this situation is that we introduce mLearning methods to our routines at work.
About 71% of the millennial workforce is currently disengaged and not-so-motivated. That means we have to correct this by external reinforcements. With Millennials being the Smartphone generation, there is a lot of opportunity of mLearning tools to help in building work engagement among this group.

A total of 89% smartphone users download mobile apps and 50% of the apps are for education.

It goes without saying that Mobile apps play a rather major role in the smartphone industry. After all, about 91% of the total time spent on smartphones by an average person is accounted by the usage of mobile applications. The good thing about this number is that there is no need of need generation when we talk about starting a smartphone Learning Venture. Because half of the smartphone generation is already using some kind of app to learn about something.
So all you need to do is provide a more appropriate channel for specific learning.
And this is the main reason why encouraging learning through smartphones is more productive and effortless work.

64% of people find that having able to access any kind of workplace learning from a mobile device is very useful and should be mandatory.

It has been over a decade when the Smartphone brought a breakthrough to the world and today it is a time when our smartphones have become the third limb. So much so that for the minutest queries in our minds, we thoughtlessly reach into our pocket to run an internet search – It is that easy.
In other words, the combination of mobile phones with the internet has opened a gateway to a plethora of knowledge which available at our dispense anytime we want.
And this knowledge has found a way into our workplaces as well, in the form of mLearning apps. With 64% of people believing that the use of mobile devices will only enhance the working and learning experience for them, it is high time to make it essential at all the workplaces.

Now that we have built upon our knowledge base about the necessity of mLearning in workplaces and other environments, let us take a look what the year 2018 has been like in terms of learning through mobile learning trends.

Popular mLearning trends of 2018

BYOD is the news

BYOD or Bring your own device is one of the major mobile Learning trends that turned up in 2018. It was projected in a report by Sailpoint that 2018 will see approximately 70% of working professionals will prefer working upon their own electronic devices (mobiles and PCs), at homes as well as at workplaces.
This is so because people today are used to working with the comfort of their own devices. Being habitual of the convenience of smartphones which allow us to access any knowledge resource anytime anywhere, BYOD becomes an obvious next step. And majority workforce being tech-savvy, BYOD is one of the most appropriate strategies to be adopted in any workplace.

The hiking popularity of Mobile Analytics

Mobile analytics is the way to deciphering learning patterns of different individuals at a workplace. And as more and more organisations are identifying themselves as L&D (Learning and development organisations), “the adoption of having personalized learning models developed for all the employees at a workplace” as an idea is catching fire.
In short, more organisations are addressing the importance of having personalized learning models.

Keeping it small to keep it effective

The average attention span of the present time’s learner is passably low. Therefore, in order to keep up with that, things need to be kept curious enough for people to respond to them. In fact, people tend to lose interest in anything that they know is a long winding course.
Thus, the best retention strategy for people is to keep the content portion small. It is better to keep the content focused on a single topic than to diverse out the things to learn in terms of topics.
In order to achieve the best results, this kind of micro-learning modules can be easily delivered through personal mobile devices of people and are highly effective.

Mobile phones for performance support

Now that we have already learned that mLearning (or mobile devices at work) are directly related to enhanced performance, it is time that we learn how can mLearning help in providing performance support to our teammates.
In other words, the support that they need to perform their jobs perfectly anytime they need and anywhere they need it. For instance, personal sales meetings can be tricky while demonstrating a tech product, an app or a functional software. And, in many cases, the sales personnel on field end up requiring the support of the backend development team for a smooth presentation. And, mLearning tools can be of great help in such scenarios.
Access to all the required information from the ease of a mobile device can work wonders for all the teammates in enhancing their overall performance at work.

With the rising number of mobile learning app development practices, it is safe to conclude that mLearning has become a dependable technology. In fact, The above-mentioned work trends have worked well with all kinds of business structures in this year and since technology is forever bettering itself, trend forecasts can be made for the coming year as well. Let us take a look at what 2019 has in store for mLearning.

mLearning trends to be seen in 2019

Mobile Coaching

As cool as Mobile Coaching sounds, it is, in fact, a great source of having a subject matter expert right in your pocket. So for instance, before an important sales pitch or business meeting, your teammates can easily log in to the “mobile coaching” application and have a real expert prep them for the meeting in real-time. Mobile coaching, with the benefits that it offers, single handedly makes Mobile apps a growing trend in the Education industry. And this is not just an online portal but it also works as an offline video directory for people to browse through the videos to watch anytime.
Having Education apps in enterprises opens the possibility of learning on the go, especially in case of critical meetings and deals.

Micro-assessments on mobiles

Training and learning never end even when your teammates complete their courses. As an aid to knowledge retention, mobile micro-assessment tools will be a big high of 2019. As for mobile micro assessments, the corporate trainers will be able to create short questionnaires and have them scheduled to be sent at fixed intervals to the teammates after the completion of their training.
These assessments can even be taken via text messages or chat applications and services.
In fact, It will not be wrong to say that training and learning, either in Workplaces or in learning institutes, Mobile learning technology will revolutionise Education as we know it.

Augmented Reality will become a part of the process

Development of m-learning tools is on an all-time high now and for the future. Mobile learning apps are now moving towards AR and VR. With AR performance support tools, all the teammates have to do is hold their smartphones up to anything they require information about and they can get real-time information about the object to guide them.
No matter how rigorous training is given to the employees, the real knowledge retention takes place with hands-on-experience of the job. And there is no better way of embedding experience with learning except through augmented reality.

Today we have access to Some of the best mobile learning learning platforms, right through our app stores, like Coursera, Duolingo, Linkedin Learning and the list goes on. mlearning and education app developers are seeing a high demand of such apps among the over 2 billion smartphone users of the world. If truth be told, Mobile app development companies around the world have dedicated teams for mLearning app.

The time is not far away when mLearning will be seen as the only way of learning in many diverse scenarios of life. In fact, mobile learning apps for enterprises and other educational bodies is being adopted rapidly. Future of mobile learning is not a dream anymore, rather it is already a practical, practicable technology which is seeping very rapidly into our training courses. And with this ever-improving technology, the scope of m-learning app development is also taking a leap.

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