10 Mobile Apps You Must Have in Your Android Wear Watch

Peeyush Singh April 11, 2023
10 Mobile Apps You Must Have in Your Android Wear Watch

Android Wear has been around for a couple of years. During these years, developers have learnt a lot. Since its launch, Android Wear has grown vastly, even the apps have evolved which makes the experience a lot better.

With the help of the apps your android wear can become more capable, smarter and much more easy to use. Here are some apps you need to install for a better experience:

1. Shazam

We all know what Shazam is and how it detect and identify songs on your device. What if this feature comes in your android wear? The Shazam app does one thing in your android wear and it does it well. What you need to do is to launch the app on your watch by voice command or by touching your android wear and it will start listening for music. Once it detects the song it will display on your watch and saves it to your Shazam list on your phone for later. If the lyrics are available then it will display the song to which you are listening to. Shazam has free and paid apps, but the Wear functionality is the same on both.


2. Google Keep

This is the best ‘note and list’ app for Android Wear that might already be on your phone. Although this app is not pre-installed on your phone, but it’s a must for all android wear users. This app provides access to all your notes, add a reminder or make a list for your shopping. Lists are fully scrollable on the android wear and you can add new items in the list by voice. This app is free like all other Google apps.

Google Keep for Android Wear


IFTTT stands for if this, then that. IFTTT connects to hundred of services and platform, including Android Wear. You can use your watch as trigger (if) or an action (that) to create recipes.

It can also be set up to ping your watch indicating when it is going to rain. IFTTT has a big future ahead with Android Wear. This app is free.


4. Weather Timeline

Checking the weather on your Android Wear saves your time as well as you don’t need to take out your phone. This app does not have any extra feature but it does the work. Swipe to the right and you get the hourly forecast, Swipe again then you will get multi-day forecast. It is one of the finest apps for your phone or your tablet. This app is not free but it’s worth spending 57.99 INR.

Weather Timeline for Android Wear

5. Wear Aware

Your watch is connected to your phone constantly, so if it is disconnected then something is up. So with this app you will never forget your phone and if the connection is lost then it will prompt you or give you an alert that  your phone is disconnected. This app is for free, comes really handy and could save you from losing a very expensive phone.


6. PixtoCam

Android Wear devices do not come with the camera of their own, but you can control your phone camera from your watch by downloading PixtoCam.

You can switch from front and rear camera, change flash mode, start and stop a video and more. It also works when your phone is asleep. PixtoCam is available in the Play Store for 121.82 INR which is reasonable for the features it have.

PixToCam for Android Wear

7. Wear Audio Recorder

Your Android Wear should do a lot of things, including recording. This is where Wear Audio Recorder comes, simply open the app and press the record button and it will do it’s work. You can pause, record and end recording from the watch itself. It will synchronize all your recordings with the phone app as you complete them. This app is for free on Play Store.

Wear Audio Recorder

8. Endomondo

You cannot workout while using your phone and if you do then it will be a perfect recipe for disaster, but if you have a watch which is strapped on your wrist then it will surely help you. This is a perfect workout app where you can select different types of workout, you can start and stop and see result on your Android Wear. This is a free app with in-app purchase if you want to take your workout to extreme.

Endomondo for Android Wear

9. Photo Gallery

You took the photos from your watch with PixtoCam, why not view it from the the watch itself? Photo Gallery app is a very easy app to use, you just need to open the app and see a list of folders of your phone containing images. Open the relevant pic and pinch it to zoom to check the shot. This app is for free but it has in-app purchase if you need to unlock the full version.

photo gallery

10. Coffee

If you don’t like to text or you are stuck in a middle of something or driving and you receive an important message what will you do? This is where Coffee app comes in.  You can have Coffee takeover SMS replies on your watch with its list of categorized quick replies. You can also reply through voice and it will convert into text. This app you can get for free on Play Store.

Coffee app for Android Wear

These are some interesting and handy apps you can use it on your Android Wear. What do you think about these apps? Let us know in the comments section below.

Peeyush Singh
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