How much does it cost to build an e-commerce app like Noon?

January 4, 2023

Consumers today make purchases on the go and conduct research across numerous displays, but the mobile phone remains their favorite device for shopping online. Mobile transactions are rapidly increasing, while desktop usage is on the decline.

In-app transactions have grown by 22% year over year, according to Criteo’s Global Commerce Review. In most parts of the world, mobile already accounts for more than half of all online payments, and in-app purchases are the most common ones. The enhanced experience provided by apps is the reason for their increasing popularity.

Businesses of all sizes are upgrading their on-the-go experiences with e-commerce apps as more consumers turn to their smartphones to shop.

Are you someone who wants to accomplish business growth by joining the e-commerce market with a tailored Noon clone app?

Let’s find out how much it costs to develop an e-commerce app like the Noon app. But instead of focusing just on the e-commerce app development cost, you should examine the factors we have covered in this blog before beginning the process.

What are e-commerce apps?

The e-commerce mobile applications are fast replacing the e-commerce websites, which were introduced as a revolution brought by advancements in technology.

In layman’s terms, an e-commerce app is a software program designed to run on mobile and tablet devices. In essence, it performs the same functions as an e-commerce website, but in a much more efficient and user-friendly manner.

“Ease of use” is a critical requirement in an app. Mobile-first interface, quick loading, secure checkout, and instant access from the home screen are some of the reasons why shoppers choose mobile apps for shopping.

The huge popularity of a multi-vendor e-commerce site like Noon in the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries has inspired retailers to adopt this new trend to capitalize on its success. 

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E-commerce apps – A market overview

The online business trend has shown remarkable growth post-pandemic. It is expected that the B2B e-commerce site sales will reach nearly $2.44 trillion by 2025.

Another market research report states that the global e-commerce market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 22.9% from 2020 to reach $16,215.6 billion by 2027.

The post-pandemic world has enforced businesses to shift from retail stores to digital shopping stores. Many questions pop up when preparing yourself for such a drastic change, like, what is Noon and how much does such an eCommerce app development cost? Or how to create something like Noon?

So, let us first talk about Noon, its features, the process, and more to get the answers to the questions mentioned above.

About Noon

Noon is a $1 billion e-commerce platform that is widely regarded as the most prominent e-commerce shopping platform in the world, particularly in the United Arab Emirates. Its exceptionally user-friendly UI and flawless accessibility have earned it an international reputation.

With a 20 million product inventory spanning fashion, baby items, household goods, technology, sports, gadgets, groceries, and more, it promises to provide a market-leading consumer experience.

The uniqueness of this platform lies not in partnering with the best mobile app development company but consciously and proactively focussing on back-end logistics and supply chain systems. Some of the highlights of the application are listed below:

  • Well-organized product list under various categories
  • Hassle-free navigation
  • Easy to use user interface with extraordinary responsive features
  • Core focus on supply chain management to ensure fulfillment of broad listed variety of products
  • Users can access the desired category of product with the filters and search boxes options
  • Options of standard delivery mode and express delivery mode

By ensuring on-time delivery, Noon has raised the bar for on-demand app development. Businesses who want to learn how to create an app like Noon should first understand how it works. Let’s talk about some of Noon’s primary features that set it apart from other eCommerce platforms.

Features of e-commerce mobile app development like Noon

Let us know how to develop an eCommerce app similar to Noon.You need to make sure it offers the best features for an eCommerce application. You can’t afford to overlook any of these.

Register and log in

App users must first register to interact with the app. This feature allows users to sign up for the app using their email addresses and social media accounts and then log in after going through the authentication process.

Users can log in to the app using their login details if they have previously signed up. Then they must establish a user profile that contains the user data.

Home page

After onboarding, the homepage of your app is the main element that attracts users’ attention. Make sure it includes the information that your audience is most interested in to make it more impactful. You can, for example, include profitable deals, discounts, or the latest app additions.


The search function is crucial as it helps users quickly find the product they want by typing its name into the search field. Users can search products by color, size, price, and other attributes by applying filters.


Businesses can use notifications to deliver alerts, offers, and promotions to their app users. Adding this feature to the eCommerce app will keep users informed about what’s new. The app must keep in mind that the primary goal is to alert users, not to disturb them.

Customer support

It allows the user to get in touch with the company if there is a problem with the order. There is always a customer care facility to assist buyers if the delivered order is incorrect or damaged.

Product catalog

Your app’s product catalog is its heartbeat. The most widely accepted method of categorizing products is with clear pictures, product information, names, and prices.

Reviews and ratings

The importance of reviews and ratings cannot be overstated. The app’s products must have the ability to be rated and reviewed. When a user purchases a product, he or she can leave feedback on the app in the form of ratings and reviews. This input will assist other users in learning more about the products and deciding whether or not to purchase them.

Multiple payment options

This feature is essential if you want to create an online retail app like Noon. Your app has to handle payments quickly and efficiently. A multi-payment gateway can help you provide a flawless checkout experience. Users should be able to pay using credit or debit cards, internet banking, Paypal, eWallet, and other methods. It will help in gaining client loyalty.

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Customers can add the products they want to buy to the cart and then check out once they’ve made their choices. To continue, they must provide their name, address, phone number, and payment method. Following this, the user can click on the ‘order’ button, and the order will be processed.

Order summary, status & tracking

When users place orders, they must be kept informed at all times during the delivery process. Add this function to ensure real-time order tracking, as it will provide an expected delivery time. This functionality is used to improve the interaction between users and the application.

Deliveries on schedule

This feature allows users the opportunity to schedule a delivery slot based on their availability and suitability at the site.

Benefits of creating an e-commerce marketplace app like Noon

There are interesting figures that shows that to keep up with the pace of market, it is important for the organization to create a marketplace app like Noon. About 70% of the US customers use their mobile devices to make online purchases. Let us explore some of the benefits that can be reaped:

An instrument for data collection

Businesses can utilize the e-commerce app to acquire useful information to determine customer behavior and offer personalized promotions.

High convenience

Leveraging mobile e-commerce apps as a useful tool that simplifies daily work in all fields. Noon, a fantastic eCommerce mobile app, promotes strong relationships between clients and the organization.

Increased brand recognition

Businesses can increase their brand visibility by using a mobile e-commerce app like Noon. Businesses may connect directly with their customers on a deeper level with appealing and uncomplicated apps that send customized promotional messages.

How much does an e-commerce app development cost?

E-commerce mobile development cost is determined by a variety of factors involved in the app development process as well as the app development company you hire.

Developing an eCommerce app like Noon for an eCommerce store necessitates a thorough study and analysis of the elements listed below to determine the true eCommerce mobile app development cost.

Below are a few factors that affect the cost to develop an app like Noon. Let’s take a look at them. 

App design

The expense of developing an e-commerce application such as Noon is determined by the design you adopt or choose for your app. A user-friendly style that impresses the customer must be factored into the equation.

App platform

The platform to use is mostly determined by the target audience. According to the poll, Android and iOS are two of the most popular platforms, accounting for 98 % of the mobile app industry. You can also target both platforms and thus save 40% of development costs by employing a cross-platform ecommerce app development company.

App size

The complexity and size of your app structure determine the cost of development. If you’re contemplating Noon, keep in mind that it has a sophisticated app structure and demands a large budget. Many interesting features can be added to the application, but they will inevitably increase the app’s size.


With so many functions that can be included in the app, you should strategically choose which features you will incorporate into the app by assessing your customer base and the final app structure. Intricate app features will contribute to development expenses and time. Therefore, it could be the most cost-driving factor in your app’s development.

Development Team

The following team members are involved in the creation of an app:

  • Project Manager: Keeps track of deadlines and communicates with the team and client to eliminate gaps.
  • Developer: Writes the codes for the app and fixes errors.
  • Back End Developer: Ensures that communication among servers and databases is effective and uninterrupted for the app to function properly.
  • Designers: They are in charge of how the application looks and how user-friendly it is.
  • Tester: Ensures that the app meets the standard performance requirements.

Apart from the team members, the development time taken to build the app also affect the cost of app development. According to research, the average time to develop an app is 8 weeks or 320 billable hours.

The cost to develop an e-commerce app like Noon can vary significantly depending on the factors listed above. 

However, to give you a ballpark figure, the basic e-commerce mobile app development cost would be $20,000, while the moderate version would cost between $25,000 and$ 30,000

On the other hand, if you want to create a future-proof app with capabilities like voice search, AI chatbots, machine learning-based analytics, highly personalized recommendations, and so on, the cost of developing the app will rise to $35,000.

How e-commerce apps like Noon make money?

While there are multiple ways to monetize an e-commerce app, in this section, we will discuss a few most popular revenue channels for apps like Noon that you may embrace individually or in combination to enhance customer value and earn more revenue. So, without further ado, let’s look at what they are.

Sign-up fees: To encourage vendors to sell their items on your platform, you can ask them for a one-time fee known as a sign-up fee.

Commission fees: The platform owner can earn a certain percentage of each transaction between customers and sellers as commission fees, ensuring a consistent income flow.

Subscription fees: You can charge subscription fees on a monthly or annual basis to allow users to take advantage of appealing benefits such as deals, same-day delivery, and so on.

Listing fees: You can charge vendors listing fees for their products to appear at the top of consumers’ searches.

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How can Appinventiv be your partner in success?

A proven track record, a team of experts, and a robust client list is what we, at Appinventiv, take pride in when it comes to successful e-commerce app development.

Our clientele list of e-commerce applications includes companies like Adidas and Edamama. 

By creating an eCommerce platform for Adidas, we enabled them to reach a new and massive user base. While keeping the design system intact, the application was ideated to cater to multi-regional content and products. Multiple currencies too was integrated to ensure that the application could be used across a number of geographies. The result was remarkable with 2 million downloads and acquired 500K new users.

For another client Edamama, we created an eCommerce platform that was focused on providing personalized experiences to busy moms. The results here too were amazing where company could raise funding of $5 million and serving 100K+ expectant and new mothers.

So, if you’re also looking to create an e-commerce app like Noon or want to know more about mobile app technology, speak to our experts today. We will be delighted to help you!

Wrapping up!

With so many growth opportunities in the e-commerce market, now is the best time to get your company off the ground and invest in an app like to help you grow. 

To get started with this app idea, you’ll need to hire a mobile app development company that has experience turning your app concept into a real-time mobile application by incorporating cutting-edge technology and demanding capabilities.

Hopefully, after reading this blog, you will have a better understanding of how Noon has captured the market’s interest. If you have a related app idea and are searching for experts to help you execute it in the way you imagined, get in touch with us.


Q. What does it take to create a mobile app?

A. The building of software apps that operate on various sorts of mobile devices is known as mobile app development. To create a mobile app, you’ll need to choose a company that has worked on a variety of mobile apps and follows a tried-and-true development process.

To support the app, mobile app developers produce a detailed development strategy, design a user-friendly interface, build all essential installable software packages, and establish suitable backend services. 

Q. What kind of mobile apps can you make?

There are mainly two types of mobile apps: native and hybrid.

A native app is a kind of mobile software that is designed for a specific operating system, such as Android or iOS, and may be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

A hybrid app is a very straightforward app to create because it uses a single programming language and can run on both platforms. Native apps provide a superior user experience as compared to hybrid apps.

Q. Which platform should we aim for when releasing our e-commerce app: Android or iOS?

Companies may have previously opted to design apps that only supported a particular platform. Since the IOS and Android, platforms have a large market share now, most businesses choose to design apps that function on both.

Q. What is the cost of developing an e-commerce app like Noon?

On average, Noon-like app development costs would range between $25,000 and$ 30,000. If you integrate features like AI and personalized, the cost of developing the app will rise to $35,000.

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