Reasons for Rejecting Your Mobile App

Saurabh Singh May 23, 2022
Reasons for Rejecting Your Mobile App

This is the age of mobile devices and the number of users using smartphones are increasing at an alarming rate. The App Annie report states that the number of hours devoted to mobile apps in 2016 alone was 900 billion hours and this is can be translated as two hours a day behind mobile apps.

There are millions of mobile apps that crowd the App Stores, vying for the user attention for a short span of time. There is a consistent increase in the number of app downloads and revenue, which is proof of the fact that mobile app development is still growing at a steady pace.

Just talking about Apple App submission guideline, there is a concrete review process in place, so that the users are protected against any sort of hostile or low-quality apps. This is in order to maintain a healthy app ecosystem and giving clear reasons for app rejections.

It is not always that the developers can predict the technical reasons for app store rejections. This will initiate a response from the developers in generating new features and launching the product at a later date.

After analyzing the app store guidelines, we found out all the We need to analyze all the plausible reasons for app rejections. Here is a list of major reasons that cause mobile app failure:

Lacking in Rich Functionalities

Apps that are richer in functionalities are the ones that are successful as they are highly appreciated. The users expect a basic level of functionality and any deviating experience can become the reasons for rejecting your mobile app.

Importance of User Interfaces

A successful mobile app is based on user-centric design and user interference. Users always prefer apps that provide a seamless experience across multiple devices and platforms along with a strong UI design, so that there are higher chances for the app to be non-successful.

Role of Advertisements

It is hard to deny the role of advertisements, whether in the business promotion or for the purpose of monetization. But, too much of adverts can generate a lack of interest in your app, as that causes hindrance and unnecessary deviation from the app.

High Battery Consumption

It is one of the biggest reasons why apps get rejected from the Apple app store. Mobile apps are often rejected on the grounds of rapid drainage of battery. So, even if the app is installed, chances are higher than the users will uninstall apps on account of high battery consumption.

High Frequency of Notifications

Another probable reason – while not so clearly mentioned in the app store review guidelines – as to why the mobile apps are rejected are the irritations caused to the users on account of a higher number of notifications. Your app is not the only one that is used by the mobile app user, as they have other apps too.

No Proper Updates

Apps with proper updates are supposed to be better protected from hacking than those which are not updated. Minor issues like bug fixing can be resolved with feedbacks and reviews on your mobile app but if unresolved, it can be one of the reasons for app rejections.

Privacy and Security Issues

The users are increasingly trying to protect their privacy online and it becomes a big cause of app rejection. If personal data is compromised, then the users will not think twice before uninstalling the apps. In fact, privacy concerns are one of the biggest reasons why App Store Rejects Mobile Apps.

Irrelevant information in your apps is another reason that creates a doubt in the user’s mind. Security is another issue that is topmost on the mind of the mobile app developer. The mobile app must prevent any sort of malware used for malicious intent.

The capability of the App

The mobile app developers must keep in mind the user requirements, while developing the app and integrate the features, accordingly. Users download the app mostly based on the features, so if they do not find them to the mark, they will probably reject the app.

Now that we have looked at the reasons for app rejections, now is the time for the parting notes.

So, a solid mobile app is one that is not only relevant in terms of appearance and information but also safeguarded against security and safety. A mobile app actually represents your company and the above reasons are ways to make the app remain on your device for a prolonged period of time. Above all ensure that yours is not one of the contributing app store rejection rates.

Saurabh Singh
CEO & Director
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