A Detailed Guide to Start with iOS App Development
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A Detailed Guide to Start with iOS App Development

Sudeep Srivastav
By Sudeep Srivastav| Thursday, October 18, 2018 09:32 AM |5 min read
A Detailed Guide to Start with iPhone or iPad App Development

Originally published Nov 14, 2017, updated October 18, 2018

There are a lot of platforms for any smartphone app developer but the main debate is between Android and iOS. The question of platforms also helps you set your target audience as Android rules with 83% of the global smartphone market while iOS has the greater number of apps in the app store.

But that doesn’t give Android all the benefits. Before we learn how to develop an iPhone app, let’s start with why should you develop an iOS app. An iOS is much faster than any Android device. The apps run much smoother with equal to no glitch. An iPhone or an iPad has similar functioning whereas Android phones run differently depending on the model type. This makes iOS devices easier to use.

Another great reason to choose is iOS mobile apps earn higher revenue from App Store.  All the apps can be easily used in any Mac OS which is not the case with Android apps. The iOS apps can be shared with family and friends with the help of an iOS device and such a thing hasn’t been done with Android.

Fastest Growing iOS Categories

The use of iOS apps is maximum in the business category. The reason being numerous advantages of iOS app development for businesses which helps them grow and reach a targeted audience. iOS apps improve the ROI of a business as well as maintains a high standard app quality.

These are enough to convince anyone to go for iOS app development. Before we learn how to create iPhone apps, let’s take a look at how different are iPad app development and iPhone app development.

What to know before developing an app on iOS?

Consumer Spend on iOS Play Store and Google Play Store

Before we move forward with iOS app development tips let us differentiate between iPhone and iPad app development. Though both the devices run on iOS yet they have some differences which must be discussed before we move to iOS development tips.

Size: The size of these two devices vary. The aspect ratio of an iPad is 4:3 and that of iPhone is 16:9. Although the size is not that big of a factor, it does show that iPad has better resolution since it has the bigger screen.

Calling: One of the biggest difference between iPhone and iPad is that iPhone can make calls on a cellular network and an iPad can not. However, iPad can make calls via FaceTime which needs internet and can be only used to make calls on other iOS devices.

Compatibility with apps: This is what differentiates these two devices for sure. An iPad can run apps that were developed for iPad as well as apps developed for iPhone. However, an iPhone can only run apps developed for an iPhone and does not support iPad specific apps. The reason could be difficulty in compressing the resolution of iPad specific apps.

Designing: The designing for apps is done differently for both the devices. The reason is not only the compatibility but also that iPad needs a higher resolution app than an iPhone. An iPad app development is done in such a way that the apps have a rich feel.

Best iOS development Tips

Whether you are a beginner or a skilled developer, tips and tricks are never useless for anyone. So, here are a few iOS development tips to keep in mind while designing and developing your mobile application:

1. Plan out the iOS app development

Planning is a crucial part of any project and without proper planning things can go wrong. Start with a list on ‘What to know before developing an app?’. Also, decide whether you want to develop an iPhone app or an iPad app.

Once decided, set the purpose of the app. The Apple users are habituated of high performing and usable apps, therefore, the iOS app developers must know how to develop an iPhone app with good performance.

2. Keep a simple design

Keeping a simple design will make the work less complicated. Of course, the designs can be changed as the experience and confidence level of iOS app builder increases but for starters, it is advised to try the simple designs. However, you can still maintain the uniqueness of the app by making a design that is easy to use yet unusual. Tinder app is such an example where the feature of ‘swipe right’ is unique and at the same time simple.

3. Coding plays an important role

The level of your coding experience decides how convenient you are with app development. However, Apple minimized the difficulties with iOS 8 and the Swift programming language in 2014. Swift Programming Language is a powerful and easy to understand programming language for iOS that is fast, safe and interactive. It helps iOS app builders to create apps for iPhone and iPad using a Mac program called Xcode which is often used by iOS app development companies.

4. Add features to increase user interaction

Another one of iPad or iPhone app development best practices is a great user interaction. Amazon has one of the best user interactions allowing easy use of the website and the mobile app at the same time. The ease is such that a user can place an order from the website and can make the payment through the mobile app. A good app developer must know how to create iPhone apps to optimize content on apps and website.

5. Compatibility with all iOS version

Many users still use the old versions of iOS. If the applications are not built such that they are compatible with all the versions, the app developers may lose a margin of users. This will not be profitable. This also goes for any iPhone app development agency because the clients will get less traffic if an iOS version doesn’t support the app.

The Facebook messenger app is a good example. It is compatible with all versions of iOS. The app looks great in an iPad as the UI is rich. Facebook continuously updates the app for the newest versions of iOS.

6. Set-up mobile marketing application

Mobile Marketing Application

Image Source: Oxigen.com

Mobile applications are designed to be functional, practical, inexpensive and interactive. As the iOS app developers make improvements in the app, an extra feature can be added to the application known as social network integration. It is an interactive marketing method which builds the strong relationship with consumers that helps to provide more attention to the application. Adding a marketing feature in the app comes under iPhone app development best practices. This will also help in targeting where the audience is coming from and will help in the promotion of the app.

7. Battery usage

Any iPhone app development company knows the expectations of a user. One of the most important accessories of mobile gadgets is the battery. In common occasions, high-performance processors will devour a greater amount of energy resulting in low battery in a short period of time. Most iPhone app development services don’t take any measures to save the iPhone battery life which makes users dislike the app soon.

It is also a must to test the application before the final launch. Because if the application fails in any way when a user is using it then it will create a negative impact on the downloads of the app.

8. How to make an iPad app?

When it comes to this question of how to make an iPad app, the answer is not very different from that of iPhone app development. The few differences between an iPad and iPhone development are resolutions, calling features and rich design. For iPad app development, it is important to keep in mind that the screen is large so the richness of apps must be maintained.

9. Traffic management

A positive and functional mobile application will surely direct a quality traffic to you. As a result, it’s your obligation to stay all set with as many approaches as feasible to respond to your traffic instantly. If an app is getting heavy traffic due to sale, offer or rise in demand, it should not crash. The application should be able to handle the rush and the engagement at the same time.

10. Price and promotion of your app

The price of an app can be calculated on the basis of development time, development cost and the type of features in the app. You can go for in-app purchases so that users can buy additional features for the app.

Why Search ads are effective in driving app downloads

Promotion of the app is crucial for success. After all, so much effort has been put to develop the app. The promotion strategies should be applied after determining the target audience. In our How to make an iPad app effortlessly blog we also mentioned the importance of target audience and how promotion can be more effective in it.

We hope these iPhone app development tips were enough to answer your question of how to develop an iPhone app as a beginner. But if it didn’t then feel free to contact our team at Appinventiv – Mobile App Development Company and we will happily guide you further.

Originally published Nov 14, 2017, updated October 18, 2018

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