How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Food Delivery App like Glovo?

Avinash Sharma February 12, 2024
How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Food Delivery App like Glovo

Food delivery businesses have progressively increased in the last few years, assisting companies in augmenting operational efficiency by prioritizing customers. Behind the success of food delivery businesses, apps like Glovo play a significant role helping through strategic execution, targeting audiences, and enhancing customer retention.

Building a food delivery app like Glovo is a strategic process requiring streamlined planning, development, and implementation. Businesses need to concentrate on holistic market research, comprehending SWOT analysis of their competitors, finalizing tech stack, and many more. Typically, the cost to develop an app like Glovo ranges from $30,000 to $250,000 or more. Various factors like app features, technology stack, overall app complexity, etc., impact the overall development budget.

Europe’s increasingly urbanized population with busy lifestyles fuels the demand for convenient services like grocery and food delivery. Apps like Glovo cater to this need by offering quick and hassle-free access to a variety of restaurants and groceries, saving users time and effort.

food delivery market in Europe

As per the report of Statista, the online food delivery market in Europe is projected to achieve a revenue of $205.37 billion by the end of 2028, witnessing a CAGR of 9.46% from 2024-2028. Thus, now is the right time for businesses looking to dive into the market and achieve maximum ROI.

This blog post will assist you in grasping the importance of creating an app like Glovo, delving into cost estimation, key factors influencing expenses, and more. But first, let’s understand how apps like Glovo have become so prevalent worldwide, especially in the European region, elevating businesses to experience profitability.

Understanding Glovo App: A Comprehensive Food Delivery Platform Redefining Convenience

Glovo is a well-known food delivery application that operates seamlessly across diverse global landscapes, delivering its services in a multitude of countries, including Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, Croatia, Kenya, Uganda, and more.

The company aims to facilitate convenient access to a wide array of services within different cities and contribute positively to the economy, society, and the environment.

Highlighting the company’s significant achievements, Glovo has secured substantial funding amounting to $1.2 billion. This funding, led by 35 investors with recent contributions from GR Capital and Lugard Road Capital, serves as a testament to the high level of investor confidence in the app.

Investing in an app like Glovo offers the food and grocery businesses a comprehensive platform, capable of reaching a wide audience, and providing opportunities for diverse partnerships.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop An App Like Glovo?

Glovo proves advantageous for food businesses by extending their reach and augmenting customer engagement through a comprehensive food delivery platform. With a broad user base, the platform enhances visibility, driving increased sales and fostering growth through strategic advertising opportunities and partnerships.

In order to build an app like Glovo, it is crucial to focus on app development costs since they play a pivotal role in the overall project planning and execution. Let’s explore the cost to develop an app like Glovo, covering aspects like technology stack, features, design complexity, and ongoing maintenance. This ensures a comprehensive understanding and effective budgeting for the project.

Factors that Impact the Glovo App Development Cost

The food delivery platform development reveals a mix of important factors shaping the overall cost. To understand it better, we need to consider features, technology choices, and how far-reaching the platform aims to be in different regions. These aspects together play a key role in determining the financial aspects of the development journey. Let’s explore!

Cost-influencing factors for developing a Glovo-style app

Features and Functionality

The features integrated into the app directly determine its capabilities and the range of services it can offer. Businesses leverage various kinds of features and functionalities in order to make the application more impactful. Features like in-app payments, chatbots, real-time tracking, etc., determine Glovo app development cost.

Integration with Third-Party Services

Third-party integration is a valuable step while developing an app like Glovo. It often contributes to a more convenient and seamless user experience, enhancing the app’s capabilities. It enables businesses to concentrate on core competencies, augmenting the app’s ability by saving time and money. The integration costs may vary based on the complexity and features required, influencing the overall food delivery app development costs.

Technological Investment

Technological investment is unavoidable in this competitive business landscape, transforming the user experience. A competent technology stack augments the development process’s efficiency, delivering top-notch products within a reasonable time frame.

Selecting appropriate technology to develop a food delivery app like Glovo, will not only transform the user experience but also increase more revenue for the business. This approach contributes to the overall expenditure in food delivery platform development cost.

Location of the Hired App Development Company

The location of the hired app development company significantly impacts the overall cost to develop an app like Glovo. This influence is primarily attributed to variations in labor costs, operational expenses, regulatory compliance, and other economic factors across different regions. Additionally, time zone differences, fluctuations in currency values, and operating expenses are the key factors influencing the cost of app development.

Maintenance and Support

Regular maintenance is essential for optimizing app performance. Addressing issues, fixing bugs, and implementing performance enhancements contribute to a smoother user experience. It also safeguards valuable information, ensuring the app remains resilient against potential threats. This is particularly crucial in an environment where cybersecurity risks constantly evolve, determining the Cost to develop an app like Glovo.

UI/UX Design

A visually appealing interface as well as a top-notch user experience are the most important aspects of developing an app like Glovo. The UI includes visual elements, like layout, design, typo, etc., while the UX demonstrates the overall interaction and usability of the application. A well-thought UI and UX build robust connections between the company and its target audience, contributing to the overall food Delivery app development cost.

Discover how we refined the UI/UX strategy for the pizza joint Domino's

Multiple Features to Create an App Like Glovo

Several features of Glovo assist its customers in streamlining and enhancing their food delivery experience, making the process easier and more effective. Let’s explore Glovo app features to understand its robust functionalities and user-centric design, providing valuable insights for potential app development projects.

User-Side Panel

Features to Integrate in Creating a Glovo-like App


Registration in the Glovo food delivery app is streamlined by requiring users to input essential information such as delivery address, first and last name, and password. This user-friendly feature enhances the onboarding experience and provides businesses with valuable data for targeted marketing and personalized services.

Live Tracking 

Live tracking in a food delivery app refers to the real-time monitoring and displaying of the delivery person’s location and the delivery process status. It allows users to track the movement of their ordered food from the restaurant to their doorstep.

live tracking

Delivery Options 

By inputting details such as pickup location, additional notes, delivery destination, and even scheduling a specific pickup time, the app allows the users to conveniently facilitate deliveries. This feature not only helps users but also provides businesses with a reliable means to enhance their services, demonstrating an effective delivery solution.

Push Technology

Push technology, also known as a push notification, allows users to get delivery updates and notifications. It also provides information about discounts and deals.

Order Anything

This is one of the best features of the Glovo app that enables users to order anything from nearby stores.


One of the major challenges users encounter is sharing their experiences effectively. Glovo allows its users to share their experiences by rating the delivery partner. With these features, users can provide feedback on the service, fostering credibility and transparency between them and service providers.

Bookmark Option 

Bookmark options assist customers in finding their favorite stores and restaurants they prefer to order. These features not only streamline user experience but also provide tailored interactions with the platform.

Multiple Payment Options 

One of the unique features of Glovo is its multiple payment options, such as mobile wallets, cash on delivery, and credit/debit cards. It attracts a broader customer base and demonstrates a positive brand image.

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Discounts and Promotions 

Glovo offers valuable discounts and loyalty programs in order to encourage user acquisition. Promotions can increase order frequency and higher transaction values, contributing to revenue growth.

Discounts and Promotions

Ask Glovo 

Ask Glovo is a feature that allows its users to discover all the answers related to Glovo. The “Ask Glovo” feature can provide businesses with several benefits. It offers a direct channel for customers to seek information, address concerns, or resolve issues related to the Glovo platform, enhancing customer support and satisfaction.

Grocery Delivery

This feature allows the users to seamlessly order groceries at any time. It is vital to understand that innovative feature integration allows businesses to effectively enhance their customer reach, providing a convenient solution to meet time-sensitive requirements and fostering lasting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Restaurant-Side Panel

Restaurant Panel-based App Features

Partners’ Sign Up

Partner establishments can seamlessly join the platform by providing essential details like business name, location, and service hours. This feature serves as the initial step for restaurants, stores, or shops to list their offerings on the food delivery app.

Menu Flexibility

Providing flexibility, partners can easily modify or add items to their menu, ensuring seamless adjustments based on availability or changes in offerings.

Dynamic Order Tracking

A robust system for real-time order tracking benefits both partner establishments and customers, enhancing communication and transparency throughout the delivery process.

Effective Communication

This feature streamlines communication not only between partners and customers but also facilitates easy interaction with delivery personnel, ensuring smooth coordination.

Rider Panel

Restaurant Panel-based App Features

Delivery Time

The delivery personnel are equipped to estimate the average delivery time for each order, ensuring punctual and efficient deliveries that meet customer expectations and enhance overall service optimization.

Efficient Order Control

With a dedicated order management page, the delivery personnel can efficiently book deliveries in real-time and access comprehensive order information. This feature enhances the overall delivery process, making it smoother and more effective.

Smooth Communication

By prioritizing effective communication, the app provides delivery personnel with a user-friendly in-app chat feature. This ensures easy communication with customers and partners, providing a seamless and collaborative delivery experience.

Insights at a Glance

Delivery personnel have access to a straightforward overview page displaying their account history. This includes details on past orders, total earnings, and customer ratings, offering valuable insights into their performance and overall delivery track record in a clear and accessible format.

Maximizing Business Benefits through an App Like Glovo

Creating an app like Glovo offers businesses the opportunity to enhance customer convenience and accessibility. By providing users with seamless access to a diverse range of services, including food and groceries, companies can attract a larger customer base and improve overall user satisfaction.

The development of a food delivery app similar to Glovo provides businesses a strategic advantage by expanding their operational scope. This initiative fosters robust connections with the target audience and underscores scalability and brand recognition within the on-demand delivery market.

The bespoke app facilitates businesses in offering exclusive deals, discounts, and loyalty programs, fostering customer retention and cost savings. This becomes a powerful tool for companies aiming to attract and retain a loyal customer base, enhancing their competitive market position.

To develop a food delivery app like Glovo, businesses can leverage its proven model to enhance service efficiency, expand market reach, and meet the growing demand for convenient and reliable food delivery services.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Glovo-Inspired App

Let’s dive deep into a step-by-step Glovo-like app development process, encouraging businesses to attract the right audience and enhancing their experiences.

 Craft your Glovo-inspired app with our guide

Market Research

Market research is one of the most essential stages and requires an extensive and strategic methodology. Businesses should comprehend potential users’ minds, requirements, demands, etc. By prioritizing users’ preferences, exploring industry trends, and thorough competitor analysis, businesses can efficiently build an app that distinguishes it from the competitors.

Define Features and Functionality

This emphasizes the importance of feature selection as the foundational stage for building a successful app. Businesses need to concentrate on selecting suitable features that guide their customers on a delightful journey, matching their expectations. Prioritize features that simplify ordering, enhance user experience, and foster connections.

 Advanced app features for a seamless experience

Choose the Right Tech Stack

In order to enhance productivity, accessibility, and effectiveness, businesses need to select the most fitting technology stack for app development. This involves making informed decisions regarding frontend and backend technologies, judiciously choosing database systems, and seamlessly integrating third-party APIs. From mapping services to payment processing, the technology stack forms the backbone of your app’s functionality, ensuring a robust and scalable architecture.

Design and Development

The development process includes secure user authentication, efficient order management systems, and a strong database that can effectively manage the rush of hungry customers. A proper user interface that demonstrates pleasing aesthetics, intuitiveness, and sophisticated navigation is always helpful in making the application result-driven. Following the proper development process, businesses can reduce Glovo app development cost.


Testing in iOS or android app development is a crucial phase to ensure the app’s functionality, performance, and security. Through rigorous testing processes like unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing, developers identify and rectify bugs, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Launch and Marketing

Launching the application with a strategic marketing campaign that ignites awareness is crucial. Businesses can implement social media buzz, strategic partnerships, and innovative promotional tactics to enhance the effects of the app launch. Take the final stride by releasing the application on major platforms like Google Play and Apple App Store. This straightforward approach ensures a successful entry into the competitive app market, capturing the attention of your target audience.

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Challenges in Developing a Glovo-Like App and Their Potential Solutions

Initiating the development of an app similar to Glovo requires a thorough and strategic approach. Let’s navigate through challenges and unveil effective solutions to bring this Glovo-like app to life.


Scaling to handle high-demand


Businesses can implement cloud-based infrastructure, which aids them in scaling up and down based on the demands. By leveraging microservices architecture, companies can concentrate on manageability and independent scaling of different functionalities.


Comprehensive market understanding


Building an app like Glove demands a deep understanding of the market dynamics. Businesses can efficiently gain market analysis by conducting extensive market research to gain insights into user behavior, preferences, and expectations. Analyzing competitor strategies and identifying gaps in the market will enable informed decision-making during the app development process.


Technology stack selection


Addressing this challenge involves a thoughtful evaluation of available technologies. Selection criteria should include scalability, security measures, and compatibility with third-party APIs for mapping and payment processing services. This strategic approach assists businesses in finalizing appropriate and result-driven technology.

How Does an App Like Glovo Make Money?

Glovo produces revenue through multiple methods, primarily depending on commissions, delivery fees, and advertisements. A significant share of its income is derived from the commissions paid by stores and restaurants for orders facilitated through the platform. Glovo pre-determines a specific percentage, and establishments contribute this amount for each order received, forming a substantial portion of the company’s earnings.

Glovo enhances its solid customer base by offering advertising opportunities to restaurants and stores. Leveraging its platform’s reach, businesses utilize Glovo as a promotional tool, and in return, the platform charges a fee for these promotional services.

This three-pronged revenue model, combining commissions, delivery fees, and advertising, showcases Glovo’s strategic approach to sustaining a profitable business while providing a valuable service in the on-demand delivery industry.

Unleashing Potential with Appinventiv’s Expertise in Building a Glovo-like App

Appinventiv is a leading iOS and Android application development company, recognized for its technological innovation and customer-centric methodologies. At Appinventiv, we holistically and strategically focus on comprehending project requirements and delivering personalized services. We have crafted exceptional and tailored mobile solutions for a spectrum of industries, such as food, hospitality, IT, healthcare, finance, logistics, real estate, etc.

Our experts excel in a strategic and comprehensive app development process that is tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. Our team is capable of guiding businesses through the entire app development journey, focusing on technological advances, innovative solutions, and a user-centric approach. This involves understanding their requirements, conceptualizing user-friendly interfaces, implementing robust features, and ensuring a seamless end-to-end experience.

Our Expertise in Food Delivery App Development

The experts at Appinventiv have played a significant role for top industry players in enhancing their food delivery apps. Let’s explore!


We assisted Americana Group’s KFC in expanding its digital presence by successfully launching seven mobile apps across global markets. We have strategically enhanced the user experience by implementing persuasive and result-driven UI UX methodology, resulting in a 22% increase in conversion rate and over 50% of the total order coming through the app.


Pizza Hut

Appinventiv played a pivotal role in enhancing Pizza Hut’s digital presence. By implementing a robust app development strategy, we successfully launched two Pizza Hut food delivery apps across four countries in the MENA region. The focus was on creating a seamless and user-friendly UI/UX, allowing customers to effortlessly navigate and place food orders with just a few clicks.

Leveraging Appinventiv’s effective methodology, Pizza Hut has experienced 50K+ downloads and a 30% conversion rate increase.

Pizza hut


We have strategically and holistically developed an application for Domino’s, enhancing customer retention and increasing the mobile app conversion rate by 23%. Appinventiv employed a meticulous UI/UX strategy, significantly diminishing Domino’s bounce rate while concurrently revitalizing their market identity.


Get in touch with us now to experience a transformative journey in mobile app development.


Q. How much does it cost to develop an app like Glovo?

A. The cost to develop an app like Glovo can vary based on desired features, complexity, and development resources. Typically, the project cost may range from $30,000 to $250,000 or more, depending on your specific requirements and the development team’s rates.

Q. How long does it take to make an app like Glovo?

A. It takes approximately 6 to 18 months to build an app like Glovo, considering the complexity of features, thorough testing, and iterative development to ensure a high-quality and reliable on-demand delivery platform.

Q. What are the key features and functionalities essential to create an app like Glovo for on-demand delivery services?

A. To make an app like Glovo requires essential features like user-friendly interfaces, real-time tracking, secure payments, a comprehensive product catalog, order customization, ratings, push notifications, and a robust backend for efficient order management and logistics coordination.

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