Essential Wearable Device App Features for Better Efficiency

Peeyush Singh October 26, 2022
Essential Wearable Device App Features for Better Efficiency

Going mobile means a lot more than carrying a smartphone and today, with several technological advancements, wearable technology is gaining immense popularity. This kind of technology is often called as wearables, which includes small computing devices that can be easily worn on the body. Some of its examples include wrist bands, smart watches, sensors embedded in shoes or rings. The biggest advantage of this kind of technology is that the wearable app development changes with the changing trend and it keeps users hands free as they go through their daily lives.

Such technology has become very popular not only among fitness enthusiasts, but also among all those people who are in the search of hands-free technologies which works beyond answering phone calls. In this regard, smartwear devices such as Apple’s iWatch and Google’s Eyewear allow users to do a wide assortment of tasks without referring to their smartphones. It is said that wearable apps can run directly on the device and gives access to hardware such as GPU and sensors. These apps differ a lot in terms of design as well as usability. Moreover, in comparison to handheld apps, wearable apps are small in size as well as handheld apps.

Listed below are some essential features of wearable device apps:

Tailored Notifications

It is believed that smartwear devices does not have the capability to release the detailed notifications , which users can view. Thus, applications must design notification messages to be of single word or can also use several other aspects of the device. For example, different colored lighting or voice memo.

User-Friendly Interface

The tabs are required to be ergonomically assembled for hassle free access. In addition, the application also needs to be lightweight, allowing it to load quickly and responds to commands at a much faster pace.

Cloud, Security and Data

Cloud will be considered as the primary data center where data storage acts as the storehouse and also the transfer place of data from the primary device to the wearable device. It is believed that in this regard, security will be very important mainly because it is important to make sure that all the secure standards are being properly placed within the app in order to protect the user data. On the other hand, in case of apps that deal with sensitive user information in an open source standard framework, proper security protocol will be very essential.

Reinforcement of Reality through App

There are many features that plays a pivotal role in extending the augmented reality experience, which includes voice commands, using map and GPS as well as taking health related data through body temperature. It is said that in future, games and multimedia will see the augmented reality as a central theme and in this scenario, wearable device will be the source field.

Here, at AppInventiv Technologies we offer a wide assortment of IoT-based smart-wear applications that are running on the renowned smartwear devices. Our developers pays a lot of attention on new applications that will be highly compatible with ecosystem of latest versions on Android smartwatch and iWatch.

Our wearable app developers works with the motive to develop customized as well as customer-centric applications that works properly on several wearable devices such as glasses or smartwatches.

Peeyush Singh
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