Explained: What is Internet of Things and How does it work?
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Explained: What is Internet of Things and How does it work?

Shrikant Srivastava
By Shrikant Srivastava| Sunday, October 21, 2018 18:38 PM |6 min read
What is Internet of Things and How does it work

Ever since the Internet came out it has changed our lives. From shopping to food to education, everything has become accessible through internet supporting devices. When the Internet was introduced it took the world by storm and yet again another internet-based technology has emerged and it is no different. The Internet of Things is the newest most trending technology that is taking on the world at the speed of light.

IoT or Internet of Things has been around for a long time now but its mechanism is still too technical and confusing. It is quite understandable though that IoT app development platform is based on using internet to make our lives better. With the intention to break down what is IoT and how IoT works, this article was fabricated.

What is IoT?

In simple words, IoT is a concept where any device is connected to other devices over the internet and has an on and off switch. IoT is a massive network connecting devices with people with the help of internet. The data is exchanged within this network and is used to determine how the devices will be used in certain environments.

These devices include coffee makers, washing machines, TVs, music system, wearables, etc. Basically, it includes any electronic device that can be controlled through another device. This type of communication is called machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. Any device that is being controlled by the humans will take commands and pass them to the right devices and with minimum human intervention, the tasks are completed.

The concept of IoT is being used by homes as well as offices to monitor whatever is happening inside and outside. In this way, people increase the safety of their families and businesses can improve productivity and reduce any wastage. Other ways IoT solutions are being used is in smart cars. Driverless cars are the new goal for car companies such as Tesla, BMW, Google, etc. They are using multiple technologies to invent something as solid as driverless cars.

The IoT applications in healthcare industry are playing a key role. The USA is leading in using IoT applications for healthcare by providing immediate assistance during an emergency, virtual nurses and doctors and other facilities.

How does IoT works?

The way IoT solutions work is quite interesting. Since we know now what is IoT, it is clear that it uses significant data to communicate with other devices. Devices that have built-in sensors are connected to IoT platforms which stores data from all the connected devices. The important data is then used to perform tasks that fulfil the needs of people.

When we say the data is stored in the IoT platforms, it doesn’t mean that all the data is useful. Devices carefully select only particular data that is relevant to execute an action. These pieces of information can detect patterns, recommendations and problems before they occur.

What is IoT without the internet? After all, it is the connecting medium that plays the crucial part in this system. When IoT application developers are building the apps they must keep in mind the availability and strength of connection in the particular area.

IoT application works with smart systems that automate tasks to address specific needs. There are many examples that show working of IoT in real life today.

Use Cases of IoT solutions

  • Driverless cars

As mentioned earlier in this article, driverless cars seem to be the next best invention by car companies like Tesla, Volvo, Google and BMW. Although the cars are in the prototype stage and under continuous development, they are the most futuristic looking models.

These cars don’t have drivers but technology like sensors, cloud architecture, maps, gyroscopes and internet with massive data about traffic, roads, potholes, turns and speed breakers that are processed at a fast speed. All these sensors and tools are a part of IoT platform. This allows the car to drive through easily without any assistance from humans. However, we still are waiting on roads that are ready for driverless cars.

  • Smart homes

A smart home is the best example of IoT use case. Imagine coming home to the right temperature, lighting and music after work and being able to do that all that with just one device. IoT application lets you control how your house functions at one tap from your smartphones.

It will let you record your favourite shows from anywhere or turn on and off any device such as microwave, coffee machine, etc from your IoT mobile apps. Smart homes also have high security for the reason that monitoring each corner of the house becomes easy with IoT apps.

  • Wearables

These are devices that have been in use a lot and most likely everyone owns at least one. Fitness tracking bands like Fitbit, Nike, Mio, Misfits, etc and smartwatches from Apple or watches that run on Android devices are some of the wearables.

Wearables are devices that are connected to the internet to provide accurate data as per your needs. These devices also use sensors to detect and record data and gives you the right information after analysis and that is how IoT works in every case.

People have been able to track their health with these wearable devices. The IoT applications in healthcare is a huge advantage for people. Heart rate, food habits, medicine reminders, calories burnt count, etc are some of the things at the back of which Wearables are becoming one of the most emerging trends of Healthcare industry.

  • Amazon Go

Amazon has come up with a fantastic solution for shopping in the future, Amazon Go. The purpose behind this IoT solution for retail shopping is to make shopping a much simpler process.

How IoT works in this is you just walk into an Amazon store and use your Amazon account QR code to enter. After that just pick anything and everything you need and just simply walk out. The IoT working model that connects each item at the store with the mobile app will automatically add up the billing amount as you walk out of the store. Isn’t it amazing?

  • Smart Hotel rooms

This is new and many people may not be aware of this but big hotels like Hilton are trying to use IoT platforms to enhance the staying experience for the travellers. Hilton wants to replace the card-based keys with IoT mobile apps to unlock the room. This will not only ensure traveller’s safety but also make checking in and checking out much simpler.

The hotel rooms will have lights and temperature all controlled by the same IoT mobile app. You can set the perfect lighting at any time of the day or choose the right temperature as per your needs. This makes vacationing a whole new experience.

These were the most famous IoT use case, some of which are already in use and some are soon to be used. The IoT application developers are full of excitement seeing the rise in this technology. Needless to say how much this will affect the future lifestyle of humans.

The IoT technology is going to become a massive trend in the coming years. Even the statistics show it, see for yourself here and know how our lives are transforming with Applications of Internet of Things.

Components of IoT platforms

The working of IoT depends on four fundamental components on which it functions. Let’s look at them one at a time:

  1. Sensors/ Devices

    A sensor picks up all the minute details from an environment. The environment can have many complexities. What makes IoT security so great is these sensors that pick up even the most sensitive changes. These sensors are built in the devices which collects all the data to be used later. For instance, our phone is a device with built in sensors like GPS, camera, etc.
  2. Connectivity

    Once the data is collected it is transferred to the cloud infrastructure (also known as IoT platforms). But to transfer the data, the devices will need a medium. That’s when connections like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, WAN, cellular networks, etc come into play. These mediums are all different and must be chosen wisely for best results.

    The effectiveness IoT security highly depends on the speed and availability of these mediums.
  3. Data processing

    After reaching the cloud infrastructure the data has to be analysed so that the right action can be taken. The analysis can be as simple as checking the temperature of the AC or a complex one such as a situation where an intruder comes in and the device has to identify it through cameras. The IoT application is made such that it can process all the data at a fast rate to take immediate actions.
  4. User interface

    The last step is when the user is notified about the action with the help of a notification or an alert sound sent to the IoT apps. This way the user will know that his command has been run through the systems.

    However, this isn’t as easy as it seems. It all depends on how the IoT has been developed. It becomes crucial for IoT app development companies to develop a system that can also be manually adjusted. In a situation where the temperature of the fridge is not cold enough to freeze ice cubes, users should be able to do that manually without the system backfiring.

Future of IoT apps

The future of IoT mobile apps is unspeakably bright. Businesses, houses and governments are seeing how beneficial installing IoT security systems are. The chart above shows the future prediction of the IoT use case market by Forbes Magazine. It is also said that the IoT market will grow to be $1.7 trillion by 2020.

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In less than one year, the number of devices connected to IoT went from 5 million to billions and is said to have 21 billion connected devices by 2020. The numbers look quite promising and so have the results of IoT working principles until now. There are still a lot of improvements and discoveries to be made in this technology and developers have come up with many IoT application ideas already. But one thing is for sure- IoT security apps is the key to the futuristic world.

Now after reading this, if you want to get IoT based system installed or are looking for the best IoT app development company, feel free to contact our team at Appinventiv. We have the most talented team of IoT application developers that will provide you honest feedback and further assistance.

What is Internet of Things and How does it work

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