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Mobile-Responsive Design: Revolutionizing m-Commerce Industry

By Shivam Srivastava
May 23, 2016 2. min read
Last update on: July 27, 2020

“Mobile first!” was used to be the mantra of America, but now its turning into a ‘Mania’. Ensuring websites meeting client’s business objectives and even delighting mobile users is on of the “must-do” tasks for 2016 and onwards. Since, 2013 to 2014, the number of leading and trending websites that include mobile-responsive designs nearly doubled, thus, hitting 18.7%. Have you ever thought? – Why and how digital marketing gurus jumping on the bandwagon of the mobile-friendly web design?

Aim for the mobile-first mania is shown in new research, which is released by eMarketer. In the year 2014 to 2915, online purchases from mobile devices climbed a stunning 32.2% Y-o-Y , thus, reaching $77 billion. In comparison, e-Commerce is ascended by 14% percent, while total retail sales just advanced upto 3%. Similarly, in the year 2015, mobile commerce reached newer heights. The scaling of new peaks is expected and predicted to reach the stratospheric heights of $153 billion by 2019. According to eMarketing’s survey – 59% of the US retailers have decided to mplement a mobile-responsive design for their websites, this year. If talk according to retailer priorities, creating apps for iOS devices is 28% and for Android, it’s 22%.

Why To Have A Mobile-Responsive Design?

As we discussed earlier, too that retailers are rapidly embracing mobile responsive designs. And, even Google is also shifting its focus to mobile-friendly search rankings like recently it updated AKA “Mobilegeddon”, that worked as the catalyst for this revolution. But, the quickly changing demands of commerce industry are enforcing the shift. Even websites too are retooled for mobile typically converting more browsing shoppers into active user. Company and brands know that poor mobile optimization may damage the company’s brand image. While viewing your website, if an user faces the challenge of navigating poorly designed and heavily clumsily adapted sites, the company branding suffers. And the worse part is- that brand damage will likely be amplified by social channels.

How to Deliver Bespoke User Experience?

So, you have developed a great mobile website, what next you need to do? – By just simply creating a “mobile friendly” website is not going to help you in increasing the conversion rates and sales you need. You need a mobile web experience that is seamless, consistent across multiple devices, and entices prospects to become your enduring customers.

By offering human-centric responsive designs and kink-free coding, AppInventiv helps its clients in meeting their business objectives and earn value and revenue, both. To know more about our services, AppInventiv let’s take a test drive and see how remarkably fast and client-centric solutions, we are delivering to our clients.

Mobile commerce app development has become “The Need Of The Hour” for every e-commerce business and brand. And, today only few of the businesses and brands are able to meet the business requirements. Being an entrepreneur and business owner, you are required to plant your flag on the summit, and you need more than a mobile friendly site. The key strategy that needs to be considered is – imbibe the comprehensive mobile responsive design to deliver the top-notch user-experience to the audiences of mobile users.

AppInventiv Technologies builds mobile app designs that work seamlessly on iPhone, iPad & Android at affordable pricing. Call on +91-8826909998 or shoot us an email for a free consultation on your project.

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