iOS 9 Marks Whopping 12% Adoption With in Just 24 Hours
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iOS 9 Marks Whopping 12% Adoption With in Just 24 Hours

Shivam Srivastav
By Shivam Srivastav| Monday, September 19, 2016 15:20 PM |3 min read
iOS 9

Apple’s new launched iOS 9 has emerged as a blockbuster upgrade for the iPad, thus, giving a bigger dose of productivity. According to the industry gurus and analysts -The iPad-specific enhancements tailored for iOS 9 seems to be one of the biggest software improvements yet for the iPad, which has appeared to be aimed at the just-announced iPad Pro. For the first time, a 12.9-inch tablet’s giant format will allow its users a full-sized virtual keyboard — appears which Apple has enhanced in crucial ways. To test the keyboard, you could use the Apple’s another best thing – an iPad Air 2 because Pro is expected to launch till November.

According to analytics firm Mixpanel

iOS 9 is making its way into the mainstream with the agility and quickness. However, there are some early download troubles for some iOS9. Mixpanel’s CEO Suhail Doshi says that – “iOS 9 is nearing 12 percent adoption less than 24 hours after it was released into the wild, which is faster growth than iOS 8”. He also added that – “I suspect that some of this had to do with the first-time consumer beta getting people familiar with the new features and in tune to the release schedule.”

Here’s what Doshi said, including comparison of Android adoption with iOS:

“iOS 9 has received 12% adoption in the last 24 hours and is being adopted similar to iOS 8 last year. This kind of adoption took Android’s latest operating system, Lollipop, in comparison 5 months to achieve. One huge advantage Apple got right this year over last year was that the update is much smaller than last year (3.5x smaller) — Apple has empathy for its users who have nearly maxed out the space on their phones. However, one issue for it being substantially slow compared to iOS 7 is that servers are having trouble keeping up right now as people update.”

One of the important factors that might help you out with iOS 9’s adoption is its download size. iOS 9 is a full 3.5 times smaller than that of iOS 8. So, What next?- Grab all of your iPads and iPhones and start downloading. To leverage this opportunity mobile app development companies are quickly pushing iOS 9 updates for their apps at breakthrough speed.

iOS 9 includes many improvements to stock applications and integrates intelligence throughout the OS, especially on iPad as well as offers improved stability, speed and battery life etc. We would cover everything you need to know about iOS 9 in our next blog series.

Moreover, iOS 9 has already surpassed the “iOS 8” crowd in installation numbers. And, that crossover happened after Just 24 Hours of its release.

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