Accelerate Digital Innovation with Our Custom Financial Software Development Services

We reinvent the way people pay, buy, and invest. We bring to the table our extensive FinTech domain knowledge and first-class engineers to help you create next-gen financial solutions.

Our Full-Stack Finance Software Development Solutions

As a leading financial software development company, we offer you the most resilient, scalable, and high-performing fintech solutions by developing them from scratch or revamping your existing ones.
Investment solutions

Our fintech software developers have a competent knowledge of the investment industry and create solutions that let end users gather their portfolio values, the summary of holdings, insights into their investments etc.

Dynamic KYC Platforms

We develop Know Your Customer (KYC) integrated technology platforms that efficiently manage all the KYC regulatory compliance and policies requirements from initial take-on right through the entire client lifecycle.

Fraud Prevention Mechanisms

Our security-first developmental approach revolves around safeguarding the Domain and IP access, ensuring that all the unusual differences in user profiles and transactions are monitored and mitigated in real-time.

Wealth Management software

We are one of the finance app development service providers that understand what wealth means to every individual, and provide a sophisticated solution for managing the same. We give your customers an avenue to track, amange, and grow their wealth.

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Digital wallets

Our digital wallet apps are used by millions of users worldwide to transfer money to individuals and banks from within the application through Cards, Mobile Number, QR Codes, and NFC.

Insurtech solutions

Being a trusted Finance software development agency, we help insurance companies create a multipurpose app aimed at providing an elevated experience through a multiplatform, intuitive mobility solution for agents, customers, and partners on the move.

Intuitive Payment System

We excel in the development of dynamic payment systems which are based on the integration of multiple payment gateways. We specialize in financial app development as we create complex payment processors that back real-time transactions irrespective of the concurrency rates.

Accounting software

The accounting mobility solutions that we offer do a lot more than managing the day-to-day financial transactions. They are designed to manage a number of financial information such as immovable assets, liabilities, and cash assets.

End-to-end Banking Solution

The Finance & Mobile banking software development solutions we offer work for both retail and corporate banks across the globe. With us, banks get a hack-proof environment, performance-based microservice architecture, and a product that is a result of user-driven lean methodology.

Lending & Mortgage Software

We have experience developing complex lending and mortgage solutions for the world's top markets. We have built and implemented a number of domain centered solutions like mortgage calculators, initial offering mechanisms, automated advisory platforms, and legal maintenance tools.

Robo-advising and Stock Trading Solutions

We are one of the leading financial mobile application development companies that build solutions which investors employ to enhance their portfolio management efforts. The solutions that we develop are designed to meet the investors’ needs round the clock.

POS solution

Our team of Financial app developers excel in the development of an omni-channel and omnipresent POS Solution for both high end retail store chains and everyday mom and pop shops to accept payments from their walk-in customers.

Why Hire Appinventiv as Your Financial Software Development Service Provider?

Appinventiv is a value-driven financial software development company with a solid background in custom finance app development.
  • Right from ideation and design to offering post-maintenance services, our skilled fintech app developers get all your needs covered.
  • We have an experienced agile-oriented development team whose expertise lies in utilizing cutting-edge technologies to bring world-class fintech software solutions to your table.
  • Our fintech software solutions are in compliance with all the fintech regulations, as we use proven frameworks to ensure high-end financial software development services.

Charting Our FinTech Development Services Growth by the Numbers

Security -
breach-free digital products
Exposure -
companies with products used by 5 million+ users
Expertise -
dedicated digital fintech experts

Our Fintech Software Development Services Carry a Strong Fraud Prevention Mechanism

We follow a stringent security first approach that is designed and devised for real-time fraud detection and prevention.

Our team of custom software development service experts creates architectures to protect your users' data, transactions, and network information from DDoS and other attacks by implementing security layers on the application, database, and server coverage.

We Build FinTech Apps That Help Your Business Come Out Strongly through All Challenges

Regulations’ Compliances

Your fintech product must adhere to all the stringent governmental and financial regulations. Ensuring that you are following the rules would require you to be transparent and strict about how you use users’ data in your application. We can help you keep your data secure and regulations compliant.

Creation of Trust Through End-to-end Security

Making people give out their bank information on a digital platform is always a challenge. Your application - through its user interface and experience design - must instill a sense of confidence in people. We are an expert in achieving this essence of trust in a digital finance system.

Geographical Borders’ Driven Limitation

The fintech world is divided according to several sub-regions operating within their own set of regulations and practices. This event, in turn, has been keeping the sector closed in terms of open banking. We can help you open the borders and assist you making the fintech industry as it’s supposed to be - borderless.

We Build Custom FinTech Application Development Solutions that Follow All Industry Compliances

At Appinventiv, we are 100% committed to introducing industry compliances into our finance software development services to deliver high-end results.
  • 1. OFAC
  • 2. FinCEN
  • 3. SEC
  • 4. FINTRAC
  • 5. FCA
  • 6. AUSTRAC
  • 7. FTC
  • 8. CFPB
  • 9. PSD2

Our FinTech Solutions Ensure Integration that Make Money Accessible, Fast & Secure

At Appinventiv, we invigorate our Fintech software development services with the next-gen innovative feature-sets that are devised to take your app wherever money goes.

Multiple account management

Multiple authentication system

Cross-platform functionality

Calculators for loan and tax

Automated payments

Payment gateway integration

Custom reporting

Data analytics

Customer data management

Robust, scalable, and secure

Regulations compliant

Dynamic KYC Platform

Multi-modal Transactions

Using our Expertise to Deliver Secure Custom & White Label Finance Software Development Solutions

We are the finance app development company that guides you through every twist and turn of the industry. We assist you in digitally transforming your Fintech idea - both custom & white label.

We help you formulate the vision of an open Fintech ecosystem - one that serves your customers in a timely and convenient manner. We also utilize our marketing research prowess and microservices architecture to build highly-available white-label solutions that focus on secure development, industry regulations, and compliances.

Your Fintech Product Deserves to Stand Out. Our Approach can Help You.

Our fintech app development approach starts with the creation of a blueprint. In a time span of two weeks, we deliver a completely mapped-out plan for your application build.
What to expect from our app blueprint:
1.All-inclusive mobile application strategy
Analysis and planning are the initial parts of the finance mobile app development.
2.UX design prototypes and wireframes
Soon after the planning, our team of financial software developers starts with the UI/UX design.
3.Financial software development process
The team codes the app and completes the development process.
4.Testing the just-launched fintech app
Before kicking off with the app launch, our team tests the app for bugs and errors.
5.Maintenance and support
The tech wizards of Appinventiv also offer complete maintenance & support post app launch.

Tools & Technologies that We Use

Front End
programming languages

Frontend development is a crucial aspect of developing user-friendly applications. At Appinventiv, we choose curated front-end programming languages for ensuring the best performance.

Back End
Programming Languages

By considering the performance and reliability, we choose the best backend programming languages that can smoothly support the server side and the overall functionality of the app or website.


Our high-end desktop programming languages run smoothly on all the available Operating Systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.


Needless to say, mobile apps play a vital role in our lives. Our skilled fintech app developers understand this and thus utilize the robust programming languages for both Android and IoS.

Cloud databases,
warehouses and storage

Our team gets the cloud databases integrated with the top programming languages to ensure the continuity of the cloud computing advantages.
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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the top advantages of building a fintech software solution:

  • Ability to make multi-banking transactions
  • Enhanced functionalities of banking apps
  • End-to-end secured transactions
  • Automation of business tasks and processes

Appinventiv offers full-stack financial software solutions. Here are some of them:

  • Fraud Prevention Mechanism
  • Investment Solutions
  • Wealth Management Software
  • KYC Platforms
  • Intuitive Payment System
  • Insurtech Solutions
  • Banking solutions
  • Mortgage and lending software solutions
  • POS Solution
  • Stock Trading Solutions

The cost to make an app for banking or other financial services depends majorly on the expectations of the targeted user base, the set of features and technologies you consider, the size of the hired finance app development team, the hourly cost rate, the location of a trusted app partner, the type of app developed, and more. So, it is advisable to consider all such factors to get a cost estimation while going for banking software development.

Know how much it costs to make a P2P payments app like Square Cash and Venmo. Also, know how much it costs to build an on-demand insurance app and an AI budgeting app like Cleo.

The development time for a financial app depends on several factors. Generally, it takes more than 2,000 hours on average. However, it also depends on the types of features you need to implement. For a closer time estimate, schedule a call with our talented team of financial software developers.

The process of financial app development is typically organized in the following way:

1- Start with the research

The team would brainstorm the features, technologies, and other implementations that will be useful. Once this information is gathered, the project scope can be created highlighting the timeline of the entire project.

2- Create a prototype

Soon after the features are decided, you can go for creating a prototype or MVP of your product. This will help you understand the viability of your product in the market. The intent of a prototype is to help you create a product with the best representation of the app’s USPs.

3- Design and development

The next stage is working on the UI/UX part of the application. With proper implementation of the right set of features, the fintech app developers ensure that the app has easy navigational features and offers a great user experience.

4- Testing

Testing is a crucial part of an app development process that ensures a bug-free app with no crashes and glitches. Only after proper end-to-end testing, your financial app can go ahead with the launch.

5- Deployment

This is the last part of the app development process, where you are finally ready to launch your app in the app stores after all the testing processes have been successfully done.

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